Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3978


Between fangs thinking

In the crowd of Pirate Boys, a pirate boy with a cross-shaped scar on his face emerged from the crowd.

Seeing the familiar Pirate Boy, the fangs couldn’t help it.

This boy, fangs still remember.

Three months ago, when the fangs attacked the first pirate ship, the pirate boy was seen on board.

The scar on the pirate boy’s face is exactly the one that he still scratched in front of his fangs.

Because of this, the fangs are very impressed with this pirate boy.

Although I didn’t say it

But in fact, in the heart of Venom, I still admire and admire this boy named Roger.

Looking at Roger coldly

The fangs opened their corners slightly, revealing the cold fangs of cold light.

Why, are you going to lead your friends against me?

Enemies against you?

When the fangs are heard, the Pirate Boy can’t help it!

With his eyes widened, Roger said: From the beginning to the end, haven’t we ever tried to make enemies with you, haven’t you been killing unilaterally?


Facing the Roger’s problem, the Fangs suddenly stopped talking.


From start to finish, no pirate has tried to fight him.

Especially in the past three days and three nights, he has been hunting down those pirates hiding in Tibet.

Not the pirates united to hang him.

It’s not that the pirates are not brave enough. It’s because there is a big gap between each other’s strength and they are not qualified to fight.

Demon King When the master of the realm fights, a silver crown-like magnificent light will appear on the head!

When a master in the Demon Sovereign realm fights, a golden crown-like light appears on his head.

Everyone’s eyes are not blind!

Demon King knows that they are killing them.

I’m afraid I can’t run away. Who will stand up and fight?

Especially now

Fangfang stands with his eight Avatars.

A golden-yellow, aura in the shape of a crown is spinning on everyone’s head.

Roger, even if they are stupid, they cannot challenge the nine Sovereign masters with the power of three thousand pirate boys!

The gap between each other’s strength is really too big.

Even if striking a stone with an egg is used to describe, it is not enough to describe the gap between the two.

This kind of fangs has the power to destroy an island.

Now there are nine of them here!

Thinking, the fang said: Since you are not going to be against me, what are you doing?

Roger bravely braced his head, loudly said: We came out, but we didn’t want to struggle needlessly.

If you want to kill everyone, then we are here now and you can do it.

Facing Roger’s words, the fangs suddenly choked.

Let him do something with a group of children, he really can’t do it.

However, just let them go, the fangs are worried about let the tiger returns to the mountains, and the disaster is endless.

Don’t watch when the fangs slaughter the pirates, it’s vicious and merciless.

But that’s because the other party had criminal deserving ten thousand deaths, and the Fangs were just enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.

Also, as a general under Her Majesty Zhu Hengyu.

Fang Tooth is General of Waiyang Island!

Now that the enemy has invaded, as a general of Waiyang Island, he must fight back!

So the slaughter of fangs is justice and sanctions!

And if the fangs start to mess with the children.

The fight is not just.

No teacher of justice can kill children.

Fang Tooth can disregard personal reputation.

Venomous teeth don’t care about personal evaluation and gains and losses.

But now that he is under the account of Zhu Hengyu, he must consider it for Zhu Hengyu.

In any case, he cannot discredit Zhu Hengyu’s face.

As General of Hengyu Zhu

His actions represent the will of Zhu Hengyu.

He did what Zhu Hengyu did.

If he really slaughtered these children.

Then everyone will only write this account on Zhu Hengyu’s head.

Therefore, no matter what the fangs intended, many things must not be done.

Since thinking, the fangs were coldly said: Since I didn’t kill you that day, naturally I won’t kill you, so you don’t need to worry.

I know that you are all hostile to me now, but I’m just trying to get justice for the people who were wounded and injured in Waiyang Island.

Looking around for a week, Fang continued: I allow you to hate me, and you are welcome to come to me at any time after you grow up, but you better remember!

Between speaking, the tone of the fangs sharply increased.

The expression of fangs is also more serious than ever.

Looked coldly at more than three thousand pirate boys.

Fangfang continued: Today, because of morality and humane spirit, I did not kill an old, weak woman or child, or a pirate child.

So, if one day you grow up and revive this Pirate Island again, I also hope that you can have a bottom line in your actions.

If you have any enemies or grievances, come to me directly and I will answer them!

However, if you dare to attack ordinary civilians, then I don’t mind killing your old nest again and using your blood to sacrifice our dead and injured civilians!

Listen to fangs

More than three thousand pirate boys, their eyes radiate sharp light.

Don’t think that pirates are right and wrong.

Even the poorest and most vicious, they know deeply how immoral their actions are.

Looking deeply at the fangs, Roger pursed his lips and said, “No, you are wrong!”


When he heard Roger’s words, the fangs were stunned.

Roger continues: In fact, we don’t hate you, let alone hate you!

Pirate Island is the nest of Pirates.

However, the pirates are not united.

It ’s not unusual that black eats black on the sea every day.

Do you think that even the ordinary old, weak, women and children, those who have started to kill, will have a deep friendship with each other?

Or rather

Does those who are extremely ferocious and extinct humanity have true friends?

No! No

For money, for profit!

Those pirates may piercing both sides to friends anytime, anywhere!

Yes, it’s for friends piercing both sides, not for friends!

Talking to the pirates about righteousness and morality is definitely the stupidest thing in this world.

People like this can’t live in the pirate circle.

You and your brother are called brothers and sisters, and you do n’t treat the other person as an outsider, but treat it like a brother.

But the other person may be rich, but they may kill you and take away all your property while you are drunk.

Like the old captain, old-fashioned pirates who keep the bottom line and insist on ethics cannot survive in this circle.

The veteran captain, who used to cross the sea, ended miserably.

Blind one eye, broken one arm and one leg.

The whole body is covered with scars.

In the end, the old captain who was able to move unhindered in the whole world, but had nothing, hid in a small mountain village to eat and die.

Why is this happening?

The reason is simple.

It’s because the old captain is not cruel, not poisonous, or cruel!

In the pirate circle

You are good to others, and others will only think that everything is right.

But you want others to be nice to you!