Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3979


Looking at the horrified expression of fangs, Roger said with a sneer: Those guys, death cannot wipe out the crimes, why should I hate you because of them?

Slayer, kill it.

Since they go to Waiyang Island to burn and plunder, they must bear all the consequences.

Can’t say

Pirates can burn and loot unscrupulously.

Once the other party comes to get revenge, he will be rebellious and angry.

Pirates look down on life and death.

People are dying, the difference is just sooner or later.

Today they can kill others, and tomorrow they can kill them.

The heavenly cycle, Heavenly Dao is clear, but so is it.

Although I am also a pirate, I am not ashamed to do with them. Unfortunately, I am only a child.

Not only is the strength low, but the power is alone, it can’t affect anything, it can’t decide what!


When Roger said, the fangs couldn’t help but be surprised.

Looking at Roger with a smile, Fang Tooth said: If I asked you to be the master of One Piece Island and rebuild it, can you restrain and manage those pirates?


Roger suddenly wondered.

I am the owner of One Piece Island? how is this possible!

Looking at Roger with a smile, the fang said: Why is it impossible, in this world, is there anything that is absolutely impossible?

Shook the head hard, Roger said: I can’t, I don’t have the power, I can’t hold back those guys.

No power or power?

Coldly smiled said: I will stay here for the next six months to a year. Whoever dares to oppose you, I will kill anyone!

Ah! This

Roger’s eyes suddenly widened.

If Venom is willing to do his backing, he really has power.

As long as the fangs support him, no one dares to oppose him.

Who opposes who dies!

The fangs are very spicy. All the people present have seen them with their own eyes.

This guy has killed at least 4 million pirates in the past three months.

Everyone knows that killing a fang is like killing a trivial ant.

There will never be any fluctuations in his mind.

The brain thinks quickly

Roger’s eyes radiate sharp rays of light.

But soon, Roger shook the head again with a bitter smile: No, you can stay here for a while, but you can’t stay here for a lifetime.

Once the fangs are gone, Roger is still unable to subdue One Piece Island.

To put it plainly, it is because Roger is not strong enough!

Power and power, it’s just bluffing.

Once Roger has left, who will take Roger seriously after he has stopped?

The lack of his own strength makes Roger simply suppress the Pirate Island.

The fangs can’t help but raise it slightly, touching his chin.

Although he has basically killed all the pirates on Pirate Island.

But pirates will not die out.

It won’t be long before there will be a lot of pirates here again.

Some of them are forced to be pirates because of life.

But most pirates do not.

They are just not content with ordinary, not content with poverty, come here to get rich.

So, if you don’t have complete control of this one piece island.

It won’t be long before One Piece Island will rekindle.

Everything here will be what it was.

By that time, Zhu Hengyu’s merchant ship, even the Outer Sheep Islands, will be in crisis again.

The pirates can’t just kill them.

It is impossible to completely destroy One Piece Island.

Once the fangs are gone, it won’t be long here, or they will return to the way they were before.

The best way to do it once and for all is to foster a One Piece King!

The one piece is bound by one piece and a series of rules are formulated to ensure that Zhu Hengyu’s interests are not violated.

For the time being, the best way fangs can think of is this.

As for the One Piece candidate, Venomous Tooth already has a goal.

Yes, only Roger can be seen by fangs!

Roger is the throne of One Piece!

During the groan, the fangs couldn’t help laughing.

Are you weak? It doesn’t matter before I leave, I will help you to improve your strength.

Roger was stunned.

Fang, this isn’t a joke, amuse him?

Looking at Roger’s stunned look, the fangs couldn’t help laughing.

To Roger, the fangs are the appreciation from the heart, like it.

This Roger, although young, has the courage and courage that an adult can’t match.

People like this are born to be a powerhouse.

until now, Venom is a very talented person.

If not, how could His Majesty gather together seven or eight hundred masters?

These seven or eight hundred sea snake geniuses have individual strengths above sixty.

If you convert it to Demon Race, it’s all magic power!

Moreover, these seven or eight hundred sea snake geniuses are still the remaining part after a large number of deaths and injuries after the fangs failed to compete for the Sect Master throne of Four Sea Sect.

In the most Peak period, there were more than 1,200 masters of the ranks of fangs.


For Roger, the fangs also raised the love of talent.

This little brat has boldness, courage, cleverness and perseverance, and it will become an atmosphere sooner or later!

Between thinking about the fangs, Roger finally came back to his senses, saying: No, my Bloodline purity, and magic affinity, are only Sixth Grade.

Sixth Grade?

Slightly squinting my eyes, Venomous teeth said: How about, can you bear the pain?

Endure pain?

Roger’s face was puzzled when he heard the words of fangs.

However, I do n’t know why Venom asked this.

But Roger still flatly shook the head and said: What is pain, I am not afraid of death, how can I be afraid of pain!

Nodded, Roger said: Since you are not afraid of pain, it is easy to handle, you come over

Hearing what Venom said, although Roger didn’t know what he was going to do, Roger walked forward without fear.

In his heart, Roger is really not afraid.

The fangs want to kill him, it is really easier than killing an ant.

So Roger is not only afraid of fangs.

Even after witnessing the arrogant strength of the fang, the cruel slaughter.

In Roger’s mind, the fangs are the ones he admires, admires and admires most.

Looking at the eyes of the pirate boy shining starlight.

The fangs laughed, and slightly stretched out their index finger, before their teeth.

Gently biting, the sharp snake teeth suddenly broke the skin on the fingers of the fangs.

Soon, a drop of bright red blood appeared on the forefinger of the right hand of the fang.

Lifts the head, the fangs looked at Roger and said: Your own innate talent is indeed a bit average, but don’t worry, let me give you some strength!

Between speaking, the fangs slowly stretched out their right hand, and looked at Roger.


Between a light sound, the fangs first scratched the skin of Roger’s eyebrow with a sharp fingertip.

Then, the fangs turned their hands upside down, and pressed the blood drop on the belly of right index finger to the wound of Roger’s eyebrow.


in an instant, Roger’s body, like an electric shock, twitched violently.