Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3980


Do not be afraid of pain, but do n’t be afraid of pain, but the subconscious reaction of the body is still unavoidable.

Unfortunately, Roger’s strength is too weak.

For Roger, 15-16 years old, the Devil Body rank is only over ten.

In front of Roger in the ninety paragraph Devil Body, he could n’t even move his little finger.

Under the severe pain, Roger only felt the hacksaw cut off from his brows and began to spread to the whole body.

In Roger’s feeling

The fangs seem to pour a fiery lava from his brows.

The hot lava that burned everything is flowing down his Bloodline and flows to his whole body.

Everywhere he went, all of Roger’s Bloodline seemed to be burnt.

I ca n’t understand the painful taste if I have n’t experienced it myself.

Time goes by every minute and every second

Roger’s body, like the leaves in the autumn wind, shivered tremblingly.

Roger’s blood vessels are all raised.

The colors of blood vessels become azure black.

One after another raised blood vessels, like one after another snake, covered Roger’s entire body.

Big sweat, flowing along that one after another azure snake-like blood vessel.


The fangs slowly withdrew their right hand, pulled out the slender snake letter, and licked the wound on the finger.

Only a moment, the wound on the fang’s finger healed.

For the sea snakes, although they have no ability to heal others, their own resilience is so strong!

Whether it is multiple injuries, as long as it does not die on the spot, you can recover quickly in a short time.

Especially in the sea!

With the strength of Element in the sea, all injuries can be recovered instantly.

For the sea snake tribe cultivator

As long as I can’t kill them!

Some serious injuries can be healed instantly.

With the ebbing of time, Roger’s sweat gradually stopped.

The blood vessels that are embossed like one after another azure snake are also hidden under the skin.

Even in blood vessels, the Bloodline of azure black has gradually become a normal ruddy color.


Finally, after a full quarter of an hour.

Roger opened his eyes closed tightly.

Looking around, in the eyes of Roger, the pupils that originally belonged to the Moyang tribe have become the standing pupils of the sea snake tribe!

Looking at Roger’s beautiful green, she is so amazing.

Fang Tooth: Come on, inspire the drop of Bloodline that I passed to you, let me see your growth!

Strong nodded, Roger narrowed his eyes slightly, and instantly excited the heart, the dark blood essence!


Three sharp cracking sounds in the eyes of fangs.

Three black mists spray from Roger’s shoulders!

哧哧 哧

In the sharp sound of breaking through the air, three dark chains of fog are protruded from behind Roger, like three spirit snakes. Behind Roger, he dances wildly.

Turning his head in ecstasy, looking at the three black chains behind him, Roger was going crazy with joy.

Although he has only three such chains, Roger knows better than anyone how powerful these three chains are.

There are eight fangs in the same chain!

With these eight chains, where the fangs pass, they are invincible!

Although there are only three such chains.

But even so, when Roger fought, three chains, plus Roger himself.

It’s already equivalent to four to one!

Looking at Roger’s excited look, the fangs chuckled: The three drops of blood essence I gave you contain three powers of greed.

Through these three powers of greed, you can devour your opponent ’s energy source, and digest it into an energy source, and transform it into your own possession.

What! How is this possible!

Roger opened his eyes in horror at the words of fangs, and his face was incredible.

The fang said with a smile: Why, it ’s incredible? But this is true.


pats Roger’s shoulder, Venomous Teeth: I have been killed by the more powerful pirates on the island.

Next, all the rights on the island are in your hands.

Roger smiled bitterly: No, there are still many pirates outside, and they may come back at any time.

You don’t have to worry about those pirates. I will keep two helpers to protect you and take charge of killing all pirates returning from the sea!

Between speaking, the fangs flickered, the lights and shadows staggered, two figures, one left and one right, came out from behind the fangs.

Fang Tooth Road: Two brothers and feet, the kid’s safety, I leave it to you!

Facing the entrustment of fangs, Avatar on the left hand arched his hand calmly: rest assured, no one can hurt this boy’s half hair with me.

Avatar’s voice on the left has just fallen.

Avatar on the right hand said: We understand your intentions, rest assured that those pirates, I will leave this kid to kill, let him devour their energy source, and grow up quickly.


Smiling nodded, Venomous said: This boy, I will give it to two brothers.

I saw the two Avatar silhouettes turn into two black glows, which merged into the two snake heads behind Roger and left and right.

The fangs lowered their heads and looked at Roger. “In the next three months, my two hands and feet will protect you personally.

During this period, the pirates returned from overseas will be killed by both of them.

And Roger, he must harden his heart and kill all the pirates with the help of two tartars, Avatar.

In addition, they devour a large number of their energy sources and quickly improve their strength.

In any case, three months later

The fangs are bound to leave.

If Roger hadn’t enough self-protection at that time, the fangs couldn’t help him.

Grateful nodded, Roger said: Rest assured, I will not let you down anyway.

Looking at Roger with a smile, Venomous Teeth said: The three drops of blood essence I gave to you are of course helping you, but at the same time, they are supervising you.

If Roger’s actions are satisfactory for Fangs.

These three blood essences are Roger’s biggest helpers.

However, once Roger disappoints the fangs, he does something bad for fangs and Zhu Hengyu.

These three blood essences, then, have become the life-threatening king!

Between a fang and a single thought, three blood essences will burst out instantly.

Severe toxins will erupt from Roger’s heart and spread throughout the body.

The three greed powers in

blood essence will instantly pump Roger into adulthood.

Dead cannot die anymore

Listening to the fangs, Roger could not help shivering.

But after thinking about it, Roger smiled again.

No doubt, the fangs are kind to him.

In addition, from the bottom of his heart, Roger admires and admires fangs very much.

Anyway, Roger will never do anything that is sorry for fangs.

So, why worry about fangs against him?

As long as you do n’t betray fangs, how can fangs kill him disciple by hand?


Although Roger is not at all.

Fangs are not at all.

But in fact, although they do not have the name of master and disciple, they have the reality of master and disciple.

Looking at Roger’s determined gaze, the fangs were nodded with satisfaction.

In this line, he finally succeeded in Perfection.

Not only completely destroyed One Piece Island.