Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4071

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Follow me …

See this scene!

The fangs were stunned first, and an order was issued instantly.

After receiving the order from the fangs, hundreds of demon wolf shooters immediately lined up, followed behind the fangs, and moved towards the direction of the Xuanbing Ladder.

At the same time, the eight avatars of the Fang, moved towards that sheep Hao surrounded.

Looking at the oncoming eight opponents, Yang Hao had no fear at all.

Eight avatars of the fangs all have ninety sections of Devil Body.

In terms of realm, they are like Yang Hao, they are also masters in the Demon Sovereign realm.

But the eight avatars of the fangs belong to the first stage of Demon Sovereign.

The sheep Hao, however, is the middle level of Demon Sovereign!

The Devil Body position between the two is a full six-step difference!

Even so, with eight to one, eight fangs of fangs, they still have an 80% win rate.

The old saying is good, double fist is difficult for the fourth.

The tiger can’t hold a group of wolves!

But look carefully at that Yang Hao.

Facing the eight avatars of fangs, Yang Hao didn’t have any nervous expression.

Looking at the eight avatars of the fangs, Yang Hao’s face showed an excited smile instead.

Seeing that a war is about to break out …

Just at this time, Zhu Hengyu stopped the outbreak of the war through the soul chain.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s order, Fangfang rush quickly at top speed, and moved towards the ice hall’s great hall in full speed.

Yin Linger temporarily stopped the exploration of the ice palace magic palace, and immediately returned to the great hall of the magic palace.

As for the eight avatars of the fangs, try not to go to war, try to use words, hold the sheep Hao, and win time for the fangs, the ghost, and Zhu Hengyu.

Not to mention, fangs, ghosts, how to run at full speed.

Not to mention how the eight avatars of the fangs and the hundreds of demon wolf shooters evacuated quickly.

On the other side, Zhu Hengyu’s hands waved to the limit.

He must modify the Xuanbing Ladder at full speed.

Before that Yang Hao defeated the eight avatars of the fangs and reached the Xuanbing Ladder, he completely controlled the Xuanbing Ladder.

The eight avatars of Venomous Tooth feel that Yang Hao is so strong that it is just one person.

Hundreds of demon wolf shooters are here. One person and one demon can snip the past, but Yang Hao must not die a hundred?

But in fact, Zhu Hengyu didn’t dare to think so simple.

With the 96 Devil Body, you defeated the 99 white light Saint Physique guy.

You know, if you make a mistake,

Then Yang Hao may be in the crowd instantly.

Yang Hao can defeat the destructive power of white light Saint Physique.

Boom down.

Let it kick.

All can kill at least a few, even a dozen demon wolf shooters.

Within a few breaths, the hundreds of demon wolf shooters may be dead and wounded.

Zhu Hengyu cannot bear such a big loss anyway.

The hundred demon wolf shooters, but the flesh of Zhu Hengyu’s heart!

If you lose one, Zhu Hengyu cannot afford it.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu will never take this danger.

You know …

After the ten-year truce with Monster Race is over.

Zhu Hengyu will start the battle to dominate the Sea Territory.

Now that we are going to go to war, naturally we need a lot of generals.

Among them, Fangfang and his eight avatars can respectively command a fleet, run across the sea and get the sea power.

A total of nine fleets is enough to block the entire Blood Sheep Island Sea Territory.

But is fangs and his eight avatars enough?

No, no, no …

With nine venoms of fangs, you can’t do much.

The fangs and his nine battles are enough to serve as the commander-in-chief of the nine fleets!

But the commander of an army also needs an assistant, and needs a series of officers to help him command the soldiers.

Where does Zhu Hengyu go and equip generals for the nine major bodies of the Fang?

Yes, this hundred demon wolf shooters are precisely the nine general bodies that Zhu Hengyu prepared specifically for the fangs!

Hundreds of demon wolf shooters were already masters in the magic realm before they came to Zhu Hengyu.

If you ca n’t go to the battlefield again because you have a disability.

In any case, it is impossible for Demon Wolf Clan’s military department to release them to Zhu Hengyu.

But now, under the treatment of Zhu Xiaomei, they have recovered their health.

Their disability has been restored.

The accumulated experience and experience of their millions and millions of years still exists.

Therefore, they are enough to be the most powerful assistants of the nine avatars of Fang.

Hundreds of Demon Wolf Clan shooters. In Demon Wolf Clan, they are originally magic handsome.

Now that I’m only a deputy of fangs, I’m already downgraded.

If it’s not that Zhu Hengyu’s site is too small and the power is too weak.

Even if you let them out and serve as the commander in chief of the army, they are definitely rich.

Especially now …

The hundred demon wolf shooters have been nourished by the bear’s paw and raised the Devil Body to eighty.

The primary realm of the magic king realm has been reached.

Therefore, this hundred Demon Wolf Clan shooter is definitely a huge wealth.

Zhu Hengyu cannot afford to lose any of them.

Soon, Yin Linger arrived in the great hall of the magic palace according to Zhu Hengyu’s order, and appeared outside the secret room where Zhu Hengyu was.

Zhu Hengyu didn’t talk nonsense when she felt the arrival of Yin Ling’er.

The secret door was opened directly, arming the set of life that just succeeded, and thrown out of the door.

Then the closed door closed again.

Yin Linger said nothing.

He grabbed life on the ground and moved away towards the great hall at full speed.

At the same time, the fangs are already running at full speed, leaving the hundred demon wolf shooters behind them far away.

Overlooking from a high altitude …

Yin Linger came out at full speed from the great hall, and moved toward the entrance.

The fangs rushed out from the entrance at the middle of the mountain and ran towards the great hall at full speed.

And beyond the Xuanbing Ladder …

The eight avatars of the fangs have already confronted that Yang Hao.

If it weren’t for Zhu Hengyu’s repeated instructions …

I’m afraid the battle has already begun.

After all, in an eight-to-one case.

Even if the opponent’s Devil Body rank is 96, they should have the certainty to win.

But they must obey Zhu Hengyu’s order.

Even if you want to go to war, you can only endure it.

However, the eight avatars of the Fang want to delay the fight.

But Yang Hao may not be willing to drag.

Yang Hao, a super expert, didn’t even bother to take the shot first.

But after waiting for a while, the eight guys on the opposite side have been reluctant to shoot.

I just stood in eight positions and surrounded him epee, but he refused to fight!

Facing this, with Yang Hao’s wisdom, naturally he realized something quickly.

Curl one’s lip corner, Yang Hao said, “Want to delay time with me? That’s too much for you!” As soon as it fell, Yang Hao’s black gas surrounded him exploded.

In an instant, the endless black gas condenses into a black Flood Dragon, hovering around Yang Hao’s body.

Feeling the terrible and chaotic destruction in the dark air.

For a while, the eight avatars of the fangs are dangerously inwardly shouted!

This Yang Hao doesn’t just look strong and sturdy.

Once the coercion is released and enters the combat state, it is a humanoid tyrannosaurus!

Na Senhan is so incomparable. The tyrannical coercive pressure is so strong that the eight avatars cannot breathe.

The eight avatars who saw the fangs refused to fight, so Yang Hao would not wait silly.

If you continue to procrastinate, I am afraid that the treasures in the demon palace will be snatched out.

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