Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4290


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Although the size of the battlecruisers is huge, the length is more than 100 meters!

The so-called large battleship, placed on the endless sea, is also extremely small.

Especially under the support of the waves, each battleship moves up, down, left, right, back and forth … in an irregular movement.

It is too difficult to hit a target in such a complicated environment.

While you are moving with each other, you want to hit the target with a distance of hundreds of miles, which is definitely a dream!

The range of magical bombing is more aimed at targets on land.

The battleship can move and dodge …

But the city on land does not move or dodge.

As long as the distance is measured, the angle is calculated.

A shelling out, even if it is 100 meters away, can accurately hit the target.

Not to say, how accurate the magic can be.

The key point is that the area of ​​the city is too large, covering hundreds or hundreds of miles.

As long as you aim at the center of the city, there is nothing at worst even if you miss the shot.

No matter how biased it is, it is only for the city center.

Even if the magic crystal cannon is too much, it will not deviate from all areas covered by the entire city.

After all, it fell into the city, and that was enough.

And …

Magic energy can kill, but not just far.

Magic energy bombing requires magic energy shells as a carrier.

Once it hits the target, it will burst instantaneously, and the target within 100 meters of the opponent will strikes!

Within 100 meters, all hit targets will instantly reduce their life force by 10%.

And once the life force is less than 30%, there will be a bombing effect.

In other words …

As long as six consecutive cannonballs are hit, the seventh round will trigger a bombing effect.

All lifeforms within the scope of strikes will be bombarded on the spot!

If the Devil Body segments of the two parties differ too much.

Then one demon can be bombarded, enough to instantly kill all targets within a range of 100 meters.

But unfortunately …

Among the 3,600 Demon Guards, the Devil Body and Devil Body have only more than 60 segments.

The gap with the opponent is not too big to kill the opponent in seconds.

There are only those one hundred. At the time, they accompanied Zhu Hengyu to the demon wolf shooter who went to the Arctic Ice Emperor’s Palace.

Once you successfully hit a Monster Race battleship, as long as a monster can be bombarded, tens of thousands of Monster Race navy soldiers on Monster Race battleship can be instantly bombarded!

It’s just that there are too few demon wolf shooters, only a hundred.

Moreover, the magical energy they blasted may not be able to accurately hit Monster Race battleship.

However, once they accurately hit the battleship of Monster Race.

The other party ’s battleship will lose momentum and slowly stop, lying above the sea.

A magical bomb can kill tens of thousands of Monster Race navies in seconds.

Although the battleship not at all suffered too much damage, the battleship cannot be driven after the driver is lost.

After this discovery, Zhu Hengyu instantly opened his eyes.

Soon, Zhu Hengyu issued a series of orders.

All 3,600 name Tianmo Guard above the battleship, all stop strikes.

Only Captain on the battleship and two Vice Captains can continue to fire.

Since it is not a magic crystal shell, it is just a magic shell.

Therefore, even if it is empty, it can continuously blast out 2nd, the third magic cannonball.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s watch …

Fireballs are sprayed from 36 black gold battleships from time to time.

Under the strikes of hundreds of demon wolf shooters, although most of the magical shells fell into the sea, they stirred up huge waves …

However, as long as the opponent successfully hits the battleship, the battleship will be stopped instantly.

The area covered by Magic Cannon Kill is a 100 meters area.

As long as the hit position is not too biased, you can instantly bombard all the crew on the battleship.

Even if they deviate, they will instantly kill most of the crew.

A large battleship, but a large number of crew members are required to control it.

There are not enough people, simply ca n’t move, ca n’t go …

It took only more than three hours to hunt down the way. The 47 battleships on the opposite side were all stopped.

To ensure that all Monster Race navies on the battleship are eliminated.

Under Zhu Hengyu ’s orders, hundreds of demon wolf shooters of 80 Devil Body detonated dozens of magical energy to each battleship.

Because of Monster Race battleship, it has gradually stopped and basically stayed still.

At close range, in the face of almost static, extremely large battleship, it will naturally not miss.

A series of dozens of monsters can be bombarded, even if the Monster Race battleship is stopped, there are Monster Race monsters, and even Demon King sits in the town, there is still life.

It is worth mentioning that the magical shells, formidable power, are more than ten times weaker than the magic crystal shells.

Magic cannonballs are more of a killing and living target, but they cannot cause too much damage to the main body of the battleship.

Under the protection of the armored battleships, the sturdy armor, the magic shells can hardly cause substantial damage to the battleship.

It can be said …

Magic cannonballs, which kill the living forces on the battleship, that is, the crew and sailors.

Magic crystal shells mainly use powerful destructive power to directly tear the battleship of Monster Race into pieces.

After actual combat tests, Zhu Hengyu found that the magic crystal shells were actually not suitable for combat at sea.

If you use magic crystal cannonballs, after launching a magic crystal cannonball, within nine hours, the demon guard will completely lose its battle strength.

Moreover, after those Monster Race battleships were destroyed, no spoils of war could be obtained.

However, if you use ordinary magic cannonballs made from high grade magic stone, everything will be completely different.

Magic shells, formidable power is more than ten times weaker than magic crystal shells.

However, the magical bombing effect of the magical cannonball is exactly the same as the magical crystal cannonball.

Monster Race navy on Monster Race battleship can be easily killed with magic cannonballs.

And Monster Race battleship will not suffer much damage.

In this way, as long as the navy soldiers on the battleship are killed, you can get an intact Monster Race battleship.

Looking at Monster Race battleship across the sea, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes shined.

Due to the lack of knowledge, Zhu Hengyu simply could not build a large number of battle armored ships in a short time.

However, although I ca n’t make it myself, it seems that I can grab the battleship of Monster Race!

No, after a battle, Zhu Hengyu grabbed 47 battle armored ships.

If it were n’t before, fifty-three Monster Race battleships were destroyed with magic crystal shells.

With only one battle, Zhu Hengyu can grab a hundred battleships!

Under the excitement, Zhu Hengyu said nothing, and gave the order directly, and all the people retreated immediately, leaving this Sea Territory ……

Originally, Zhu Hengyu could still command the fleet and continue the battle.

But with these 47 Monster Race battleships, Zhu Hengyu can no longer fight.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s order …

On the 36 black-gold battleships, all the soldiers of the navy moved.

Quickly remove the iron lock from the black gold battleship and attach it to the Monster Race battleship.

After that, 36 black gold battleships, dragging 36 Monster Race battleships, quickly left the battlefield.

As for the remaining 11 Monster Race battleships, they have not given up.

Instead, 110,000 soldiers were dispatched to board the remaining eleven Monster Race battleships.

First, throw all the bodies of Monster Race Navy on the battleship into the sea.

Then, 110,000 naval soldiers, driving eleven Monster Race battleships, went back and forth along the way.

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