Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4292


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The elites of the Moyang clan have all recruited Zhu Hengyu’s recruitment, joined Zhu Hengyu’s group, and became Zhu Hengyu’s soldiers.

And those people who think they are correct, continue to rejoice and celebrate.

Celebrate that they have finally seen through a liar and have taken out the real face of a liar.

However, when the Monster Race battleships rushed to the ports of major cities to pick up the called soldiers.

In the major cities, the people of the Devil Sheep clan who came to realize later gradually felt something was wrong.

What is going on with these Monster Race battleships?

Why did they fall into the hands of Zhu Hengyu!

What scares everyone the most!

Zhu Hengyu not only picked up the soldiers who had been recruited.

Even more, ten pawns were given to each recruit.

Each recruited soldier can take ten relatives with him and leave these cage-like islands together.

As the soldiers and their relatives recruited, they all took the Monster Race’s armored ship to leave.

Although all the people of the Moyang clan don’t know what went wrong, it is clear that the truth of the matter is completely different from what they knew.

In the doubts of all the demon sheep people…

Zhu Hengyu released a series of announcements to the outside world!

First of all…

Zhu Hengyu united the Goat Islands, Shepherd Islands, and Aries Islands, the Three Great Islands, to form the Sanyang Islands.


Zhu Hengyu acquired the Azure Ox Islands from the Demon Cow tribe for a high price.

And thus owns the ownership of thousands of islands between Sanyang Islands and Azure Ox Islands.

As a result, the territory under Zhu Hengyu’s territory has tens of thousands of nautical miles.

There are more than 3,000 islands in Sea Territory!

According to the rules of Demon Race, Zhu Hengyu resigned from the throne of Demon Sheep Emperor.

Formally report to the Demon Race family, self-reliance-Hengyu Demon King!

According to this news, all Demon Sheep people are very unhappy.

However, Zhu Hengyu’s actions strictly follow the rules set by Mo Zu.

In this world, no one can stop it, and no one can question it.

As long as these conditions are met, Zhu Hengyu can stand on his own as Demon King!

This is the whole Demon Race, it is generally accepted …

Just when all the people of the Devil’s Clan are secretly depressed.

Zhu Hengyu issued a notice again.

The content on the announcement is earth shattering!

On the notice, Zhu Hengyu first announced good news to all the people of the Demon Sheep.

After a month of fighting, Zhu Hengyu commanded the fleet under his command and defeated the Monster Race Beihai Fleet.

Over 300 monster race battleships were sunk in total.

Monster Race battleship seized, more than 1,000 ships!

After suffering a huge blow, Monster Race Beihai Fleet has already retreated 30,000 li and temporarily left the Sea Territory of the Devil Race.

Therefore, in the next three months, the Devil Clan is temporarily safe.

However, this security is only temporary.

Once the three months have passed, Monster Race will return to the Demon Sheep Race after finding out the reality.

Looking at the words on the announcement, all the people of the Moyang tribe are completely at a loss.

Is n’t that right, is Zhu Hengyu just a big scammer who makes a fortune?

But now, he actually said that he had defeated the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race.

Sink more than 300 Monster Race battleships, and capture more than 1,000 ships …

This sounds so unreal?

However, if all these are deceptive.

So when Zhu Hengyu sent over to pick up the soldiers who had been recruited, he stopped at the Monster Race battleship in the port. How could I explain it?

Did you say that from which corner of Zhu Hengyu picked up thousands of Monster Race battleships?

Facing the announcement issued by Zhu Hengyu, the more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon King were completely shocked.

Unwilling to believe, but sent someone out to investigate.

As a result, it was found that the Monster Race army really retreated 30,000 li.

Moreover, the number of Monster Race North Sea Fleet has really decreased from more than 3,000 to more than 2,000.

There are indeed a large number of Monster Race battleships among the three thousand islands of the Demon Sheep, which are transported back and forth.

After hearing the news, everyone was stunned.

They ca n’t think of how Zhu Hengyu did it.

However, even by this time, the more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings still refused to give up.

After all, they want to return to the Devil Sheep Race.

They are reluctant, the wealth they once had, and the rights in their hands.

And to get everything back, Zhu Hengyu must be defeated.

In a short while, the demon sheep who fled from the Demon Clan sent out detailed works again and began walking rumors.

Everything Zhu Hengyu said cannot withstand scrutiny.

He just transformed several battleships into a monster race battleship.

That simply is a battleship made by the Moyang clan.

Zhu Hengyu is despicable, pretending to be some Monster Race battleship, and then makes a circle on each island.

In order to deceive the people of the Demon Sheep Clan and let everyone push him back to the throne of Demon Sovereign.

Moreover, more than three thousand magic masters, and more than three hundred Demon King’s reconnaissance boats, not at all saw a large number of battleships at sea.

The battleships they see are added together, and there are only thirty-forty ships.

Under the enthusiasm of the intentional people, all the people of the Devil’s Clan, under the influence of preconceptions, quickly accepted this new statement.

Obviously, although Zhu Hengyu was forced to resign from the Demon Sovereign throne, he did not really want to leave.

So I used fraudulent means to try to deceive everyone and let everyone push him back to the throne of Demon Sovereign.

Some people may think that the people of the Devil’s Clan are so fooled.

But in fact, without any knowledge, it is common sense to infer that everything is really difficult to discern.

In the words of the more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings.

Zhu Hengyu keep on saying that he sank more than 300 Monster Race battleships and captured more than 1,000 Monster Race battleships.

So, what exactly did Zhu Hengyu use to defeat Monster Race?

If it is a battleship …

Even if Zhu Hengyu possesses the most advanced battle armored ship.

A minimum of about 2,000 battle armored ships is required to confront Monster Race head-on and win the battle.

More than two thousand battle armored ships, where are they now?

Why have n’t everyone seen these battleships from beginning to end?

There will be …

If there are more than two thousand battle armored ships, the naval soldiers needed alone are more than twenty million.

Moreover, if you can defeat the Monster Race Navy head-on, you will definitely be the most elite soldiers.

How can such an elite soldier be unknown?

How can such a huge army hide the eyes and ears of all the demon sheep.

To be precise, I want to select so many elite navy soldiers.

It must be selected within the scope of the whole demon sheep clan.

Each island must select tens of thousands of young talents.

But …

You can ask around if any of the children have joined such a mysterious navy that no one knows about?

Obviously, only a little investigation will tell.

This so-called mysterious Legion does not exist.

In fact …

This time, Zhu Hengyu ’s law recruitment order just recruited 10,000 elite soldiers from the three thousand islands of the Demon Sheep Clan.

A total of 30,000,000 naval pawns and 300 million family members.

Everyone’s neighbors, neighborhoods, or friends and family are joined.

It can be said that such a big move can never be concealed.

Obviously, under Zhu Hengyu ’s command, not at all a fleet of 2,000 ships.

Not to mention the navy soldiers, just say that the 2,000 battle armored ships could not be obtained by Zhu Hengyu anyway.

With all his efforts, Zhu Hengyu would get dozens of battleships at most.

After all, the production line of battleships is in the hands of the Demon Sheep Army.

The 3,000 shipyards, every battleship produced in the last thousand years, are recorded.

Zhu Hengyu impossible from these 3,000 shipyards, obtained more than 2,000 battleships without being noticed by the military.

Finally …

And most importantly, where do these two thousand warships usually dock?

Where do they provide their supplies?

Where did their military pay come from?

Too many vulnerabilities make people too lazy to pick them carefully.

In short, under any circumstances, under Mr. Zhu Hengyu, impossible has a huge navy.

All the content written in Zhu Hengyu’s announcement must also be fake and deceptive.

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