Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4293


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For a short while, within the Demon Sheep Archipelago, all the people of the Demon Sheep Tribe once again became violent.

But Zhu Hengyu is no longer a Demon Sovereign.

Even if they are angry, there is no way to take Zhu Hengyu.

Under the rage, under the secret agitation of interested people!

The rioting Demon Sheep people rushed into the Hengyu Chamber of Commerce, killing and wounding many people.

In the end, the people of the Devil Sheep tribe who were still scornful, a torch Hengyu Chamber of Commerce, located in the headquarters of each city, burned a polish.

Zhu Hengyu, who has been forbearing, has finally been unable to bear.

What makes Zhu Hengyu angry is not the demonic sheep civilians who are easily fanned and tempted.

The most angry thing about Zhu Hengyu is the more than 3,000 Demon Sheep Demon Masters and more than 300 Demon Sheep Demon Kings!

The Demon Sheep are at the juncture of life and death. They are still fighting endlessly for the rights and wealth in their hands …

until now, Zhu Hengyu endured them many times.

However, instead of failing to converge, they have intensified and become more and more rampant.

Now, these magic masters and Demon King are located in each branch of Demon Race.

The magic masters and the Demon King are hiding in a safe corner, watching the Devil Sheep’s hundreds of millions of people on the road to extinction.

Still trying to stop others and save the Demon Sheep.

Maybe the ordinary person cannot understand their thoughts.

In fact, this is not just because of rights and wealth.

They fled without fighting, and their opponents who escaped from the dust, were completely defeated by Zhu Hengyu, a force.

If the result is really so, then what are their faces, alive in this world?

We have more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings added together, all scared witless and frightened.

If you were saved by yourself now, would n’t it seem that we were too incompetent?

The various factors are intertwined, so that they have done something unimaginable and shameless to the limit.

And …

The reason why they are so easy is to fan those many people and confuse that many people.

It ’s not accidental and lucky …

After all, in the past countless years, they have represented the supremacy of the Demon Sheep.

Everything they say is truth!

Relatively speaking, the people of Moyang tribe prefer to trust them.

As for Zhu Hengyu …

No one blames everyone for not trusting him, but he has too many loopholes.

No matter how you explain it, you ca n’t explain it at all.

Although Zhu Hengyu is very depressed, he is not so angry about the people of the Moyang clan.

However, the actions of the more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon King actually angered Zhu Hengyu.

From now on, Hengyu Chamber of Commerce has been completely destroyed.

Not only were the casualties so severe, but even the headquarters of the cities were burned with fire.

The Hengyu Chamber of Commerce headquarters distributed in major cities consumes Zhu Hengyu’s massive wealth.

In order to establish a headquarters on each island, Zhu Hengyu has invested a lot of wealth in these years.

Over the past several decades, the magic stone consumed has been an astronomical number.

Hengyu Chamber of Commerce can not only help Zhu Hengyu to engage in commercial activities.

The most important thing is that Hengyu Chamber of Commerce is the most reliable and effective intelligence system under Zhu Hengyu.

Once the Hengyu Chamber of Commerce is destroyed, then at the strategic level, Zhu Hengyu is blind, deaf, and dumb.

Zhu Hengyu has no way of learning about the thoughts of the people of the Demon Sheep.

He can no longer hear the voices of the people of the Demon Sheep.

What Zhu Hengyu wanted to say could not be conveyed to the ears of every demon sheep people.

It can be said that the destruction of Hengyu Chamber of Commerce has caused too much harm to Zhu Hengyu.

Under the anger, Zhu Hengyu completely entered a state of anger.

Since they do n’t want Zhu Hengyu to live well.

That Zhu Hengyu will not let them live well.

Before the Hengyu Chamber of Commerce, people located in various cities evacuated.

Zhu Hengyu issued the last announcement.

After this announcement is posted, all members of Hengyu Chamber of Commerce will evacuate from Great Island and major cities.

From that moment on, the only bond between Zhu Hengyu and the people of the Devil Sheep Race was completely cut off!

Taking advantage of the night, the backbone of the Hengyu Chamber of Commerce, elites, and sneaky, posted the last notice of Zhu Hengyu in the notice column of each city.

As a final announcement, Zhu Hengyu knew that he had no chance to communicate with the people of the Moyang clan.

Therefore, this last announcement is full of three large announcements.

The three announcements, lined up one by one, were able to display everything Zhu Hengyu wanted to say …

First, Zhu Hengyu announced a very sad decision.

From now on, the lives of the 3.7 billion people of the Moyang clan have officially entered a countdown state.

Full play, they can live up to a hundred days.

That’s three months.

Three months later, the army of Monster Race will approach the Demon Sheep Archipelago, ruthlessly strangling all the demon sheep people thrown on the island …

No one can save them.

Originally, Zhu Hengyu could save them.

First of all, the people of the Demon Sheep Clan Yangxin City listened to the rumors of the Demon King and Demon King, and tried their best to prevent Zhu Hengyu from opening the Imperial Family treasure house.

In the end, they succeeded!

They not only disrupted the opening of the large array, they even burned 365 array towers.

Eventually set fire to self-immolation, burning the entire Yangxin City into a white field.

The people of Yangxin City have two 3,000,000 people left.

Since they have betrayed the Demon Sheep, the Demon Sheep have no obligation to continue to care for them.

Moreover, Zhu Hengyu has no time, no energy, no manpower to help them.

In order to save hundreds of millions of Demon Sheep people, Zhu Hengyu can only give up the more than three million Yangxin City people.

Unfortunately, although Zhu Hengyu chose to save the 3.7 billion Demon Sheep people.

However, those people of the Demon Sheep clan are obviously not the rescuers of Zhu Hengyu.

Under the enthusiasm and bewilderment of the interested people, they impeached Zhu Hengyu and drove the throne off.

As a result, they also made the same mistakes as the people of Yangxin City.

Especially in the end, they burned down the headquarters of Hengyu Chamber of Commerce and injured and killed a large number of Hengyu Chamber of Commerce employees.

Forcing all employees of Hengyu Chamber of Commerce to evacuate these cities overnight.

As a result, the only way to communicate with Zhu Hengyu was completely cut off.

From this moment on, Zhu Hengyu ’s actions have no way of learning.

And their thoughts and wishes, Zhu Hengyu has no chance to hear them again.

Under each other ’s side, they can only each minding their own business.

However, Zhu Hengyu emphasized again and again!

Originally, he could save the people of Yangxin City.

Originally, he could save the 3.7 billion people of the Demon Sheep.

Unfortunately …

First, the people of Yangxin City did not cooperate, which prevented the opening of the Imperial Family treasure house.

So, after fighting for more than a month.

When the battleship under Zhu Hengyu was seriously damaged.

There is not enough black gold and platinum to repair quickly.

You can only drive back to the Azure Ox Islands. Without half a year, you ca n’t do it at all.

Of course, the resources of the Imperial Family Treasury are not available, but it is not too fatal.

The most deadly is all the people of the Devil’s Clan, who have no trust in Zhu Hengyu.

They refused to believe Zhu Hengyu, or even impeached Zhu Hengyu, and drove him off the throne.

Under such circumstances, Zhu Hengyu has no way to obtain a large amount of materials from the major archipelago of the Demon Sheep.

The people of Moyang clan suspected that he was eating human buns.

I suspected that he was deceiving everyone and was taking the opportunity to accumulate wealth.

Moreover, Zhu Hengyu was ousted from the throne again.

Excuse me, if Zhu Hengyu gives an order.

Collect all the privately owned gold, silver, bronze, black iron and other series of materials, and hand them over to Zhu Hengyu.

Will anyone support Zhu Hengyu?

Or, everyone will scold Zhu Hengyu for thinking that he has seen Zhu Hengyu’s cheater?

Instead of integrating all the resources of the Demon Sheep, build the battleship with all their strength.

How can Zhu Hengyu build a large number of battleships in a short time.

What does Zhu Hengyu use to repair those damaged battleships?

So, nowadays, it is not that Zhu Hengyu does not want to save.

It’s really intentional to kill the enemy, but it’s powerless!

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