Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4296


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Zhu Hengyu is absolutely at ease with this elite of 30,000,000 Demon Sheep.

If under such extremely unfavorable circumstances, they still stood by Zhu Hengyu so resolutely.

So, Zhu Hengyu could not think of any situation that could shake their hearts.

The 30,000,000 Demon Sheep elite, selected by Zhu Hengyu and each other, are in a desperate situation.

It can be said that the true essence of the Demon Sheep is the 30,000,000 elite.

It’s the usual time to change…

Even if the entire Demon Sheep’s military department has exhausted all means, there is no way to select them from the nearly 4 billion Devil Sheep’s people.

Who is the elite and who is the talent, how can it be so easy to detect?

If it’s just testing strength, talent, Bloodline purity, and magic affinity, it’s easier.

But the problem is that true genius is more than that.

True elites, even without the power of a chicken, can also move to move unhindered in the whole world, invincible!

It’s all angry too!

The mediocre person, no matter how angry, is nothing but dishevelled hair, sitting on the ground.

Above mediocrity, it is the wrath of a samurai!

Rage of Samurai, two corpses, five steps of blood flow!

Although no matter how strong your personal strength is, it is absolutely this.

The only difference is whether you can kill more people or less.

But, true heroes are more than that.

True elites are all talents who dominate the side.

They are idle and not angry.

But if you are really angry, the consequences will be extremely serious.

A true hero, once he really grows up, even if he has no power to hold his hands, he can turn his hands into clouds and rain, which will stir the world!

The so-called heroes refer to-heroes with outstanding intelligence!

The so-called heroes refer to people with superb martial arts, bravery, and status in the society.

Therefore, the so-called heroes really refer to those with great intelligence, martial arts, and the right to have a powerful presence.

Although they are not well-known throughout the Devil Sheep Clan, these people are far smarter and have more insight than ordinary people.

The ordinary people are easily deceived and fanned.

For these powerful and clever cunning Old Fox.

It’s good if they don’t confuse others. How could they be confusing others?

This incident, from the very beginning, they saw clearly.

Never mind whether Zhu Hengyu is a liar, this life-saving straw must be seized.

They know very well that they caught Zhu Hengyu’s life-saving straw, and maybe a glimmer of survival.

But once the straw is loosened, it is ten deaths without life.

Although, in terms of signs and evidence…

Zhu Hengyu is at least 90% likely to be a big liar who is not just in name only, but also in reality.

However, at least there is a 10% probability that Zhu Hengyu is not lying.

The probability of this success is that they have to strive for it no matter what.

If you don’t believe Zhu Hengyu, continue to stay on the island.

So when the Monster Race army arrives, they are definitely ten deaths without life.

On the contrary, walking with Zhu Hengyu, although 90% probability, still cannot live.

But at least has a 10% probability, you can escape alive and continue to live…

It’s not really difficult to make such a judgment.

The real difficulty is that they can’t be fooled by all the illusions.

Not to be shaken by those rumors, not to be fooled by those fans.

Without this wisdom and vision, you can’t be considered a true hero.

Those who have two minds all day long and one idea at a time are the most clever, can’t be considered great wisdom.

It can be said that the desperate situation faced by the demon sheep family naturally formed a screening assessment.

A series of encounters with Zhu Hengyu can also be said to be a blessing due to misfortune.

If it hadn’t been through all this, Zhu Hengyu would not have fallen into the present situation, and there would be no test of who is the real hero.

True heroes and heroes can only be tested in the most difficult times.

There is no more critical moment than the current Demon Sheep Clan.

There is no more difficult time than Zhu Hengyu.

Only after having passed this double test, can he truly be recognized by Zhu Hengyu and gain the trust of Zhu Hengyu.

Only in this way is it a real hero hero!

Ancient saying…

Sai Weng loses his horse, and knows nothing.

Under the yin and yang, Zhu Hengyu will catch all the elites of the 3.7 billion Demon Sheep Clan to catch everything in one net!

Exactly, among the 30,000,000 elites, the top elites are all the best.

For these 30,000,000 elites, Zhu Hengyu also gave the highest national treatment!

The 30,000,000 elites have also become the first people of the newly established Kingdom of Hengyu!

As a new kingdom named after him, Zhu Hengyu has the right to make all laws.

In the Hengyu Kingdom, Zhu Hengyu’s will represents everything.

Zhu Hengyu is really fed up. Those people of the Devil Sheep tribe who are easily susceptible to fandom are at any time deciding, interfering, or even preventing him from doing things.

In this world, smart people are only a handful after all.

Most people are just mediocre.

This is an indisputable fact!

Once the matter is handed over to the crowd to decide.

So, those who account for the overwhelming majority, who are easily deceived, fanned, and induced, will make wrong decisions.

In the eyes of the world…

Those who have certain talents, knowledge, insights, and even abilities are somewhat independent.

They always make some decisions that ordinary people cannot understand.

Many times, they even look stupid, stupid!

The secular vision cannot even accept such existence.

But in fact, it is such a person who really becomes a major event and a big climate.

After the establishment of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Zhu Hengyu took over all the power, and put everything in the Hengyu Kingdom under private ownership.

In any case, Zhu Hengyu no longer imagines a marionette, manipulated by a group of fools.

It’s not yet known what will happen in the future.

But for now, Zhu Hengyu must have absolute control.

Within the entire Hengyu Kingdom, Zhu Hengyu’s order is the highest order.

In this special period, anyone who dares to disobey Zhu Hengyu’s decree, kill without mercy!

After the kingdom was established and the first nationals were recruited.

Zhu Hengyu announced the founding core of the kingdom.

The establishment of a kingdom must have a core.

The core types are agriculture, industry, commerce, tourism…

And Zhu Hengyu’s Hengyu Kingdom did not take these as its core.

The establishment of the Hengyu Kingdom is to save and even revive the Demon Sheep Clan.

According to Zhu Hengyu’s original intention, once the Demon Sheep revived, Zhu Hengyu’s Spiritual Power would be transferred to the core of the collapsed battlefield.

The power and wealth of the kingdom has no meaning to Zhu Hengyu.


The establishment of the Hengyu Kingdom is to save the Demon Sheep and revitalize the Demon Sheep!

Once these two goals have been achieved, the mission of the Kingdom of Hengyu has been completed.

Even if it is disbanded immediately, Zhu Hengyu will not be reluctant.

Frankly speaking…

Zhu Hengyu is to achieve his goal.

In order to avoid becoming marionettes, they are manipulated by the gangsters of the Demon Sheep’s army and the fools.

Therefore, he established his own kingdom.

From the moment of its establishment, the Kingdom of Hengyu has shouldered special tasks and special missions.

Hengyu Kingdom is therefore destined to be impossible with industry, agriculture, commerce, tourism… as the core.

To save and rejuvenate the Demon Sheep, all you need is constant fighting.

Only by repelling the Monster Race invaders can the Devil Clan be saved and the Devil Clan rejuvenated.

Since fighting is inevitable!

Then the Kingdom of Hengyu naturally has battle as its core.

More precisely, it is based on the ordnance industry.

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