Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4298

Since you are not good at it, you will not do well.

It is the most reasonable way to use all your energy to do what you do best.

Therefore, all the three thousand Legion of the Kingdom of Hengyu are navy!

Zhu Hengyu is very clear that if he wants to defeat Monster Race, he must defeat their navy.

Just like Demon Sovereign of the year.

As long as you can crush the navy of Monster Race, you can drive them out of the sea.

As for saying, want to completely defeat Monster Race, even destroy Monster Race!

For the time being, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t think of it that far, nor could it be possible.

If you want to destroy Monster Race, it will never happen overnight.

Without countless years, impossible did it.

In any case, Zhu Hengyu is absolutely impossible to think about it now.

3,000,000 elite bull elite has entered the Sanyang Islands, laying a strong defense line.

The 3,000,000 elite cow elite are just the first troops.

Next, there will be a 30,000,000 army of Demon Bull Races, continuously going to the battlefield.

With a guard of 30,000,000 Demon Cow Clan…

On the Sanyang Islands alone, it is definitely Copper Wall Iron Bastion, unbreakable!

As long as it can be above the sea, resist Monster Race.

Then Monster Race is impossible to destroy the Kingdom of Hengyu!

Now, what restricts Zhu Hengyu is that the soldiers under his command are too scarce.

There are a thousand battleships in the air, but there are not enough soldiers to control them.

Although temporary training has been ongoing, it is clear that short-term assault training cannot produce qualified naval soldiers.

For today’s plan, we only have to give everything to everyone to work hard.

The 30,000,000 elites are all generations of brimming over with talent.

The difficulties that Zhu Hengyu can’t solve by himself, then work together to make everyone work together.

Zhu Hengyu believes that under the collective efforts of 30,000,000 elites, these problems can be solved in the shortest time.

Because time is too tight, manpower is too limited.

So, the formation of the three thousand Legion in the Kingdom of Hengyu, and the competition between the three thousand Legion, decided the victory and defeat and ranked.

All these things, Zhu Hengyu didn’t ask.

How and how to form the three thousand Legion.

How to compare the three thousand Legion and how to arrange the rankings are all left to the 30,000,000 elites to solve it by themselves.

The only thing Zhu Hengyu has to do is to approve the Legion after it is set up.

After ranking, review the industry that battleship is engaged in.

Apart from this, Zhu Hengyu released all rights.

It’s not that Zhu Hengyu is lazy.

It is true that there are too few people under Zhu Hengyu.

Until now, there were not many people available under Zhu Hengyu’s command.


Do not underestimate the 30,000,000 Demon Sheep Elite.

If nothing happens…

More than 80% of the most outstanding heroes of the future Moyang tribe must have stood out from these 30,000,000 elites.

Even if Zhu Hengyu never existed.

Even if the Devil Clan does not have the disaster this time.

Everything will be the same.

Just give them enough time and patience.

Of these 30,000,000, there will definitely emerge…

Enough to be able to match the more than three thousand demon handsomes of the Demon Sheep clan and more than three hundred Demon King mention on equal terms.


It may also emerge that is sufficient to exist with Yang Hao, Lu Zimei, and Zhu Hengyu’s mental on equal terms.

If one day…

Among these 30,000,000 elites, Demon King and Demon Sovereign level of emergence have emerged, and there is no need to be too surprised.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu has absolutely no need to worry about decentralization.

Even in such a difficult situation, they can clearly understand everything and make the best choice.

It turns out that they are smart enough to trust.

Their ability is enough to solve any problem.

Even Zhu Hengyu couldn’t solve it.

With 30,000,000 elites working together, a solution can certainly be found.

In the Hengyu Kingdom, all people are soldiers.

Everyone has the right to participate freely in politics.

Zhu Hengyu didn’t hide anything, but was honest and honest, and announced the current situation and the difficulties he faced.

As for how to solve it and how to deal with it, Zhu Hengyu did not know.

Everyone is responsible, capable, and responsible, and can try to solve it.

Nothing can be solved, and no one blames them.

And once successfully solved, then Zhu Hengyu is not stingy reward.

Whether it is wealth or status.

Whether it is power or power.

As long as everyone wants, Zhu Hengyu can give it away.


Once Zhu Hengyu spoke, he issued a decree.

So, there can only be one voice in the entire Hengyu Kingdom!

This voice can only be the voice of Zhu Hengyu.

submit to me and prosper, oppose me and perish!

No one can say anything about this overbearing rule set by Zhu Hengyu.

It was Zhu Hengyu who pulled them from the death line.

It was Zhu Hengyu, who saved them.

Therefore, no matter how overbearing the rules set by Zhu Hengyu are, they can only obey them.

Getting on the boat of others, and don’t want to obey the arrangements of others, how can there be so many good things in this world.

And the most important thing is…

Facts have proved that Zhu Hengyu indeed possesses great magical power and is indeed far superior to everyone.

The age of Zhu Hengyu is younger than the overwhelming majority.

The background of Zhu Hengyu is lower than most people.

But Zhu Hengyu’s strength, power, and heritage are unmatched by 30,000,000 people.

Not to mention the 30,000,000 of them!

Even counting the entire Demon Sheep Clan, and the more than 3,000 Demon Kings of the Devil Sheep Army, and more than 300 Demon King.

Everyone is tied together, not as powerful as Zhu Hengyu!

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