Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4299


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Although everyone still can’t guess, Zhu Hengyu defeated the Monster Race Navy.

But those more than a thousand battleships of Monster Race can’t be faked.

And, the most important thing is!

The Demon Clan’s full support, but the Devil’s Clan has been fighting for hundreds of millions of years, but it has not been able to win.

Since it turns out, Zhu Hengyu’s ability is better than everyone.

Moreover, he saved all lives.

So, what if you listen to him?

If you will Time Reverse for one year!

No… Only need to Reverse Time for half a year.

Everyone here will never be convinced of Zhu Hengyu.

I want everyone to obey Zhu Hengyu’s commands unconditionally, which is definitely a fool’s dream.


After the night of destruction of Yangxin City.

Under the enchantment and fandom of the intentional people, there have been countless mistakes made by the devil sheep clan until they play themselves and destroy the demon sheep clan.

After experiencing the lessons of these two incidents, no one thinks there is anything wrong with this.

Everyone can actually understand Zhu Hengyu and why he did it.

Think about where you are.

Zhu Hengyu clearly has the ability to save the Demon Sheep Clan, and can even rejuvenate the Demon Sheep Clan.

However, the people in the city of Yangxin first stupidly stopped Zhu Hengyu, preventing him from opening the Imperial Family treasure house.

Subsequently, the people of the Three Thousand Islands of the Devil Sheep Clan drove Zhu Hengyu out of the throne under the bewitching and fanning of the intentional people, and he lost all his rights.

Zhu Hengyu can obviously do everything.

But because of those stupid people, Zhu Hengyu ultimately failed to do anything.

Think about where you are, and it’s up to them, and it is absolutely impossible to continue to let this happen, and it happened again and again.

For professional things, let professional people do it.

A group of civilians who do not understand anything, why should they decide the national major event!

Here, it doesn’t mean to belittle civilians.

In fact, those 30,000,000 elites are civilians.

But even they themselves have to admit.

What they know and understand is too little.

Without giving any information, they hurriedly let them make major decisions.

Is this really appropriate?

Because no one can figure it out, how can Zhu Hengyu defeat the Monster Race fleet.

So I thought that Zhu Hengyu was a liar.

Because Zhu Hengyu is a liar, he should be ousted from the throne.

But in fact, many things cannot be said.

Especially when it comes to military secrets, can that be said to ordinary people?

If the 3.7 billion people of the Demon Sheep are understood, can Monster Race know?

Soldier, the major event of the country, the land of life and death, the way of survival!

The most feared thing is that you can’t keep secrets. How can you tell ordinary people?

And because he couldn’t speak, he was impeached, ousted from the throne, and expelled…

Moreover, among the 30,000,000 elites, there may not be those who were impeached and expelled Zhu Hengyu.

So, why did Zhu Hengyu believe them?

In a word!

Zhu Hengyu’s words are the highest order, that is, God’s will!

If it feels acceptable, then stay, let’s fight Monster Race together and save the Demon Sheep together.

If it is really unacceptable, then wherever you come back, no one asks you to stay.

The so-called, the way is different, cannot make plans together, but it is.

Therefore, the overbearing rules formulated by Zhu Hengyu.

Everyone was only a little uncomfortable for a while.

But soon, everyone understood and even sympathized with Zhu Hengyu.

It is true that the same error cannot be allowed to continue anyway.

The people of Yangxin City made a big mistake, and the result was that the people of Yangxin City did not save one.

The people of the Three Thousand Islands of the Demon Sheep have made a big mistake.

If they don’t want to follow the first two.

The same mistakes must be eliminated.

The best way to prevent this kind of mistake is to follow all actions.

Apart from this, there is no other way.

Although Hengyu Demon King has already explained the situation they are facing to the truth.

However, Zhu Hengyu is not a fool. What he can disclose to everyone is not confidential information.

For example, how did Zhu Hengyu defeat the Monster Race Beihai Fleet?

For example, how did you capture the more than 1,000 Monster Race battleships?

Some people once doubted…

Doubt whether Zhu Hengyu was bought by Monster Race and became the spy of Monster Race.

But this kind of suspicion will only be considered by the stupidest person.

People with slightly normal IQ will be rejected in an instant.

The Demon Sheep is already fish on the cutting board. Monster Race chops as much as it likes, eats as much as it likes.

The Demon Sheep have no resistance at all.

In this case, why should Monster Race do more and take off pants to fart?

The same sentence…

If the three thousand people of the Hengyu Kingdom all understood this secret.

Then this secret can no longer be a secret.

It will soon spread out and become well known.

Since they cannot grasp detailed information, they are naturally not qualified to decide what.

Not to mention, 30,000,000 Hengyu Kingdom people, how to think about and how to form Legion.

Not to mention, how the three thousand Legion was formed, and how to compete and compete for ranking.

The other side…

Zhu Hengyu entered the secret room and opened the closed state.

Zhu Hengyu’s strength is far from being able to meet current needs.

The 83-section Devil Body can’t suppress the luck of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Once there is great power coming to make trouble, the entire Hengyu Kingdom can’t even find anyone who can fight it.

The only one who can barely fight is probably the Black Girl, and the three Dark Gold Demon Sheep War Puppets.

But black girl, three dark gold warriors, will not fly…

Therefore, when playing against those powerful players, it can be said that they are more than defensive, but they are not offensive enough.

Zhu Hengyu must seize the time and quickly raise the Devil Body’s rank.

In response to the power of various races that may be committed at any time.

Not just Zhu Hengyu.

Three thousand six hundred name Tianmo Guard has also entered a closed state, and the Devil Body has been upgraded at full speed to cope with the coming severe test.

In the back room…

Zhu Hengyu not at all uses the Medicine Pill found in the Imperial Family treasure trove.

Those medicine pills, although made by the Alchemist Grandmaster of the Demon Sheep clan in the past, are still a bit meaningless to Zhu Hengyu.

At Zhu Hengyu’s alchemy level and medicine pill below the Ninth Grade, he will not use it.

Otherwise, the erysipelas deposited by the magic inside the body will be a very big trouble in the future.

Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace is taken out of the ice king bracelet!

This Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, originally had to rely on the Purgatory True Fire to be effective.

But fortunately…

First, Zhu Hengyu doesn’t need to play the Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace’s falcon effect.

Secondly, Zhu Hengyu possesses the power of purgatory. He can completely condense True Fire from purgatory, and use stimulate Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace to refine medicine pill.

In the Imperial Family treasure house, the treasure that has accumulated over the hundreds of millions of years has been hoarded.

However, the total speaking of which, among these treasures, spiritual medicine and Spiritual Pill, are all cultivators below the 90th Devil Body.

After all, the materials in the treasure trove of war preparations are used to save the Demon Sheep.

Through these materials, you can cultivate a strong army instead of a strong individual.

Once the Demon Sheep is trapped in a desperate situation, it is certainly not the one who can save the Demon Sheep.

And which group of people must be!

Therefore, the treasures in the Imperial Family Treasury of the Demon Sheep Clan can cultivate millions of elite soldiers.

But it does not help a cultivator to break through the ninety Devil Body.

It is not possible to improve the Devil Body level of the cultivator above the ninety Devil Body.

It can be said that you can’t rely on others to help you with Devil Body above 90.

Even if rank and status are high, such as Yang Hao, Jiang Hai, and Lu Zimei, they can only find ways to find opportunities.

Not to mention Devil Body above 90.

Breaking through the shackles of the Devil Body of the 90th section alone is an almost impossible thing.

It can be said that for Devil Body above 90, even Demon King doesn’t know where to go.

Therefore, in this Imperial Family treasure house, there is everything, but there is no spiritual medicine above the royal product.

However, for Zhu Hengyu, it is enough.

After spending a week, Zhu Hengyu started to pill concocting and promoted his Devil Body section from eighty-three to ninety.

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