Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4300


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Emperor Realm

Ninety-segment Devil Body is already the first level of Demon Sovereign.

However, if you want to be promoted from the 90th Devil Body to the 91st Devil Body, there is an incomparable gigantic gap.

If you want to break through this shackle, the essential is the Rainbow Barrier Breaking Pill!

The Rainbow Light Barrier Breaking Pill is the crystal nucleus of the Rainbow Light Teeth Octopus.

Not to mention, Iridescent Crystal Teeth Octopus monsters are extremely rare.

The key point is that the iris crystal tooth octopus not only possesses the power of white light Saint Physique.

The most important thing is that the rainbow crystal tooth octopus has a huge body.

According to legend, a tentacle of the Aurora Crystal Teeth Octopus is 30,000 feet long!

A tentacle is rolled out, and the so-called battleship can be wound a few times in an instant, and then dragged into the depths of the sea.

Of course, if you are lucky enough…

It is also possible to meet some of the ninety-segmented iris crystal teeth octopus monsters.

Generally speaking, octopus monsters with more than 90 segments are already iris crystal tooth octopus monsters.


For the iris crystal tooth octopus, there is nothing shackled in cultivation.

They are in the 90-segment battle body and will not stay too long.

Therefore, if you want to encounter the existence of an eight-claw monster that has just been promoted to iridescent crystal teeth, it is almost impossible.

The iris crystal tooth octopus itself is already very poor.

Listen to the Second Prince of the Sea Serpent and the Fangfang.

Within the entire North Sea, there are now probably only seven rainbow crystal teeth and eight claws.


Four are the first stage of white light Saint Physique.

Two of them are white light Saint Physique intermediate.

The last one has reached white light Saint Physique Peak.

You can achieve Primal Chaos Battle Body with only one line difference.

As for the rainbow crystal teeth and octopus monsters with more than 90 segments, they have already been hunted down.

Since recently, Haishan has commanded three thousand soldiers of Poison Dragon Legion, cruising in the sea.

Trying to help Zhu Hengyu hunt an iris crystal tooth octopus and obtain an iris crystal nucleus.

Unfortunately, although Haishan successfully found a white light Saint Physique first-order iris crystal tooth octopus.

But unfortunately, after the battle continued for one hour.

The iridescent crystal-fanged eight-claw monster saw that the situation was far from good, and ran away!

The speed is as fast as moving in an instant.

It can be said that if the rainbow crystal teeth and claws want to run in the sea, no one can catch up.

Now, the Second Prince-Sea Mountain of the Sea Serpent Clan, after obtaining the full set of Dragon Snake Nine Decay.

Most of the time, they are retreating hard.

Haishan has transformed Dragon Snake nine times, cultivated to seventh!

With only two transformations, you can achieve white light Saint Physique.

Therefore, in the past 20-30 years, Zhu Hengyu has not seen the seamount.

I didn’t see the three thousand Poison Dragon warriors under the sea mountain.

However, although they did not meet each other, it did not mean that Zhu Hengyu did not care about them.

The soul chain formed by the power of Senro.

Zhu Hengyu is always in control of the movement of Poison Dragon Legion.

Moreover, Zhu Hengyu is more than just understanding and paying attention.

In the Purgatory Temple at the heart of Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Yin Ling’er sits on the divine throne with five hearts towards the sky, pinching fingers.

On Yin Ling’er’s head, 108,000 purple hairs are windless and automatic.

If the hair of Yin Ling’er’s hair is enlarged, the 108,000 purple hairs are clearly purple snakes, dancing happily.

Most of the 108,000 purple hairs are gray.

At a glance, it looks more like gray hair with purple halos.

Obviously, these gray purple hairs are Senlu Yin snakes that have not yet awakened.

Among them, a few of the awakened Sero Yin snakes are shining bright purple rays of light.

The bright rays of light are nothing but the light of soul!

Among them, the brightest three thousand Sinoro Yin snakes are connected to Poison Dragon Legion, the Sea of ​​Consciousness of three thousand pawns.

In fact, Zhu Hengyu thinks more about things at the strategic level.

As for the management of each Legion, Yin Ling’er is actually completely responsible.

What makes Zhu Hengyu strange is.

In the future self, the message sent back, but not at all mentioned Yin Linger.

For this, Zhu Hengyu was very puzzled and puzzled…

For Zhu Hengyu, Yinlinger is too important and too powerful.

With the Yinling children, Zhu Hengyu can build up to 108,000 elite troops.

The number of 108,000 is because a normal ordinary person has about 108,000 hairs.

Yinlinger is no exception…

The hair on her head is exactly 108,000.

Yin Ling’er’s hair, each of which is a Senro Yin snake, can completely, absolutely and completely control a target.

Through these Senro Yin snakes, a soul chain can be established.

Even if they are separated by millions and millions of li, you can always control the situation there.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu no longer pays attention to the major Legion things, but gives it to Yin Ling’er completely.

It is for this reason that Yin Ling’er has rarely left the Purgatory Temple.

Many times, even Zhu Hengyu himself has forgotten the existence of Yin Ling’er.

But in fact, the existence of Yinling’er is the most important.

Sitting in the Purgatory Temple at the heart of Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Yin Linger laid a sky net through the soul chain formed by Sen Luo Yin Snake.

Within this huge network of souls, all members of Legion are under the command of Zhu Hengyu.

Moreover, with the continuous improvement of Zhu Hengyu’s strength.

The function of this giant network is also constantly being enhanced and increased…

All cultivators that have been seeded with the Sero Yin snake already have a preliminary, short-distance call function.

As long as the distance to each other is within a hundred miles.

Then, the soul chains of each other can be interlaced into a local area network.

In the local area network, everyone can send ideas ripples to communicate.

Especially when Legion is fighting, the command of the regiment can be instantly transmitted to Sea of ​​Consciousness of everyone in Legion through this LAN.

No need to communicate in words or voice.

This web of soul conveys ideas.

Everyone who receives this idea can instantly understand the leader’s thoughts and intentions.

With this LAN, everyone knows what the leader wants to do, and where he is, and how to cooperate…

Not to mention others…

In the Chamber of Secrets, Zhu Hengyu spent a week refining six medicine pills and successfully promoted his Devil Body to ninety!

In this Imperial Family treasure trove of trips, all medicine pills obtained by Zhu Hengyu will be given priority to the 3600 Guardian.

As for purgatory guards, Zhu Hengyu will personally make the Ninth Grade medicine pill for them.

In Zhu Hengyu’s mind, Purgatory Guard is the most important existence.

The treatment they enjoy is supreme!

The so-called supreme treatment is exactly the same as Zhu Hengyu’s.

Fortunately, the Imperial Family treasure house and his team, the Divine Grade spiritual medicine obtained by Zhu Hengyu, are enough to refine a large amount of medicine pill.

In the Imperial Family treasure house, there are precious resources accumulated by the Devil Sheep Clan for hundreds of millions of years.

Especially cherishing spiritual grass and spiritual medicine, many of them have been extinct.

This time the Imperial Family treasure house and his entourage, Zhu Hengyu’s harvest is really rich.

The obtained high-quality spiritual grass and spiritual medicine are enough to bring the three thousand purgatory guards to the first level of Demon Sovereign!

The ten-piece master set found on the 4th floor of the Imperial Family treasure house.

No need to doubt!

Even in the one-to-one situation, these three thousand purgatory guards are enough to defeat the three thousand magic masters of the demon sheep clan.

Even more, there may be crushing!

Maybe some people think this is too crazy and too exaggerated!

But in fact, this is actually a necessity.

It has been hundreds of millions of years since the demon sheep were driven to the demon sheep island.

The 1 billion people of the Moyang tribe have diligently accumulated hundreds of millions of years of resources. Couldn’t even 3,000 cultivators be cultivated and armed?

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