Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4301


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The Imperial Family Treasure House of the Demon Sheep is divided into 5-Layer.

Among them, some precious metals and materials such as black gold and platinum are stored in the first two floors.

The 3rd floor stores a variety of spiritual grass, spiritual medicine, and medicine pill that has been practiced.

4th floor, a total of ten rooms, each room contains a master set of accessories.

5th floor, there is nothing to say, there are three altars.

Thunder Tribulation’s inheritance magic ball, a large piece of dangling fine gold, and the Sanyang Kaitai’s magic sheep tribe crown are displayed on the three altars.

Because the ice emperor bracelet has limited space and the time is too tight.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu, the first two layers of treasure in the Imperial Family treasure trove, has not taken a penny, and ran all the way.

The Imperial Family Treasury on the 3rd floor has a large stock of spiritual grass, spiritual medicine, and ready-made medicine pill.

From now on, 80% of spiritual grass and spiritual medicine hoarded on the 3rd floor have been used in purgatory guards.

As for the ten master suits on the 4th floor, all of them were given to Purgatory Guards.

Think carefully…

Zhu Hengyu’s Imperial Family treasure house and his party, 90% of the harvest, was spent on purgatory guards.

The Moyang Clan has accumulated hundreds of millions of rare resources all for building this team.

Don’t dare to say more…

At the very least, in terms of individual strength, these three thousand purgatory guards are definitely not inferior to their ancestor, purgatory Demon King!

Just let go of one, it must be galloping and invincible.

At the very least, below 90 Devil Body, it is absolutely invincible.

After receiving a warning from the future…

Zhu Hengyu’s investment in purgatory guards is absolutely spared no effort.

It’s best to use everything.

Even if there is a slight flaw, it is not suitable for purgatory guards.

A large number of medicine pills obtained from the third floor of the Imperial Family treasure trove are not assigned to purgatory guards.

Every medicine pill used by Purgatory Guards must be made by Zhu Hengyu himself.

Eigth Grade medicine pill is not worthy of purgatory guard.

It must be Ninth Grade medicine pill to qualify for the rank and status of Purgatory Guard.

From a certain angle, Zhu Hengyu is even better than Purgatory Guard.

If you don’t want to eat, you must first make sure that Purgatory Guard can use it.

If not, how can Zhu Hengyu’s Devil Body segment stay in the 83rd segment for so long?

If you concentrate on your own cultivation.

I am afraid that 20-30 years ago, Zhu Hengyu has become an expert in the Demon Sovereign environment.

Until now…

After the establishment of the Hengyu Kingdom, Zhu Hengyu has had to work hard to improve his strength.

It was not necessary before.

But now, it can’t be delayed any longer.

No matter how strong the purgatory guards are, they are ultimately external forces.

The purgatory guard is impossible and stays with him at all times.

Once a strong enemy invades, in the face of Zhu Hengyu, burn and rob.

Zhu Hengyu must stand up and kill the powerful enemy.

If there is no such ability, then everyone will not be convinced by Zhu Hengyu.

It won’t take long for everyone to leave Germany.

I am afraid that the entire Hengyu Kingdom will be dispersed.

It can be said that as a magical master, one can not be known for his material resources.

After all, there is Demon King on top of Mo Shuai!

Despite the strength, Demon King is still not as good as Demon King.

Therefore, even if the strength is inferior, it is not a big problem.

But Demon King is different.

Although above Demon King, there is Demon Sovereign.

But in fact, Demon Sovereign is Demon King.

In terms of strength and realm alone, whether it is Demon King or Demon Sovereign, in fact most of the cultivators are experts in the Demon Sovereign environment.

It can be said that the strongest Demon King is Demon Sovereign!

Therefore, as a Demon King, his strength must be guaranteed.

Demon Race is, after all, a strength is respected race.

Individual strength is not strong, after all, the background is too shallow, and it can’t go too far.

Therefore, everyone must plan for something else and find another way out.

Even if you won’t betrayal for a while, it’s clear that everyone has a second heart.

Once Zhu Hengyu falls, they will have other preparations and other options.

Therefore, after officially establishing Hengyu Demon King as the establishment of the Hengyu Kingdom.

The improvement of Zhu Hengyu’s strength became the most important task next.

Fortunately, on this trip to the Imperial Family Treasury, Zhu Hengyu acquired spiritual grass and spiritual medicine that the Devil Clan accumulated for hundreds of millions of years.

With three thousand purgatory guards, Zhu Hengyu also promoted his Devil Body to ninety.

Became an expert in the initial Demon Sovereign environment.

Changed to someone else…

Unless you can obtain the crystal nucleus of an iris crystal tooth octopus, refine the iris Barrier Breaking Pill.

Otherwise, the 90-section Devil Body is already the limit.

However, Zhu Hengyu and Sanqian Purgatory Guard are different.

With the power of purgatory, even if they use the Aurora Barrier Breaking Pill, they can still break through the shackles of the 90-section porch through continuous hard work and formally become a real Demon Sovereign realm expert.

However, if all rely on personal cultivation and rely solely on the power of purgatory to slowly temper.

The time required is too long.

Without thousands of years, it is difficult to break through.

However, don’t forget, Zhu Hengyu and the Three Thousand Purgatory Guards, but have used the existence of the Magic Devil!

At the core of purgatory, under the cover of purgatory power.

Zhu Hengyu and the Three Thousand Purgatory Guards both used the Demon Pill.

As a result, the shackles of the 90-section Devil Body are completely non-existent for them.

The crystal nucleus of the iridescent crystal-toothed eight-claw monster is completely unnecessary to find.

As long as you continue to work hard, everyone’s Devil Body segment will break through the ninety segment.

Formally become a real, expert in the Demon Sovereign environment!

However, if you want to improve by natural cultivation, the time required is too long.

Without a few countless years, I’m afraid I can’t even improve a Devil Body.

After promoting Devil Body to the 90th section, Zhu Hengyu didn’t have time to be happy.

Time is as expensive as this treasure, Zhu Hengyu has no time to waste.

Right hand with a wave…

The inheritance magic ball from the Imperial Family treasure trove and the suspended fine gold appeared in front of Zhu Hengyu.

Although, in the Imperial Family treasure trove, 90% of the resources acquired by the former 4-Layer are consumed by purgatory guards.

But the three treasures on the 5th floor of the Imperial Family treasure trove will all be used on Zhu Hengyu.

Look at the huge dangling gold.

Look at the purple magic inheritance ball again.

next moment, Zhu Hengyu put away the floating fine gold between the first right wave.

Afterwards, Zhu Hengyu cautiously took the inheritance magic ball sealed with Thunder Tribulation in his hands…

Looking at the inheritance magic ball in his hand, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes are full of doubts.

There is no doubt that this inheritance magic called Thunder Tribulation is not the only inheritance magic.

Even, this is not the ultimate inheritance magic.

Unsurprisingly, this should be a junior inheritance magic.

It’s so strange, isn’t it too weird?

Dignified Imperial Family treasure house, why is there a junior inheritance magic ball?

After careful exploration for a long time, Zhu Hengyu still has no essentials.

No matter from which point of view, this inheritance magic ball is common, there is no strange place.

Oh! Not right…

This inherited magic ball named Thunder Tribulation is quite special in name compared to the inherited magic ball like thunder, lightning, lightning strike…

However, apart from the name being a little special, there is probably no other difference.

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