Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4311


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As soon as I flew out, all around came a cry.

A large number of pawns of the Demon Sheep clash from all directions.

Obviously, Zhu Hengyu was mistakenly thought to be an invading foreign enemy, otherwise, he would not be so popular with teachers.

But soon, a crisp murmur made all the soldiers retreat.

In the great hall in front of the demon sheep, a beautiful silhouette shouted out.

There is a delicate silhouette between the volleys, a fleeing silhouette, flying towards the face with whistling, straight into the embrace of Zhu Hengyu.

Looking at the woman covering the moon, shaming flowers in her arms, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help laughing.

Without talking nonsense, Zhu Hengyu fluttered the wings of the demon and flew all the way into the great hall of the demon sheep.

This beautiful woman is none other than Sun Meiren!

Within Zhu Hengyu’s inquiry, within the magic hall of the Great Sheep, Sun Meiren roughly explained what happened after Zhu Hengyu’s retreat.

Now, three years have passed since Zhu Hengyu closed down.

Originally, Zhu Hengyu did not intend to retreat for so long.

When Zhu Hengyu wanted to come, this time the retreat will take place in as few as two or three days and as many as two or three months.

But I never thought that it would be three years.

Under Sun Meiren’s account, Zhu Hengyu probably understood a series of changes that have occurred in the Moyang clan in the past three years.

In the first year of Zhu Hengyu’s retreat, nothing happened to the Demon Sheep.

The Altar of Sorrows, and no one finally inspired.

The opening of the Altar of Sorrows is very limited.

There is a huge price to pay!

If this altar of grudges can be opened at will.

Wouldn’t it be possible to curse any target as long as you gather a group of Demon Sheep cultivators?

The Altar of Curse, since it is called the Altar, it is to be sacrificed.

Basically, the people of the Demon Sheep who participated in the opening of the altar, regardless of the success or failure of the curse, will pay a huge and painful price.

If you want to open the altar, you need huge soul energy.

Therefore… 10% of the souls of the demons who participated in the opening of the altar will be used as sacrifices.

As for who will make the sacrifice, no one can know.

No one knows what criteria the altar uses to select sacrifices.

All in all, as long as you participate in the opening of the altar, there is a 10% chance that it will become a sacrifice.

And once it becomes a sacrifice, it is naturally the soul flew away and scattered.

Therefore, even if Zhu Hengyu points out that the altar of curse can be used, but within the three thousand islands of the demon sheep family, not at all people really go to open the altar of curse.

The probability of 10%, although not too high, but who knows whether his luck is good enough, will he be chosen as a sacrifice?

Monster Race Beihai Fleet is probably frightened by Zhu Hengyu.

For a whole year of silence, there was no war.

Of course, the Monster Race Navy is not idle, they turned around and reopened Sea Sheep Island Sea Territory.

Face the Monster Race navy on both sides, Fangfang and Su Ziyun, it is really impossible to stop.

Can only abandon Sea Territory of Blood Sheep Island and return to Demon Sheep Clan.

After reopening the Sea Territory route, the North Sea Fleet not at all flinched.

Ten Great Influences of Monster Race, began to continually ship back the previously collected spoils of war to Monster Race.

Have to say…

The battle of this time, Monster Race, these three Ten Great Influences, earn a lot of money.

Fully transported for a whole year, but only transported less than 10% of the wealth.

But soon, the three Ten Great Influences of Monster Race came back to his senses.

Why return shipping?

Everyone will evenly distribute the construction site.

Just transport your wealth to your own island.

It’s not necessary at all, ten thousand li is rushing back and transporting that many wealth back to Monster Race.

After a decision, the three Ten Great Influences of the Monster Race North Sea Fleet decisively stopped transportation.

In the second year of Zhu Hengyu’s retreat, Monster Race North Sea Fleet once again increased the number of battleships to 3,000.

The three thousand battle armored ships were provided by 30 forces from Monster Race.

On average, only one invincible fleet is needed.

Although the manpower, material resources, and financial resources invested are very impressive, the gains are also unimaginable.

After making up 3,000 battleships, the Monster Race Navy returned to the front line and invaded the Sea Territory of the Demon Sheep again.

Facing the invasion of Monster Race, more than a thousand battleships under Zhu Hengyu bravely greeted them and launched fierce fighting with them.

Unfortunately, the Hengyu Navy has only one thousand battleships.

One thousand to three thousand, at most, only slowed down the pace of Monster Race invasion, but it can not really stop the advancement of Monster Race.

During the whole year, the Devil Clan has fallen into more than 100 islands and nearly 4,000 islands.

The people of the Moyang clan suffered heavy casualties.

As the Monster Race army appears on the sea outside the port, the people of the Devil Sheep tribe who fell on the island finally know that they are afraid!

In the face of extreme evil, kill Monster Race Navy when you see someone.

Under the anger, those impending demise of the Devil Sheep tribe finally gathered before the altar of curse.

Everyone believes that someone must pay the price they deserve!

The current situation is…

On the one hand, Zhu Hengyu said that he had a chance to save the Demon Sheep.

More than three thousand magic masters, and more than three hundred Demon Kings, secretly bewitched and fanned the people, preventing Zhu Hengyu’s rescue operation.

On the other hand, the more than three hundred magic handsomes, and more than three hundred Demon King, said that Zhu Hengyu was a big liar.

He is just a new, shallow-rooted little devil handsome, and he is simply unable to save the demon sheep clan.

Obviously, someone must have lied between the two!

In the end who is lying, normal channels cannot be verified.

Unless you have enough people who are not afraid of death, you can successfully detect the Altar of Curse.

Unfortunately, good people who have been wronged will be safe and unharmed.

And those who are covered with evil, harbor ulterior motives, will be burned by Soul Fire forever under the curse, and become a deadly and undead, half-life half-death curse skeleton.

It’s normal to change…

Not many people took the risk to participate in the opening of the Altar of Curse.

However, the army of Monster Race has already reached the door.

One hour at least, three hours at all, everyone on the island will be slaughtered.

Instead of being used as an ingredient, slaughter willfully.

It’s better to drag the black sheep into the water before dying!

So far, they don’t want to live anymore.

But they can’t live, and they can’t make those who make them fall into such a situation.

If you want to go to hell, then everyone go together…

The Altar of Curse was launched by virtue of the huge resentment qi.

Facing the fierce wave of weapons, he is about to bloom and kill Monster Race Navy on himself.

The resentment qi of the people of the Moyang tribe have reached the limit!

After a whole year, in fact, overwhelming majority of the demon sheep people have understood it.

The one who lied is definitely not Zhu Hengyu!

Otherwise, why did the Navy of Monster Race stop attacking in the past year?

If it weren’t for Zhu Hengyu’s North Sea Fleet that had hit Monster Race.

So, for a whole year, Monster Race’s North Sea Fleet should have completely wiped out the Devil Race.

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