Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4312


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Zhu Hengyu is now Lord of a Country, Hengyu Great Demon King.

Once the curse killed Zhu Hengyu, the implication was too great.

Slaughter other Demon Slayers and Demon King, even if the other party dies, it is deserved, and the involvement will not be too great.

Once Zhu Hengyu died, it was really finished.

Zhu Hengyu has only one person, and there are more than 3,300 people standing opposite him.

Choose a magic master to curse and kill, and you can verify who is lying on both sides.

And to cast a curse on a devil, the number of people needed and the price paid are the smallest.

If you want to curse a Demon King, the number of people and the price you need to pay are too great.

The old saying is good, the persimmons must be picked softly!

Since any curse is killed by a curse, you can tell who is lying on both sides.

According to who would be stupid, choose the more difficult detection method.


Before the massacre of the Sheep Clan, they finally forgot about life and death and opened the Altar of Curse.

And the selected target is naturally a magical handsome.

As a result, under the resentment, that devil was killed by Soul Fire on the spot and burned into a resentment skull.

Then, the Cursed Skeleton, pulled by the power of the Cursed Altar, broke open the space and appeared on the Cursed Altar!

When all the people of the Demon Sheep clan saw the skeleton with a blazing green flame around them, they flew out of the dimensional space and landed on the altar of curse.

Everyone is going crazy.

It turns out that the person who lied was not Zhu Hengyu.

It is these guys who fled without fighting, secretly fanning and bewitching them, so that they did such irrational things.

If it were not for their fandom, people would not be so crazy even if they questioned Zhu Hengyu.

Think about it now, even if you know that 90% of Zhu Hengyu is a big liar, you can’t expel him.

With Zhu Hengyu, at least there is a glimmer of survival.

It’s all right now, Zhu Hengyu was expelled, and their glimmer of survival was completely gone.

Originally, they can continue to live.

But now, the Monster Race army has entered the city and will soon be killed.

In extreme anger, everyone has lost their minds.

If possible…

They would like to continue to open the Altar of Curse, and curse all the generals and counselors under the demon handsome.

Unfortunately, an altar can only curse one target.

Once the curse kills a target, the altar is completely useless.

Therefore, no matter how angry they are, there is no way.

The factors that led to all this today are, of course, the more than three thousand magic players and more than three hundred Demon Kings.

However, all the people themselves, regardless of right and wrong, regardless of black and white, must also bear half of the responsibility.

Even though the people of the Moyang clan are resentful and mad, in fact, it is only having one one to blame.

After the curse kills a magic master, next…

Monster Race rushes up, and all the people of the Devil Race are slaughtered.

For the Monster Race army, the demon sheep people are actually a kind of food.

For Monster Race, it’s not cruel.

After beheading all Demon Sheep people, all the Monster Race pawns couldn’t help but smile.

So many prey are hunted, and for a long time, they are not afraid of having no meat to eat.

All the corpses of the people of the Moyang clan were divided and transported in batches.

And with millions! Even tens of millions of people of the Devil’s Clan were slaughtered.

The soul of injustice rising from the sky, not at all aimed at those soldiers of Monster Race.

Everyone is hostile, no matter who kill who.

However, it is unreasonable for all Demon Sheep people to die, it is the despicable practices of the Demon King and Demon King.

That’s all if you run away.

Somehow, someone came forward to rescue them.

However, those guys are actually confusing and secretly fanning everyone, they must force everyone into the dead end.

Only the following people will be trapped and killed on the island.

The scattered fleeing generals quickly spread everything that happened on the ruined islands.

Now everyone is sure.

The more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings are the culprits.

They ran away without a fight, they shouldn’t be.

But what makes people unbearable is that they have found a way to live, but they will not let everyone live.

On the contrary, he personally pushed the hundreds of millions of people of the Moyang clan into hell.

Since everyone is destined to go to hell, in any case, it is impossible to make them proud!

Therefore, on the Sanyanghui Island of the Demon Sheep Clan, the angry people of the Demon Sheep Clan opened the Altar of Curse.

Over the whole year, almost three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings were almost killed by curses!

After opening the Altar of Sorrows on the Assembly Island.

The more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings are scared witless.

They are not afraid of death, the most feared thing is not have the will to live, unable to ask for death!

Once they become a skull of resentment, everything will not change.

In terms of strength, it will even improve!

However, forever, they all suffer from Ghost Fire.

The taste is like jumping into a frying pan.

Pain to the limit, but not death.

Just thinking about it is enough to scare everyone’s courage.

Many magicians, as well as Demon King, have found various reasons and excuses.

Some people say that they are also victims and have been cheated.

Some say that the Demon Kings threatened everyone. Although they didn’t want to, they couldn’t resist.

Others said that they were also cheated, and what they did was for everyone’s benefit.


How can the people of the Devil Clan under the wrath easily listen to their lie?

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