Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4313


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People are like that.

Once you lose your credit, you will never find it again.

Moreover, the verbiage is unreliable!

If they are really innocent, then this altar of blame will simply not hurt them.

If so, why should they weeping bitter tears so much?

Obviously, these guys just think they are stupid and think they are cheating.

It’s not enough to deceive one time, but also to deceive the second time, the third time…

Now, no one will believe them anymore.

No matter what they say, the Altar of Curse is to be opened.

In contrast, instead of dying in the hands of Monster Race, die without a whole corpse.

It’s better to use it as an offering, to open the altar of resentment and to export evil spirits for yourself.

In a year…

More than three hundred Demon Kings, and more than three thousand Magic Masters, almost died under the curse.

All their generals and soldiers also took over.

First of all, they are all up and down, all slaughtered, even chicken and dog doesn’t remain in the absolute sense!

The properties of Devil Master and Demon King were also snatched away and sent to Muyang Island for use by Zhu Hengyu.

In fact, it is not their justice, nor their generosity.

They have to do this.

Facts have proved that the more than three thousand Demon Kings and more than three hundred Demon Kings have betrayed the entire Demon Sheep Race.

Even, it is already a betrayal of Demon Race!

Although the world is big, there is no place for them.

Don’t say anything else, the Demon Race branch they’ve been with will no longer accept them.

Who dares to stay with such a despicable group of people?

Today, they can push the whole demon sheep clan into hell for their own personal benefit.

So tomorrow, for their own personal benefit, they certainly don’t mind sending other branches of Demon Race into hell.

Even the races you were born with were so vicious and unscrupulous, not to mention these aliens?

It can be said that after the actions of the devil and Demon King are revealed.

The more than three thousand magic masters, as well as more than three hundred Demon Kings, as well as their relatives and family members, are already hard to avoid calamity.

In order to save lives, but also to protect relatives, and even the lives of future generations.

They must stand up and show their attitude.

They must do something to draw the line between each other.

Otherwise, sooner or later, they will be treated as a companion, and they will be annihilated!

It’s ridiculous…

In order to survive, the more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings, all their relatives and their children and grandchildren have been moved away.

But no one can think of them, while moving relatives and children, they also brought everyone together.

Under a massacre…

More than three thousand magic masters, and more than three hundred Demon Kings, instantly cut off their sons and grandchildren, and cut off the inheritance.

Even even those distant relatives who are still in the Devil Clan have already drawn a line with them and do not recognize any relationship with each other.

For this kind of gang rape, no one would like to find this World.

No one else is willing to have a relationship with them.

Of course, not all Magic Masters and Demon King are killed by the Altar of Curse.

Many magicians who are be worldly-wise and play safe, and Demon King, not at all participated in this event.

Therefore, even if someone launched a curse on them, they were unable to curse them.

The most representative of these is Lu Zimei.

In the whole thing, in the whole process…

From the beginning to the end, Lu Zimei did not get involved.

Even so, she took the initiative and tried to stop everyone from doing so.

Unfortunately, with the disintegration of the Demon Sheep Army, Lu Zimei also instantly lost her power and status.

What you say, everyone likes to listen, you can listen to it. If you don’t like it, you can ignore it.

Anyway, Lu Zimei has no way to take them.

Therefore, in addition to having a good relationship with Lu Zimei, several Demon Kings who advance with Lu Zimei together.

In addition to the more than 300 magical masters under the command of the Great Demon King.

All other magic masters and Demon King died under the curse.

Three thousand cursed skulls were born on the three thousand curse altar.

Three hundred of them are the Skulls of Demon Sovereign.

The other two thousand seven hundred statues, all of them are the Skull of Demon King.

After the curse killed three thousand magic masters and Demon King, the three thousand curse altars sank under the earth and disappeared.

In this regard, the entire high-rise of the Demon Sheep Clan is basically taken away.

Except for the small team with Lu Zimei as the core, the entire senior level of the Demon Sheep Clan can be said to be wiped out by the whole army.

I have to say that Lu Zimei’s control of people’s hearts is really too much.

After experiencing this incident, none of the soldiers under Lu Zimei’s army and the team members left her.

Everyone believes in Lu Zimei’s choice.

Everyone believes that Lu Zimei did not participate in the conspiracy.

And it turns out that everyone’s trust in Lu Zimei is correct.

As for saying escape without fighting, everyone can understand.

Despite the infamy, everyone knows that they left to leave a flame for the Demon Sheep.

In order to prove that he is not a greedy person.

When Monster Race invaded again, Lu Zimei returned to the Holy Sheep Kingdom alone.

Although, Lu Zimei is no longer the Demon King of the Demon Sheep’s army, and is no longer the queen of the Holy Sheep Kingdom.

But I have to say that the Holy Sheep Kingdom was established by Lu Zimei after all.

Here, Lu Zimei’s rank and status, and the power in her hand, will never change because of other things.

The people of the Holy Sheep Kingdom’s identification with Lu Zimei originated from the bone marrow.

Anything, do not want to shake Lu Zimei’s image in everyone’s mind.

And it turns out that the moment when the Devil Clan is about to perish.

Lu Zimei still let go of everything and came back to live and die with the people of the Holy Sheep Kingdom!

In fact…

From the beginning to the end, Lu Zimei migrated to the top artisans and talented young talents.

Among them, although there is no lack of Lu Family’s grandchildren.

But Lu Zimei is very open…

The so-called, Juxian does not avoid relatives!

As long as you have enough talents, enough talents, and enough skills, you can get a migration quota.

It will not be rejected because that person is not a relative of Lu Zimei.

The same will not be refused because that person is a relative of Lu Zimei!

The selection criteria for migration quotas are there.

If you pass the standard, you can migrate.

If you can’t pass the standard, you must stay.

If anyone doubts a certain quota, you can also raise it.

If it turns out that someone is more talented, more potential, and more capable than them…

Then replace him.

If not, you can only do so.

After all, the emigrated people are the kindling left for the Demon Sheep.

Everything Lu Zimei does is for the entire Devil Sheep Race, not herself.

As long as it is good for Demon Sheep, she will do it.

Even if she needs to take care of her relatives, she will never avoid it.

The capable person goes up, the mediocre person down, this is Lu Zimei’s way of domination!

Although the number of Lu Family’s children migrated this time, in fact, Lu Family’s children who migrated with the large army only accounted for three-thousandths of the total population of Lu Family!

Only a thousand Lu Family children, only three of them have obtained the relocation quota.

At the same time, the number of Lu Family’s children accounted for only 7% of the total relocated places!

Although this ratio is somewhat higher.

But there is no way. Lu Family’s family history and outstanding Lu Family’s children are indeed more.

Moreover, after Lu Zimei settled the people who had moved away.

When the Demon Sheep Clan is about to face the disaster of extinction, she rushed back alone.

And, the magic oath was made in public!

Lu Zimei, will coexist and die with the Holy Sheep Kingdom!

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