Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4314


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In front of the hundreds of millions of people in the Holy Sheep Kingdom…

Lu Zimei solemnly announced…

Before killing Lu Zimei, the Monster Race army wants to harm any of the people of the Holy Sheep Kingdom!

If you want to hurt the people of the Holy Sheep Kingdom, the Monster Race army must pass her Lu Zimei’s body!

Once the magic oath is made, it must not be violated.

Otherwise, the outcome will be more painful than death.

The magic oath can’t stand lightly!

Otherwise, once the magic oath is violated, the demonic energy in the body will spontaneously ignite.

The raging magic gain will burn for three days and nights before it goes out.

For the Demon Race cultivator, they would rather choose to die than disobey their magic oath!

Lu Zimei’s return, and she took the oath in public, immediately won the trust and support of all the people of the Holy Sheep Kingdom.


Lu Zimei regrouped, took over many factories that Zhu Hengyu rebuilt, and began to produce all kinds of ordnance.

Lu Zimei also tried her best to select young talents from the people of the Holy Sheep Kingdom to form her own army.

Although Lu Zimei couldn’t build a navy, the formation of the army is definitely a familiar experience.

All the weapons and armor were originally made by the Holy Sheep Kingdom.

Since it can be manufactured, of course it will be used.

Not to mention, how Lu Zimei returned to the Kingdom of the Holy Sheep, how to develop with all his strength, and form an army.

The other side…

In the great hall of Demon Sword Sect!

Zhu Hengyu continued to listen to Sun Meiren’s report.

Since Zhu Hengyu closed down…

Monster Race has been quiet for a whole year.

Then the spring of the following year, the invasion of the Demon Sheep was launched again.

Although a thousand battleships of the Hengyu Fleet have been resisting, but three thousand to one thousand, under the disparity of strength, they can’t resist.

After a whole year, the Hengyu Fleet retreated thousands of miles, losing nearly 4,000 islands.

Originally, Monster Race can be completely in a spurt of energy, and it can directly wipe out the demon sheep clan.

But at this time…

The 36 black gold battleships were finally repaired and returned to the battlefield again.

As 36 black-gold battleships entered the battlefield, the balance of the war began to lean towards the Hengyu Kingdom.

After six months of fighting in the second half of the year.

The black gold battleship Lien Chan has been defeated successively, and has captured more than 2,000 Monster Race battleships.

Then, the 36 black-gold battleships were again forced to withdraw from the battlefield due to severe damage.

Thus missed the chance to chase after the victory and expand the chance of success.

I will return again next time, I am afraid it will take more than a year.

With the monster race being defeated for the second time.

This time, all the people of the Demon Sheep Clan clearly realized that Zhu Hengyu did have the capital to fight against Monster Race.

Although everyone does not understand! But the actual situation is that through this battle, the Monster Race battleship under the Hengyu Kingdom has reached more than 3,000!

Also, it’s worth mentioning…

The large number of shipyards established by the Hengyu Kingdom, and the ice demon heavy industry on Azure Ox Island, not at all built a new battleship.

In battle, all shipyards have no time to build a new battleship.

Just repairing the battleship damaged by the war has already hit the back of the head with busy feet.

Even the headquarters of Bingmo Heavy Industry has not built a new black gold battleship.

In the past three years, repairing the 36 black gold battleships alone took all their time.

Of course, in these three years, those shipyards have not only repaired the battleship.

Reinforced the key parts of the battle armored ship.

The iron armor hanging outside the battleship has also been replaced with colorful alloy armor.

Thinner, lighter, and harder!

Don’t look at this, it just replaced a layer of armor.

But because the weight is reduced by about one third.

Therefore, the speed of battleship is also correspondingly improved by one third.

At the same time, the defensive power of the battleship has also been greatly improved because of the replacement of stronger nails and more advanced load-bearing components.

Therefore, although only the Battleship of the Monster Race was repaired, the performance of the battleship after the repair was doubled.

The overall performance is even better than the battleships built by the Moyang Clan.

The difference between the two is at least three generations, which is a gap of 300 years!

Monster Race was repelled for the second time, but for Monster Race, they are not afraid of huge damage.

Monster Race’s only concern is whether the benefits are sufficient.

Under this whole year’s battle, the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race actually occupied nearly 4,000 islands.

Frankly speaking…

Over the past year, Monster Race has lost nearly 4,000 battleships.

And their harvest is almost 4,000 islands.

Moreover, these islands are all large islands with a radius of several thousand miles.

For a battleship, for a large island, who wouldn’t want to do such a business?

No matter how valuable the battleship is, it is nothing more than a dead thing.

Battleship itself does not generate profits.

Once an island is occupied, it is completely different.

Soon, Monster Race’s transport ship will emigrate widely.

In this way, every island can be continuously, providing them with stable wealth.

So let alone a battleship, change to an island.

Even if ten ships are replaced, it will definitely be a profit!

So, the third year of Zhu Hengyu’s retreat…

Although Monster Race stopped the invasion again, they were not at all scared, nor did they intend to stop the pace of solicitation.

Until now, the three Ten Great Influences of the North Sea Fleet no longer have much battleship in their hands.

The number of battleships in the Hengyu Kingdom is also increasing.

If you can’t do it quickly, one is not careful, but if One Doesn’t Cut The Grass At Its Roots, Then The Spring Breeze Will Blow And Give Life To It Once More.

In order to destroy the Demon Sheep Race as soon as possible, to stabilize the victory in his hand.

Monster Race Three Ten Great Influences After some consultations, it was decided to introduce more consortiums and forces to work together to strive to completely flatten the entire Devil Race within the next ten years.

The third year of Zhu Hengyu’s retreat…

The Great Influence of Monster Race has successively joined the North Sea Fleet.

According to the old rules, each participating force must provide an entire invincible battle fleet.

Till now, three years have passed.

Because of lack of information and intelligence, the Demon Sheep can’t know how many Monster Race forces have joined the battle.

What you can know now, what you can observe…

In the Sea Territory of Monster Race, more than 10,000 battleships have been gathered.

Also, with the ebbing of time, there are a large number of battleships that are continuously flowing in.

All the people of the Devil’s Clan know.

Monster Race has lost all its patience and wants to make a difference!

Ten thousands of battle armored ships are lined up, and the situation of the war has been severe to the extreme.

If there is no miracle, the demise of the Demon Sheep Race can already count down…

Although, in the past, the three thousand battleships of the Monster Race, they could still withstand the thousand battleships of the Devil Race.

Now the Monster Race has 10,000 battleships, and the Devil Sheep race has 3,000 battleships, the gap between them is still three times,

But now I can’t stand it anyway.

Because the number of battleship reaches a certain level, it will cause qualitative change due to quantitative change.

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