Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4315


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After the number of battleships exceeds 10,000, it is already a collapsed fleet.

The biggest feature of the collapsed fleet is not just the number of battleships.

Instead, at least one hundred battlefields can be opened at the same time.

On each battlefield, there is an invincible fleet with hundreds of battleships.

If you want to fight, the Hengyu Fleet must also divide troops.

Moreover, they should be synchronized and divided into one hundred teams!

If three thousand battleships are scattered on one hundred battlefields, there are only thirty battleships per battlefield.

Thirty to one hundred, this is too difficult.

In actual combat, it will continue to be subdivided.

An invincible fleet consisting of one hundred battleships can also be divided into ten teams of ten battleships per team.

On the Hengyu Fleet side, only three battleships can be separated.

How can we win in a ten-on-three match?

Zhu Hengyu is now the king of the Hengyu Kingdom.

After all, his elite and talents are limited.

In contrast, Monster Race is completely different.

They own the entire Monster Race to provide them with talent.

When the battlefield is refined to ten to three.

Monster Race can still guarantee that every ten battleships can be paired with a magic master and ten magic generals!

The Hengyu Fleet, however, cannot even guarantee a magic general.

Three thousand battleships require 30,000,000 naval soldiers.

The population of Hengyu Kingdom is only 30,000,000 in total.

Don’t talk about Mo Shuai, there aren’t even many of them.

This is just the gap between generals.

When it comes to soldiers, the gap is even greater.

Monster Race Navy soldiers, the average cultivation base is about fifty battles.

In contrast, the average soldier base of the Hengyu Kingdom is only about 30 segments.

A gap of twenty steps is enough to form a crush.

Monster Race’s only advantage is the monster race battleship after transformation.

The speed and defense are far superior to the Monster Race battleship.

apart from this, there is no advantage at all.

A group of more than thirty soldiers of the Devil Body who want to defeat more than fifty bodies, three times as many enemies.

This is simply a fantasy story!

Facing Sun Meiren’s story, Zhu Hengyu’s brows grew tighter.

For a long time, Sun Meiren finally talked about the development of the Hengyu Kingdom and the situation facing him in the past three years.

All in all…

With the passage of three years, Monster Race has gathered tens of thousands of battleships to overwhelm the Demon Islands.

Trying to sweep the entire Demon Sheep completely in one fell swoop.

Moreover, 10,000 battleships are not the limit.

Every day passes, there are a large number of battleships, which are constantly coming over.

Zhu Hengyu said: “How do we deal with the kingdom of Hengyu, we will not do nothing!”

“How could it not be done, in fact… we have been working hard to cope.”

Sun Meiren walked to the wall next to him and pointed to the chart hanging on the wall, explaining patiently.

In the past year, between Monster Race and the Kingdom of Hengyu, not at all went to war.

Both sides are doing pre-war preparations.

In order to cope with the upcoming ultimate war, Monster Race gathers forces madly and keeps going forward.

The Hengyu Kingdom is not idle.

Over the past year…

The three thousand Legion of the Hengyu Kingdom have grown up completely after three years of fighting tempering.

Each Legion has its own battleship.

The battleships they owned, although captured from Monster Race, were later sent to major shipyards to replace the alloy armor and load-bearing components.

As a result, the speed and defensive power of battleship can be doubled.

In terms of navy strength comparison.

The navy of the Hengyu Kingdom has absolute advantages in speed and defense.

If this is not the case, simply do not need to fight.

Since the past year…

Because Legion has outstanding achievements, Sun Meiren replaced Zhu Hengyu and issued massive bonuses in accordance with the rules established by Zhu Hengyu.

Three thousand of the islands in the Hengyu Kingdom have been sealed up.

Ranking according to their respective military merits.

If the military is high, you can choose one of the islands in the Hengyu Kingdom as a resident.

Everything on this island is under the jurisdiction of the other party.

Although the ownership of these islands has always been personally owned by Zhu Hengyu, the use rights have been transferred to Legion.

Moreover, all income on the island belongs to all Legion.

The only thing that needs to be turned in is tax!

According to the rules listed by Zhu Hengyu…

30% of the income on the island, as a tax, needs to be handed over to Zhu Hengyu for overall planning and arrangement.

30% of the income on the island is used as Legion’s expenses to maintain Legion’s development.

30% of the income on the island is used as construction funds to build cities, develop industry, agriculture, animal husbandry…

The last 10% of the income will be used as a bonus to reward those soldiers who perform well in battle.

Legion was overjoyed by Zhu Hengyu’s distribution.

After they have their own residence, they can develop themselves.

According to the rules set by Zhu Hengyu.

Each island is a country in a country.

Legion has absolute rights to the development of the island.

Even Zhu Hengyu has no right to interfere in the development options and development models of each island.

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