Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4316


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More than three thousand battleships are not enough, so we directly borrowed more than six thousand cargo ships and passenger ships from the Demon Clan to help transport them.

On the other side of the Demon Ox Clan, in order to make the Hengyu Kingdom grow stronger, it is also responsive, without any delay.

The Demon Cows are really scared now!

Monster Race has tens of thousands of battleships placed there. If the Kingdom of Hengyu can’t stop it, they can directly rush into the realm of the Demon Cow Race.

If there are tens of thousands of Monster Race battleships, a swarm of bees rush into the territory of the Demon Bull Race, but the Devil Bull Race not at all battleships they can fight.

Just a little thought, you can judge the result.

Magic Sheep, how much can it fight against Monster Race?

However, in exchange for the Devil Ox Clan, in addition to being encircled and annihilated one after another, it is really impossible to think of other possibilities.

Although Monster Race’s loss must be incomparable gigantic in the process of encirclement and suppression, Monster Race is not afraid of sacrifice and consumption.

Although the top level of Monster Race will not admit it, in fact, the biggest reason for Monster Race to fight on all sides is to consume the overpopulated Monster Race population through war to maintain the healthy development of Monster Race.

Therefore, you can kill more soldiers in battle. For Monster Race, although can’t be considered a good thing, it is definitely not too bad.

Monster Race will not deliberately send Monster Race soldiers to death, but will never care too much about the life and death of Monster Race soldiers.

Anyway, Monster Race has countless huge reserves Legion, they don’t care.

Despite the vast territory and abundant resources of the Devil Cow Clan, there are many people, but with the power of the Trifling Clan, they want to fight against Monster Race. That’s too much.

Monster Race’s population is ten million times that of the Demon Bull Tribe…

The tens of millions here is not an exaggeration.

Monster Race alone has more than 3,000 Battle Clan.

More than three thousand Battle Clan, just take out one, and the population is not less than the Devil Clan.

As for the big clan, there is just one, and its population is dozens of times that of the demon clan!

In the absence of sea power, the demon clan simply is not an opponent of Monster Race.

Once the Demon Sheep Clan is overthrown, the Demon Ox Clan will not last long.

Therefore, in order to keep the Hengyu Kingdom as a single seedling, the Demon Cow Clan is really responsive.

More than 3,000 war swords of the Hengyu Fleet, plus 5,000-6,000 ships and passenger ships temporarily borrowed by the Devil Clan.

In just one year between the transportation of tens of thousands of ships, the population of the Kingdom of Hengyu has increased by more than 300 million!

But on average, on every island of three thousand Legion, there are only one thousand people.

All the thousand thousand people are elites from various industries of the Moyang clan.

But at the moment, they are just the most common members on the 3,000 islands.

They may not be good at fighting, but they are absolutely good at it.

It is worth mentioning that…

The newly recruited 300 million elites are not officially citizens of the Hengyu Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Hengyu, not just who, can enter.

The people of Hengyu Kingdom are still only 30,000,000.

In the past three years, many people have died in battle.

But fortunately, the three thousand Legion will recruit soldiers to fill the gap.

From beginning to end, Hengyu Kingdom has only 30,000,000 people.

Zhu Hengyu is only responsible for the welfare and treatment of these 30,000,000 people.

As for the personnel recruited by themselves, they belong to them.

Zhu Hengyu can’t control that many, and doesn’t want to.

From now on, the population of the Hengyu Kingdom has approached the 1 billion mark.

The population of more than 300 million is the family of the 30 million soldiers of the Hengyu Fleet.

An additional 300 million people are newly recruited.

As for the final population of more than 100 million people, they are the indigenous people of the Sanyang Islands.

Although these people live in the Hengyu Kingdom, they are not all the people of the Hengyu Kingdom.

They only took care of Zhu Hengyu’s wings, the demon sheep people.

Zhu Hengyu built only a kingdom, and he is only a Demon King.

He has no way to take care of everyone.

Since they are not the people of the Hengyu Kingdom, Zhu Hengyu naturally does not need to care about their perception.

Even if you have any comments, Zhu Hengyu doesn’t need to bother to listen.

After all, you are not the people of our kingdom, why should I care about your thoughts and opinions?

If you think this is not good, then you can just leave.

The opposite is…

Since you stay here, you must abide by the rules and regulations here.

Abide by the rules here.

Otherwise, you can go back as you come.

Listening to Sun Meiren’s report, Zhu Hengyu forced nodded.

Zhu Hengyu is very satisfied with Sun Meiren’s handling.

Will other people forget that he doesn’t know, but Zhu Hengyu will never forget that those demon sheep people impeached him and drove him to the throne.

Demon Sovereign is amazing?

Zhu Hengyu is really not rare.

He will be Demon King from now on.

Hengyu Great Demon King is Zhu Hengyu.

As for Demon Sovereign!

If he is interested, he can divide some meritorious officials and call them Demon Sovereign.

Anyway, according to Demon Race’s rules, this is not allowed.

And what if it’s not allowed?

During meditation, Sun Meiren said again: “In addition, in addition to the 300 million industry elites, the three thousand Legion also selected three hundred million reserve soldiers from the three thousand islands!”


Reserve soldiers?

After hearing Sun Meiren’s words, Zhu Hengyu’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Yes, those guys are really too greedy, and no one wants to let go.”

In addition to elites from all walks of life, they recruited the young talents of the potential and talented Demon Sheep to form the Legion’s reserve army.

A total of 300 million Legion reserves is enough to ensure that three thousand Legion can continue long-term and lasting battles.

Even if there is damage in the battle, it can be quickly replenished without being stretched.

Zhu Hengyu said: “I’ll just say, how can tens of thousands of ships only transport such a few people in a whole year.”

Ten thousands of ships can be transported back to a population of 100~200 million in only one round trip.

With so many ships, at least three or four round trips can be made for a whole year. How could it be possible to transport only 300 million people?

Moreover, what makes Zhu Hengyu speechless is the most.

The Moyang Clan now has a population of about 3.5 billion people.

Of these three 1.5 billion people, 1.2 billion are already living in the Kingdom of Hengyu.

Although the Hengyu Kingdom does not consider them as people, there is no doubt that they will all live for a long time, even permanently settle in the Hengyu Kingdom.

Silent for a while…

Zhu Hengyu said: “Strategicly, how are you going to deal with the upcoming invasion of Monster Race?”

“For the time being, we can’t think of much, we can only take one step and see one step…”

Sun Meiren continued: “However, on Legion’s side, a combat proposal was submitted to clear the population on the frontline islands, clear the walls, and use space for time…”

There is no doubt that this is the most brilliant strategy and tactics that can be produced now.

Monster Race has gathered tens of thousands of battleships and hundreds of millions of soldiers, but it also consumes a lot of people.

Originally, Monster Race was the idea of ​​fighting for battle.

Each time you capture an island, you can obtain massive resources from the island to supplement consumption.

But if you follow this strategy and come to a clear wall, everything will be completely different.

Even if the island is captured, Monster Race will not get any supplies.

As a result, the daily consumption of Monster Race is an astronomical figure, but it cannot be supplied in time.

As long as you can persist for a period of time, Monster Race may collapse without a fight.

Sun Meiren said distressedly: “The problem now is that we can’t support it simply, and we can’t stick to the moment when Monster Race’s supplies are exhausted!”

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