Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4317


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Listening to Sun Meiren’s words, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but gaze slightly.

It is true that in the eyes of others, Monster Race is so powerful that it is unbeatable.

But Zhu Hengyu is no longer the past Zhu Hengyu.

After obtaining the treasure in the Imperial Family Treasury, Zhu Hengyu has the ability to confront the Navy of Monster Race.

Originally, Zhu Hengyu has not been so confident and so confident.

However, three years ago, when Zhu Hengyu entered the closed state, he would obtain medicine pill from the Imperial Family treasure trove, all of which was distributed to 3,600 name Tianmo Guard.

Now, the 3,600 name Tianmo Guard should have accumulated hundreds of millions of medicine pills through the Devil Clan, and raised the Devil Body segment to more than 80 segments.

Especially the six hundred demon wolf shooters, if nothing unexpected, their Devil Body segment should be the same as Zhu Hengyu’s, reaching or close to the ninety segment.

Separate 600 demon wolf shooters from the Demon Guard.

Among them, three thousand name Tianmo Guard, respectively stationed in the three thousand battleships of the Hengyu Fleet.

As a result, the three thousand battleships of the Hengyu Fleet all possessed a super magic cannon.

With the advantage of speed, with the help of the formidable power of the enchanted cannon, it can completely deal with the Monster Race navy.

As for the 600 demon wolf shooters that were stripped, 36 black gold battleships were assigned.

As a result, the navy of the Hengyu Kingdom is completely formed.

Zhu Hengyu stood up and said with confidence: “Well, I won’t interfere with anything here. The devil’s business is everyone’s business. Everyone must take responsibility.”

En En En…

After hearing Zhu Hengyu’s words, Sun Meiren looked at Zhu Hengyu with admiration and exclaimed: “Your original decision was really correct.”

The reason why Sun Meiren is so admired and so admired is really not without reason.

When the Kingdom of Hengyu was first established, Zhu Hengyu completely devolved all rights.

Regarding Zhu Hengyu’s original approach, Sun Meiren could not understand it anyway, and it was even unacceptable.

All rights have been released. Although Zhu Hengyu himself holds the supreme rights, the daily overwhelming majority rights have all been lost.

From a certain angle, Zhu Hengyu can only control from a macro perspective.

Regarding everything, Zhu Hengyu is basically unable to intervene.

For example, the appointment of personnel in each Legion, the selection and elimination of various positions.

Then go to specific fund transfer, fund allocation, and authority scope.

Legion is responsible for everything.

As a result, there are three thousand construction and development models for the three thousand Legion.

Every Legion is different.

Each Legion has its own set.

All in all!

As the sovereign of the Kingdom of Hengyu, Zhu Hengyu has absolute rights.

If he wants, there is nothing he can’t control.

But after the rights were dispersed to three thousand Legion, Zhu Hengyu was not suitable for management.

Zhu Hengyu and the 3,000 Legion are vertically managed.

Three thousand Legion, only responsible for Zhu Hengyu.

Except Zhu Hengyu, no one, no organization, can control the things inside these three thousand Legion.

It can be said that under Zhu Hengyu, the Corps Head of 3,000 Legion is the biggest!

Three thousand Legion, just like three thousand little kingdoms, has completely achieved autonomy.

As a result, Zhu Hengyu simply couldn’t get started.

After all, whose army is this?

In the face of Sun Meiren’s concerns, Zhu Hengyu didn’t take it seriously.

The so-called Hengyu Kingdom was established purely to save the Demon Sheep Clan.

After successfully saving the Demon Sheep Clan, they will do whatever they like, whatever they like.

Even if the Kingdom of Hengyu collapsed, and all split up and in pieces, Zhu Hengyu would never care.

After all, Zhu Hengyu aspired to go to the core of the collapsed battlefield, to prove the way of collapse, and was promoted to Primal Chaos Battle Body.

Since I knew early that I would leave, it was difficult to hold the Hengyu Kingdom for a long time.

So why not let everyone learn to stand up earlier?

And the old saying is good, one person counts short, two people count long.

Under Zhu Hengyu, there are not many talents available.

If everything has to be considered by Zhu Hengyu, to weigh and make decisions.

Not to mention whether he can do it well, the key is that he does not have this time and energy.

Zhu Hengyu is not Divine Immortal. How can everything be done properly?

Zhu Hengyu is not really good at things.

The overwhelming majority that everyone encounters in daily life is not understood by Zhu Hengyu.

Therefore, no matter from what angle, Zhu Hengyu must be decentralized.

The earlier decentralization, the more beneficial it is to the development of the Moyang clan.

This is especially true now. If Zhu Hengyu never took power from beginning to end, that would be extremely advantageous!

Zhu Hengyu’s requirements are not high.

As long as everyone’s heart is thinking and working hard, there are no taboos.

Zhu Hengyu is not worried about everyone’s second intentions.

If you don’t beat Monster Race, everyone will die.

Monster Race is a common enemy of the Demon Sheep Race, which cannot be changed.

As for whether someone will command the army and flee without fighting, go to other branches of Demon Race to avoid war.

At this point, there is no need to worry anymore.

The more than 3,000 people who did this last time have all become skulls of curse, suffering from eternal pain.

Although Zhu Hengyu didn’t do it deliberately in this matter, only Zhu Hengyu knew this kind of thing.

Now, within the Moyang clan, a consensus has been reached.

All of this should be within Zhu Hengyu’s plot against.

According to the more than three thousand magic masters and more than three hundred Demon Kings, Zhu Hengyu’s plot against them came to an end today.

Even, even Sun Meiren thinks so.

At the very least, Sun Meiren knew that Zhu Hengyu did not really want to open the Imperial Family treasure house.

Moreover, whoever put the fire in Yangxin City into the air, Sun Meiren did not know.

At least half of the probability is that under the command of Zhu Hengyu, the team under the ambush of Zhu Hengyu started to light it.

Even Zhu Hengyu’s closest intimate person is so dazed, not to mention others.

Even, even Zhu Hengyu himself did not know whether the teams he arranged had get involved.

In short, Zhu Hengyu did indeed personally tell them to destroy the Pagoda nodules at the 81st hour.

Who knows how they destroyed?

This matter, Zhu Hengyu can’t ask anyway.

Zhu Hengyu has issued a password.

No one, including Zhu Hengyu, is allowed to mention this matter on any occasion.

The reason for this is that Zhu Hengyu was not sure if anyone who was himself was involved.

Even if most people do not participate, but who can guarantee that there are not a few radicals involved in the destruction?

Although Zhu Hengyu retired for a long time, he didn’t even show his face.

Distance produces beauty and mysteriousness.

Because there is not much contact with everyone, everyone instinctively fears Zhu Hengyu.

This fear is not without cause.

As a trifling demon handsome, Zhu Hengyu actually fought against more than three thousand demon handsomes and more than three hundred Demon Kings.

Yes, you are the one who lives!

From now on, the magic masters, as well as Demon King, are so miserable that they can’t be added.

Because Eternal Undying’s resentment skeleton, forever, will suffer from the resentment and never want to be relieved.

Although Zhu Hengyu did not intervene in the 3,000 Legion thing, Zhu Hengyu’s words were thrown there in advance.

Usually, everyone loves to do what, and Zhu Hengyu will never intervene.

But once Zhu Hengyu spoke!

So, even if you are to die, you must go without the slightest hesitation!

Otherwise, do you really think death is the most miserable end?

If you really think so, then look at the three thousand cursed skulls.

They will let you know clearly what a miserable extreme is!

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