Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4318


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Although Zhu Hengyu has never appeared in the past three years, Zhu Hengyu’s image in everyone’s mind has grown taller and stronger.

A person who stays with you every day and gets along day and night knows each other so well that there is nothing to fear.

Only those aloof and remote that are completely out of touch but can determine your rise and fall, success or failure, and even the existence of life and death are truly awe-inspiring and even terrifying!


The current Zhu Hengyu is a great Demon King that can make everyone have nightmares, not just in name only, but also in reality!

This is the case…

What really scares people are those that are unfamiliar and even unknown.

Counting the existence of other people who are extremely frightened, most of them are actually illusory, and even the existence or not can not be determined.

Most people, even Sun Meiren and Zhu Hengyu, are actually confused now.

A lot of things are guided by the situation and taken advantage of the situation. It is not that Zhu Hengyu deliberately planned to make plans that led to this result.

However, what can be confirmed is…

Zhu Hengyu pushed those magical masters and Demon King to have such a tragic ending.

If it was not for Zhu Hengyu to prove his innocence and to prove that he was not a liar, he voluntarily accepted the test of the Altar of Curse.

I am afraid that the people of the Demon Sheep Clan simply can’t think of it, they can use the Altar of Curse to punish those who judge the clan.

If everything is judged by the result.

So in the whole process, from the moment Zhu Hengyu took over the Demon Sovereign throne.

The more than three thousand magic masters and more than three thousand Demon Kings have already fallen into Zhu Hengyu’s trap.

Then everything that happened along the way seemed like a conspiracy.

It is a Zhu Hengyu cut weeds and eliminate the roots, completely control the plot of the Demon Sheep Race!

Now, within the Demon Sheep Clan, there is no one who can compete with Zhu Hengyu’s identity and status.

Even Lu Zimei who returned to the Devil Sheep clan is more likely to be guilty and afraid to be targeted by Zhu Hengyu, and ran back to do guilty deeds…

Although Lu Zimei has been confirmed, he did not participate in this incident.

But under Zhu Hengyu’s series of means.

Unless Zhu Hengyu is willing to forgive her, she is impossible once again in control of the power of the Demon Sheep.

Her rank and status are always impossible restored.

Although Zhu Hengyu disappeared, it was exactly three years.

But for Zhu Hengyu, no one dares to say half a word.

Even, even Zhu Hengyu’s name has become a taboo and is inexpressible.

Even the stupid people of the Moyang tribe have already came back to his senses.

Cannot doubt Zhu Hengyu anymore!

Zhu Hengyu is really the last life-saving straw.

Really overthrow Zhu Hengyu, do you have to rely on those clowns to save the Demon Sheep Clan?

Zhu Hengyu has proved it with facts. He has never told a lie and has never deceived everyone.

And he also proved with facts that he can defeat the Monster Race navy, he can save and shelter the people of the Devil Race…

The so-called facts speak louder than words, and if you still have to question him.

Once Zhu Hengyu is really discouraged, he can’t shake his hands.

Then there is no need to doubt that the entire Demon Sheep Race will be completely destroyed in a short time.

No one except Zhu Hengyu can save them!

At this moment, within the entire Hengyu Kingdom, let alone question Zhu Hengyu.

Even, even calling Zhu Hengyu’s name directly is an opportunity.

Even if you don’t avoid it, you must mention Zhu Hengyu’s name, then you must respect the sky with a cup of one fist in the other hand, and you must speak with respect and respect.

After listening to Sun Meiren’s return, Zhu Hengyu held the Hengyu Kingdom for the first time.

Three thousand Legion, each Legion must send a head, and two deputy heads, to participate in the meeting.

In the entire Hengyu Kingdom, among the three thousand Legion, nine thousand people participated in the first dynasty meeting of the Hengyu Kingdom.

After receiving Zhu Hengyu’s order, the three thousand Legion did not dare to neglect.

The heads of the regiments, as well as the deputy heads, immediately drove towards the demon sheep sword sect, which is now the royal palace of the Hengyu Kingdom…

At this moment, the three thousand Legion of the Kingdom of Hengyu are scattered everywhere.

Constantly recruit troops and collect horses.

In short, what they want to do is their own business.

No matter what they do, it is just their own decision, and has nothing to do with Zhu Hengyu.

What these three thousand Legion want to do, there is no need to report to Zhu Hengyu.

Neither Sun Meiren nor Zhu Hengyu, they only have the right to stop.

It is not actually about participating in the specific things of Legion.

Unless Sun Meiren or Zhu Hengyu give orders to stop them from doing what they are doing.

Otherwise, they can be unscrupulous, act wilfully!

Even if there is a pirate flag and looting, there is absolutely no problem.

In fact, among the three thousand Legion, there are more than three hundred Legion, which is also the pirate Legion!

They hung pirate flags and looted!

The robbed targets are the mine pits on the islands and resource areas within the range of the Demon Sheep Race.

For them, looting is the cheapest deal.

The elites of the Demon Sheep Race have basically been emptied by 3,000 Legion and drained.

Therefore, the pirate battleship is overwhelming, simply without any resistance.

Of course, if there are looting, there will naturally be peace of mind.

More than a thousand Legions are stationed on each island, occupying mines and resource areas.

Later, the miners of the Devil Ox Clan were hired at high prices for full-scale mining.

All in all, as long as you don’t kill the people of the Moyang clan, they will basically not be prevented.

The demise of the Demon Sheep is imminent!

As long as they do, it is indeed to fight against Monster Race, it is really to enhance the strength and power of the Kingdom of Hengyu!

So, everything is allowed.

Zhu Hengyu himself does not directly manage the Hengyu Kingdom.

In fact, he just put a name on it.

After the establishment of the Hengyu Kingdom, Zhu Hengyu basically did nothing but formulate a series of rules and regulations.

And once closed, it will be three years.

The entire Hengyu Kingdom is basically in the hands of Sun Meiren.

And Sun Meiren itself is actually a beautiful little tailor.

She simply does not have enough experience and experience to govern and control the entire Hengyu Kingdom.

And to be honest, Sun Meiren itself does not at all have talent and talent in this respect.

To say that mastering fashion trends and cutting out the most beautiful clothes, Sun Meiren is indeed talented.

Even, Sun Meiren’s talent in this area is likely to be historical.

But in other respects, Sun Meiren is actually just a beautiful, ordinary little woman that’s all.

In the past three years, unless someone sued in front of her.

Otherwise, Sun Meiren simply ignores the outside disturbance.

It’s not that Sun Meiren is not kind enough, but she simply doesn’t know what happened outside.

I’m too lazy to know what happened outside.

Three thousand Legion, with hundreds of written documents submitted every day!

Three thousand Legion, with more than 300,000 reports and applications submitted in one day!

No matter how powerful Sun Meiren is, impossible will review so many reports and applications?

Moreover, Sun Meiren has his own hobbies.

Sun Meiren’s biggest hobby is designing and making exceptionally gorgeous costumes.

As for revising the chapter, approving the application, and making rulings, it is really not what Sun Meiren likes, nor is she something she is good at.

It is a funny thing to let a little tailor who has no relevant experience and experience to control a kingdom.

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