Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4319


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At the time, Zhu Hengyu did not intend to delegate everything to Sun Meiren.

When the retreat began, Zhu Hengyu only planned to retreat for a few days.

When Zhu Hengyu wanted to come, it could be as short as three days or as long as one week, and the refining was definitely over.

But I never thought that this retreat would take three years.

Sun Meiren’s lazy politics was changed at other times, or in other kingdoms, and it’s definitely a major event.

But the Kingdom of Hengyu is different!

With the Great Demon King Zhu Hengyu suppressing, no one dares to make trouble.

The development of the Kingdom of Hengyu is almost rapid progress.

Although Sun Meiren is lazy, it is precisely because of this that the development of 3,000 Legion can be said to be unscrupulous.

Basically, no matter what application is submitted, it will be approved immediately.

Even the more than three hundred pirate regiments applied for and approved on the same day.

Even, some Legion have applied to attack the Devil Sheep Island and collect the wealth of the Devil Sheep people on the island.

To put it simply, it is to snatch the assets of the people of the Devil’s Clan.

In the face of such an application, 3,000 Legion did not think that Sun Meiren would approve.

But in fact, the application was approved the same day.

In the face of such approval, all Legion’s bosses were stunned.

Shocked, everyone had to ask.

As a result, I found out that Sun Meiren simply didn’t read those chapters.

Arrange her maid directly to replace her with the seal of Hengyu.

There are three girls in Sun Meiren.

Every day, you must hold a big seal and stamp more than 30,000 performances and reports.

No one cares what is written in the chapter.

No one cares about the content of the chapter, how crazy, how shocking!

After learning the news, all Legion Corps Heads were happy and broken.

If it is approved, everyone’s protest has already received Sun Meiren’s support.

If it is not approved, Sun Meiren also approved the application for the looting of the demons.

In desperation, the Corps Head of the Three Thousand Legion had no choice but to rush to the Demon Sword Sect and to express their affection to Sun Meiren.

Sun Meiren was also helpless. She could only put down half of her beautiful clothes already in her busy schedule and hurried to host the meeting.

Looking at the Three Thousand Corps Head below, where there is a lot of noise, Sun Meiren simply does not know what they are arguing about.

From Sun Meiren’s point of view, looting those civilians is indeed inappropriate.

However, the Demon Sheep Clan is about to perish. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen themselves as much as possible.

Looting civilians, although it sounds appalling, but as long as you can really grow the Kingdom of Hengyu, you can do it!

Why would anyone object?

Some people may think that doing it too inhuman is just like livestock!

However, if the Kingdom of Hengyu does not go to get it, once the Monster Race army arrives, they will not be polite.

Not only will kill all the people of the light demon sheep clan, but also plunder all the wealth.

Therefore, when Sun Meiren wanted to come, these fortunes fell into the hands of Monster Race and became Monster Race’s military assets.

It might as well grab them all and use them to develop the Hengyu Kingdom.

Anyway, it’s just robbing money, and it won’t hurt the lives of the demon sheep people.

Of course…

Although Sun Meiren thinks so, she is not so stupid to say it.

Sun Meiren is totally not good at politics.

That’s all without speaking…

Once opened, it is easy to fall into place.

Some time ago, Zhu Hengyu was impeached, expelled, and ousted from the throne…

In fact, the big reason is because of Sun Meiren’s careless words.

At that time, Sun Meiren said-What if Zhu Hengyu had the ability to save the Demon Sheep Clan?

Sun Meiren didn’t realize that, logically, when she said that, she actually assumed that Zhu Hengyu was unable to save the Demon Sheep.

Now, Sun Meiren is replacing Zhu Hengyu, sitting on the throne and presiding over the meeting.

All her words and deeds represent Zhu Hengyu’s will.

An accident, she said something wrong, did something wrong, and made a decision.

That should be written on Zhu Hengyu’s head, which is considered Zhu Hengyu’s idea.

So, listening to the following clamoring, Sun Meiren thought of the easiest and simplest way to raise his hand to vote…

Three thousand Corps Head, as long as there are more than 1,500 heads of consent, it will be passed.

If there are more than 1,500 heads of vetoes, it will be rejected.

By raising your hand to vote…

More than 2,300 Corps Head voted against it.

The remaining six hundred Corps Heads voted for support.

Obviously, more than 60% objected!

As a result, the application for looting civilians was completely rejected.

Also, all similar reports in the future are not allowed to be submitted.

Since it has been rejected, you can’t take everyone’s time and energy.

After this dynasty meeting, the Legion of the Hengyu Kingdom began the development of advanced by leaps and bounds.

Through this meeting, all Legion have realized.

Zhu Hengyu really decentralized and let them develop at will.

Unless what they did, it was indeed too exaggerated, which caused strong opposition from other Legion.

Otherwise, actually submitting reports and applications is just a ceremony.

Sun Meiren looked at will not, and immediately passed the stamp.

As a result, the development of the major Legion has entered the fast lane.

In order to accumulate enough talents, money, and materials.

Three thousand Legion tried almost everything, and used all means.

Of course, although Sun Meiren will not intervene in the specific things of Legion.

But it would be wrong to say that Sun Meiren did nothing.

The existence of Sun Meiren is definitely not optional.

In the past three years, Sun Meiren has done a lot of things.

To tell the truth, Zhu Hengyu is in the Kingdom of Hengyu. The reason why he has the prestige of today, the reason why he is so admired, even fearful, is credited to Sun Meiren.

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