Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4320


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For the past 5-6 years, Sun Meiren has been following Zhu Hengyu.

With Zhu Hengyu, Sun Meiren has experienced all the twists and turns.

Thus, although Sun Meiren doesn’t care about the development of the Three Thousand Legion, he can ignore everything and tolerate everything, but he can’t tolerate someone to say bad things about Zhu Hengyu.

For whatever reason!

Even if she just raised a question to Zhu Hengyu, she would instantly anger Sun Meiren and make her into a state of anger.

No matter what the three thousand Legion did, what a big mistake they made.

Sun Meiren is tolerable.

At most, they are ordered to make corrections, and no punishment will be made.

However, once Sun Meiren knew it, someone said Zhu Hengyu’s bad words secretly.

Or, question Zhu Hengyu in public!

So, as long as everything is verified, Sun Meiren will never be polite.

To send out fangs directly, and to kill all those who speak bad about Zhu Hengyu and question Zhu Hengyu, kill them all!

Even the people who participated in the discussion on the spot will not let it go.

In the words of Sun Meiren…

You all person’s life was saved by Zhu Hengyu from the abyss of death.

The people of Hengyu Kingdom are not qualified to question Zhu Hengyu!

As for people outside the Hengyu Kingdom, since you dare to say bad things about Zhu Hengyu, question Zhu Hengyu’s decision.

The other is already an enemy.

when treating the enemy, do we still need kindness?

For Sun Meiren, as long as you said Zhu Hengyu’s bad words, he questioned Zhu Hengyu’s decision.

That is in this world, the most abominable person, must be killed soon!

In any case, within the territory of Hengyu Kingdom, Sun Meiren doesn’t want to hear any criticism of Zhu Hengyu!

If you feel that the Kingdom of Hengyu is bad, you can get out of it. No one asks you to come.

But now that you’re here, you have to be careful.

Whether Zhu Hengyu is right or wrong, it is their turn to evaluate.

Everyone in the territory of the Kingdom of Hengyu is under the wings of Zhu Hengyu and wants Zhu Hengyu to protect and save the existence.

You can’t eat people’s food and drink people’s food while still being protected.

On the other side, he kept cursing, blaming, and questioning others.

Being a man, don’t overdo it.

Therefore, Sun Meiren made a mandatory rule.

She doesn’t care about things outside the Hengyu Kingdom, and she doesn’t want to.

But within the Kingdom of Hengyu, if anyone dares to question and say bad things about Zhu Hengyu, it is a great sin!

Not only question Zhu Hengyu, but those who speak badly about Zhu Hengyu, they want to link up with the Nine.

Everyone, even everyone present, will be implicated.

All the participants, although not connected to the Nine, are absolutely powerless to defend himself.

Under the strangulation of the Avatar of the Ninth Fangtooth, it is absolutely mortal.

Sun Meiren did this because she was bitten by a snake, and she was afraid of the rope for ten years!

In the past few years…

Sun Meiren has been with Zhu Hengyu’s side very much.

Because of the conspiracy of the conspirators, the Imperial Family Treasury in Yangxin City failed to open.

Zhu Hengyu was ousted from the throne because of those ambitious fandom and lost all his rights.

In Sun Meiren’s heart, all those who spoke bad about Zhu Hengyu and questioned Zhu Hengyu were not well-meaning.

Once everyone is allowed, in secret, Zhu Hengyu keeps saying bad things about him.

Who can guarantee that the Kingdom of Hengyu will not collapse and collapse?

Once the Kingdom of Hengyu collapsed!

So, the entire Demon Sheep Race will be signed to eternal damnation!

Even, it will involve the entire Devil Clan and be buried for the Demon Sheep.

Therefore, although Sun Meiren’s actions are suspected of being overkill, it is never an exaggeration to be cautious in such a dangerous situation.

Although in three years, Sun Meiren is a killer!

But in fact, all her actions are fully supported by everyone!

This kind of support is not false, but heartfelt, sincere support.

The reason why the Demon Sheep tribe has reached the present state.

The culprit is actually the ambitious who tricks people, confuses the people, and stirs up trouble.

If it weren’t for them, the Devil Clan would never be where they are today.

If everyone can really support Zhu Hengyu 100%.

So, the Demon Sheep simply does not fall into today’s end.

The more than three thousand Demon Kings and more than three hundred Demon Kings of the Demon Sheep’s army, if they did not abandon the people of the Demon Sheep, they fled without a fight.

Instead, organize the army of Demon Sheep to fight the Monster Race Navy.

So, from now on, the question to consider is not how to save the Demon Sheep.

How is it necessary to completely drive Monster Race out of the sea!

What should be considered is how to revitalize the Demon Race and how to revive the glory of Demon Race!

Unfortunately, the group of Demon Kings and Demon King are too bad.

That’s all if you can’t save yourself.

Other people stand up to rescue, they must try their best to stop.

Their motivation is simple…

Since they can’t save it, no one else can save it!

They don’t want to be too incompetent.

As for the life and death of the demon sheep people, that is not what they need to care about.

In any case, the Ningken Demon Sheep are extinct, and they don’t want to be nailed to the column of shame, they don’t want to be stinky for years!

Under the confusion and fandom of those guys.

The people of Moyang Clan have made big mistakes in a row, so that the Demon Sheep Clan has fallen into the present situation.

The more than three thousand demon commanders and more than three hundred Demon Kings of the Demon Sheep’s military headquarters are almost dead.

However, many of their members are still alive.

No one knows how much hatred Zhu Hengyu has in the territory of the current Hengyu Kingdom to prevent Zhu Hengyu from saving the existence of the Moyang Clan.

No one knows how much deep hatred is lurking in the Kingdom of Hengyu. He is determined to find Zhu Hengyu’s revenge.

Don’t talk to them about national justice.

In their hearts, only selfish and selfish hatred.

Therefore, Sun Meiren’s actions are definitely not overkill.

The Demon Sheep can no longer stand any twists and turns.

Once the Kingdom of Hengyu collapsed and disintegrated under the confusion and fandom of those ambitious and conspirators.

Then everyone will die without a burial site!

For this reason, Sun Meiren issued a notice to all residents in the territory of the Kingdom of Hengyu!

And, this announcement will become the permanent announcement of the Hengyu Kingdom, and will not be withdrawn forever.

On the notice, Sun Meiren’s wording is extremely inconclusive.

There are many words in the announcement, but there is only one meaning.

Before confirming that Zhu Hengyu deceived everyone, he rejected all doubts and accusations.

Private doubts and accusations in private will be seen as secretly bewitching and fanning.

People who actively report will be exempted from guilt.

All other participants are executed!

As for privately, those who actively questioned and accused Zhu Hengyu of Zhu Nianzu!

In any case, in the kingdom of Hengyu, conspirators and ambitious have absolutely no living ground.

That’s all if you don’t find it…

Once discovered, it will be pulled up by the roots!

Although you will definitely kill innocently and kill many innocent people by mistake, you must use heavy code in troubled times!

If you don’t want to be implicated, you don’t want to be killed unjustly, kill by mistake!

So, don’t participate in such a thing.

Even if it happens occasionally, report it in time.

As a result, you can be exempted.

If you participate and don’t report, you will definitely be regarded as an associate, execute without any mercy!

In the Kingdom of Hengyu, Zhu Hengyu’s voice will be the only voice.

At this critical moment of life and death, any doubts and accusations will be regarded as treason, execute without any mercy!

Originally, when Sun Meiren released this announcement, he was very embarrassed.

She also thought that someone would rise up against it and make trouble!

I even worry about whether the Kingdom of Hengyu will fall apart.

However, no matter what the result is!

As long as she sits in this position for a day, she will absolutely not allow anyone to question and accuse Zhu Hengyu.

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