Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4330


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Along the way, Ganning emerged victorious in every battle without losing a battle.

Even if the entire fleet of Ganing was annihilated last time, it cannot be said that she was defeated.

In that battle, Gan Ning not only failed, but won a great victory!

Under the deployment of Ganning, the seven broken ships under her command led more than 100 battleships of Monster Race into the terrifying matchless reef jungle.

The reef jungle is usually buried deep under the sea water.

Only when the tide is low and the sea level drops, will those reefs emerge above the water.

Ganing led more than 100 Monster Race battleships, seized the exact time, and entered the reef jungle.

Then, when the sea is low and the sea level is low.

The more than 100 Monster Race battleships, under the sweep of the waves, crashed into the surrounding reefs.

Over a hundred Monster Race battleships, annihilated by the whole army!

Of course, the seven broken battleships under the command of Gan Ning cannot be spared.

However, there are more than one hundred Monster Race battleships and Monster Race pawns burial.

Gan Ning definitely won this battle.

And it is definitely a big win, a big win!

In this world, no one, thing, thing, is perfect.

The same is true for Ganning.

Gan Ning’s biggest weakness is his character.

She is too kind, too obedient, and too timid.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s fierce gaze, Gan Ning was completely deterred.

The whole mind is placed on Zhu Hengyu.

Fearing that Zhu Hengyu couldn’t control her, he killed her.

Because of being too afraid, Gan Ning has forgotten everything outside him.

At this moment…

In Gan Ning subconsciously, I knew I was going to prove to Zhu Hengyu that there was nothing impossible between her and Lu Zimei

But her spirit and will were all placed on Zhu Hengyu.

Forget everything outside of me.


On the great hall of Demon Sword Sect.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s stunned gaze.

Gan Ning dismisses Luo Shan lightly and removes all her clothes.

Until the last trace of her body was removed, she finally stopped subconsciously.

Fearingly looking at Zhu Hengyu, Gan Ning subconsciously hugged his chest, and said aggrievedly: “Look… I, I am really impossible, have anything to do with her.”


Facing this scene, Zhu Hengyu was speechless and dry, completely ignorant of what to say.

Who would have thought that Gan Ning with dark skin and tattoos turned out to be a genuine girl!

Zhu Hengyu suddenly recalled that, after refining tribulation thunder, before leaving…the word from the Black Dragon-Lu Zimei was wronged!


Gan Ning stood in front of him with a bitter smile and a naked, but shocked and shy stand.

Zhu Hengyu doesn’t know yet, he really wronged Lu Zimei.

Zhu Hengyu said dryly: “She…she knows you are a girl?”

“Of course she is understood, otherwise? Do you think she…”

Half-talked, Gan Ning suddenly stopped.

Gan Ning dumbstruck looked at his body blankly, his head blank.

What’s going on, she…how is she naked!


She took it off by herself.

After all, she wants to prove to Zhu Hengyu that she is a girl.


But the problem now is that if you want to prove that you are a girl, there are many ways, you don’t have to choose this.

For example, as long as you extend the hand and let the other person check the pulse, can you tell?

Why, must take off your clothes!

Looking dull, Gan Mu usually stands silly in Gan Ning.

Zhu Hengyu helplessly said: “Okay, you can put on your clothes, I believe you are.”

Gan Ning looked at Zhu Hengyu silly.


next moment, Gan Ning screamed, and stooped to pick up the clothes on the ground. After a small step, he ran to the screen next to it and put on it…

Zhu Hengyu can be determined.

Lu Zimei was indeed wronged.

Lu Zimei, even if you can hide everyone in the world, you can only hide Zhu Hengyu.

When I first met Lu Zimei in the Xuan Bing maze.

Lu Zimei has used spiritual inspiration several times in a row, trying to read Zhu Hengyu’s voice.

If it was another person, how could Lu Zimei read it, and I could not find it simply.

Even if the opponent is the power of the Demon Sovereign environment, it is absolutely unaware.

But Zhu Hengyu is not anyone else.

In Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, there is the Soul Department Old Ancestor-Sen Luo Yin Snake!

Therefore, when Lu Zimei displayed spiritual revelation and read his voice.

Zhu Hengyu immediately felt it.

Moreover, with the help of Yin Ling’er, the specific function of Mind Reading has been determined.

Therefore, to say that Lu Zimei does not know that Ganing is a woman, it is absolutely impossible.

Even though, even at the age of Gan Ning, such a small thing as not bedwetting, I am afraid that Lu Zimei’s mind-reading technique cannot be concealed.

I want to come now…

In order to compete for the Demon Sovereign throne, the Devil Sovereign Lu Zimei must win a naval commander.

Gan Ning is obviously the best choice.

As for why I lived in a room, it was actually because Lu Zimei had seen through Gan Ning’s true identity.

Since everyone is a girl, what else needs to be avoided?

As good sisters, aren’t it good to sleep together on a bed and chat about the night?

Because there are no ghosts in my heart, Lu Zimei didn’t avoid anything.

Everyone says that hearing is false and seeing is believing.

But now it seems that even what you see is not necessarily true.

Zhu Hengyu turned his head and pointed to the screen beside him: “Okay, changed clothes, come out quickly. You can squat there, and you can’t solve the problem!”


Hearing Zhu Hengyu’s words, Ganning squatted in the corner after the screen suddenly screamed.

At this moment, Gan Ning is really faceless.

Gan Ning is really too shy about what happened just now.

In fact, she only intended to take off her coat, and she could prove everything.

After all, the body of girl is different from that of male child.

Unfortunately, all her spirits are invested in Zhu Hengyu.

To the extent that her hands seemed to have her own consciousness, she automatically helped her get rid of all restraints.

It’s too shy to want to come now.

However, Ganing has calmed down.

Continuing to hide here doesn’t help.

Sooner or later, she will go out after all.

Otherwise, how can this matter be resolved?

Shyly moved out from behind the screen, and Gan Ning walked slowly to Zhu Hengyu’s side.

Haning his head shyly, Gan Ning said weakly: “I really have nothing to do with her. I want everything to be impossible. Do you want to kill me?”

“I misunderstood you and wronged you.”

Zhu Hengyu took her face very seriously and said sincerely:

“Here, I apologize to you, I hope you can understand and forgive.”

After hearing Zhu Hengyu’s sincere apology, Ganning was suddenly relaxed.

Smiling lifts the head, looking at Zhu Hengyu who is near, Gan Ning said crisply: “In this case, I don’t have to go?”


Zhu Hengyu’s nodded without the slightest hesitation categorically said: “No need to go, definitely no need to go, in the future… you are the naval governor of the Kingdom of Hengyu!”


Ganning cheered with excitement.

Looking at the cheerful Gan Ning, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but smile.

It’s great…

Really very good…

It turns out that everything is just a misunderstanding.

Lu Zimei not at all betrayal vows.

But even so!

What about the inheritance Holy Artifact of the Demon Sheep?

It seems…

After being free, he must go to the Holy Sheep Kingdom to meet Lu Zimei.

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