Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4331


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At midnight…

It’s normal to change. The people of Shepherd City may have fallen asleep long ago.

But it is different tonight.

Hengyu Demon King, has already given orders.

Tonight, a grand fireworks celebration will be held.

And the time is set at midnight.

Thus, although the time has come in the middle of the night, the entire Sheep City, more than 30 million people, have all walked out of their homes and came to the streets.

Everyone looks up at the dark sky dome, in small groups get together, talk and laugh…

At the same time…

On the sky dome outside the Shepherd Islands.

Three thousand black shadows, spreading their wings flat, gliding silently in the night sky.

Take a closer look…

The three thousand black shadows have an eagle-headed body and wings.

The three thousand silhouettes are the three thousand demon handsomes selected by Monster Race.

At this moment, the reason why they appear here is to carry an important mission.

On the front line of Monster Race, more than 10,000 battleships have gathered.

The battle preparations have been completed. You can start the war to destroy the Devil Sheep at any time.

However, large-scale battles can never be started casually.

Before the battle started, both the enemy and the enemy were struggling to compete for time, location, and harmony!

If the weather, geographical conditions, and harmony are not on your side.

Then it is artificial, create some confusion, and look for opportunities!

The three thousand Eagle Eagle demon masters are led by more than 300 Eagle Eagle demon kings…

The taking advantage of the night’s cover arrived at Shepherd City in the middle of the night.

until now, under Ganing’s layout, there are no vulnerabilities in the Sea Territory of the Demon Sheep.

If this is the case, although it may not necessarily win the final victory, it is clear that it will take a lot of time, will sacrifice a lot of soldiers, and will damage a lot of battleship.

Therefore, after many discussions with more than 100 forces of Monster Race.

Each family must send three Monster King Realm powers and thirty monster-level experts to form a Legion!

Taking cover of taking advantage of the night, sneaked into the Shepherd City quietly and beheaded the Hengyu Kingdom.

Even if you cannot kill Zhu Hengyu, the king of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Also kill all of their seniors.

Furthermore, the people in the Sheep City should be slaughtered, and the people of the Hengyu Kingdom should be completely panicked.

Once Zhu Hengyu was beheaded…

And all the high-level officials of the Hengyu Kingdom were slaughtered.

If the people of Shepherd City are in extreme panic.

At this opportunity, more than 10,000 battleships of Monster Race can be attacked by the whole army.

And the chaos, fear, and the headless dragon kingdom of Hengyu, I am afraid that even the most basic resistance cannot be achieved.

As a result, the Monster Race army will be able to destroy the Devil Sheep Race without destroying it!

It can be said that the actions tonight will determine the Demon Sheep Clan and the survival of the Hengyu Kingdom.

wu wu ……

Above the sky, the wind screamed.

Under the darkness, Primal Chaos Qi, Yin Fiend Qi, and demonic energy in the air are extremely rich.

Even as a demon handsome and demon king, in this state, it is very uncomfortable.

However, for the purpose of Monster Race, they will not be able to back down even though they are tired and tired.

Above the sky…

Leading, the monster king with the strength of Monster Sovereign, loudly said: “Everyone has it, and here is the Shepherd City, ready to fight!”

clang! clang clang clang ……

Just at the moment when the words of Monster Sovereign have just fallen.

One after another rumbling sound, which trembles, sounded from all directions.

What! This! this is……

In one moment, three thousand demon handsomes and demon kings, dumbstruck froze above the sky.

Looking into the ground, there are three thousand fiery fireballs, flying from above the ground at an unimaginable speed and imposing manner, and moved towards their location.

speaking of which is slow…

However, everything and everything happened only for a moment.

Three thousand fireballs burning like a thousand of stream of light.

With a piercing sky-splitting sound, it instantly crossed a distance of thousands of 100 meters and reached the sky above Moyang Jianzong.

First appeared on the sky dome directly above Hengyu Great Hall.

At this moment, the three thousand magic masters and Demon King are just in that area.

dong! dong dong! dong dong dong……

one after another violent rumbling sound, sounded like popcorn.

Looking up at the sky dome!

Three thousand magic crystal shells, within 3 breaths time, almost reached the sky above the Great Hall of Hengyu at the same time.

Of course, because of the distance, there will definitely be some problems in terms of accuracy.

So far away, there is no actual goal to refer to.

Therefore…three thousand magic crystal shells are basically distributed in a spherical area with a diameter of 300 meters.

As I watched three thousand fiery fireballs, they carried waves that were enough to destroy everything and instantly appeared beside me.

In one moment, including the expert of the Monster Sovereign environment…

All the demon handsomes and demon kings of the beheading team have two words in their minds at the same time-finished!

bang! boom~ boom~ ……

I saw thousands of magic crystal shells, all bursting within three breaths.

The raging shock wave instantly covered all the targets within a radius of 100 meters with metal.

If there is only one magic crystal cannonball, at most these monsters and demon kings can only be hit hard, which is not enough to kill them instantly.

But now, in order to show the head of the three thousand Hengyu fleet and the deputy heads, show the long-range strike ability of the Demon Guard.

Three Thousand Sky Demon Guard, fire at the same time!

Three thousand rounds of magic crystal shells, although there are also precedence, but basically concentrated within 3 breaths time, they have reached the target area one after another, and burst burst.

A magic crystal cannonball, no matter how large the formidable power is, is ultimately limited.

However, when three thousand magic crystal shells explode in the same area within a short period of time.

As a lot of energy keeps accumulating, accumulating and hedging.

The space above the Hengyu Great Hall was all shattered and broken.

One after another Space Crack, like one after another thunder and lightning, constantly shining and wreaking havoc!

long long long ……

Under the raging energy, over the great hall of Hengyu, a completely chaotic area with a diameter of 3000 meters appeared.

In the whole area, lightning flashes and thunder, one after another space crack, just like spider web, appears in midair.

The raging of magic crystal shells, coupled with the cutting of space energy.

Three Thousand Monsters, Three Hundred Monsters, and Monster Sovereign headed by that!

Almost instantly, he suffered a fatal blow.

Although this Legion is a temporary beheaded Legion, the individual strength of these demon handsomes, demon kings, and Monster Sovereign is absolutely invincible.

Even if they played against the three thousand Demon Kings and the three hundred Demon Kings of the Devil Sheep’s army a few years ago, they would definitely not fall out of favor.

But I have to say that they are too bad luck.

bad luck, the time and place of their appearance are too coincidental.

They clearly concealed everyone.

At the scheduled time, place, and at the scheduled location.

As long as they are given 3 breaths time, they can leave that position and start beheading Zhu Hengyu in the Great Hall below.

Even if you cannot successfully decapitate Zhu Hengyu, you can spread them apart.

Burn houses, slaughter city dwellers, and strangle the top of Hengyu Fleet.

Even the battleship moored outside the port will be lit and destroyed!

After World War I, the Shepherd City will inevitably be dead and wounded and will be in a mess.

At that time, the Demon Sheep was defeated.

There is no more power to resist the invasion of Monster Race.

Even if Zhu Hengyu sent out all the cards, it was completely useless.

In the face of all this, he couldn’t stop it.

Under World War I, the people of the Hengyu Kingdom will completely lose their confidence.

And Zhu Hengyu has indeed lost his capital against the Monster Race Navy.

After World War I, the Kingdom of Hengyu was completely defeated.

Even if Zhu Hengyu tried his best, he could not compete with Monster Race.

The whole Devil Sheep tribe is now in danger.

More than 3,000,000,000 people of the Demon Sheep clan were slaughtered and became the dish of Monster Race.

But because of coincidence, Monster Race’s plan was simply not realized.

It was so coincident that they all came at the same time.

Exactly in that area at that time.

Not one second early or one second late, everything is just right.

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