Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4332


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Although it’s not a coincidence, it’s a coincidence.

But in fact, this is not just a coincidence.

First, Monster Race beheads Legion.

When the decapitation plan was first formulated, it was scheduled for tonight, to begin the decapitation operation on the Hengyu great hall.

Followed by Zhu Hengyu…

In order to show the long-range strike ability of the Three Thousand Demon Guard, Zhu Hengyu set the time at midnight.

This time, it is already midnight.

Everyone has done what they should do, and don’t worry about who will be disturbed.

As for the show location, of course, it can only be over the sky hall of Hengyu.

After all, this is the core of Muyang City.

Only fireworks exploding here can be seen by people all over the city.

Moreover, as the royal palace of the Hengyu Kingdom, the so-called fireworks celebration can only be here, impossible to other regions.


Both parties can only choose the sky above Hengyu Great Hall.

In terms of time, I also chose the child time.

Therefore, this is not a coincidence.

It seems that by chance, there is inevitable.

It’s hard to say coincidence, but it can only be said that it is actually a bit reluctant.

Monster Race beheaded Legion, and Demon Guard’s magic crystal shells, but they didn’t arrive at that area at the same time.

Basically, it was Monster Race beheading group, and arrived in that area first.

Afterwards, when decapitating the regiment in Monster Race, it began to accumulate energy and check the equipment.

The three thousand magic crystal shells finally started firing.

Under the explosion of three thousand magic crystal shells, three thousand demon handsomes and demon kings were killed on the spot in just a moment!

The Guardian of the Three Thousand Heavens Demon can not only release magic crystal shells.

Not only Sun Meiren and Gan Ning will die.

Even, in the entire palace, everyone had to die.

After the panic, the ensuing anger is anger!

until now, in the face of the invasion of Monster Race, Zhu Hengyu is all forbearing.

Afraid of being too reckless, it completely angered Monster Race and brought disaster to the Demon Sheep.

But from now on, Zhu Hengyu found himself wrong.

And it’s a big mistake!

A lot of things, it’s not that you are afraid, you will surely avoid disaster when you converge.


The so-called decapitation has always been unilateral oppression and contempt.

While all forces of considerable strength will not dare to easily execute this tactic.

Once the beheading operation is started, the conflict between the two parties cannot be reconciled.

It’s not you who died, it’s me who died!

The question now is that even if Zhu Hengyu converges and cares a lot, many things are still inevitable.

For example, this beheading operation is something that Zhu Hengyu cannot avoid anyway.

This time, if it’s not good luck, if the two sides collide together.

So at this moment, the entire Sheep City has already turned into a hell on earth.

Once Monster Race beheads successfully!

If Zhu Hengyu, and even the entire high level of the entire Hengyu Kingdom, were slaughtered.

So, when tens of thousands of Monster Race battleships were pushed all the way down.

Who will organize everyone to resist?

Even if someone can organize it, what will everyone resist?

Although no matter how elite the small-strength troops are, it is difficult to have a big impact on the big battle.

However, if it is used for beheading, it will produce amazing effects!

If Monster Race decides to decapitate Zhu Hengyu.

Unless Zhu Hengyu ignores the life and death of the Moyang clan, he will not show his face…

Otherwise, it would be useless to let him hide in the sky.

The beheading forces of small stocks are basically defenseless and avoidable.

The other party can make countless mistakes and miss countless opportunities.

But as long as you seize an opportunity, the Demon Sheep Race is gone.

The biggest problem now is…

Only Zhu Hengyu can save and protect the Demon Sheep.

Once Zhu Hengyu is gone, the entire Demon Sheep Clan is completely gone.


Maybe Monster Race didn’t realize it.

But in fact, they have been forced into a desperate situation by Zhu Hengyu!

Now, Zhu Hengyu no longer needs to worry about anything.

Before today, Zhu Hengyu had been worried.

I am afraid that after the exposure of the black gold battleship, Monster Race will be alerted and destroy the Demon Sheep in desperation.

The question now is…

No matter whether the black gold battleship is leaked or not, it is useless.

When Zhu Hengyu dies, who can resist the Monster Race army?

It can be said that when Zhu Hengyu is here, the Demon Sheep has a glimmer of survival.

Once Zhu Hengyu left, or died.

Then the entire Demon Sheep Race will be completely destroyed within a few months.

For Zhu Hengyu, no matter what he does, it is almost a dead end.

Exposure to black gold battleship is dead.

Not exposing the black gold battleship is also dead.

The only difference is that the method of death may be different.

But all are dead, who cares how to die?

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