Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4333


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Look at the countless Monster Race bodies on the ground in front of the great hall.

For a moment, Zhu Hengyu’s face was dripping with water.

Really speaking, to save life, Zhu Hengyu is not too worried.

There is a black ancient bell, he can open the dimension shuttle at any time and enter the anti-space.

Therefore, even if no matter how to decapitate, it is difficult to actually kill Zhu Hengyu.

What worries Zhu Hengyu most is…

Once the goal of Monster Race is transferred to the upper level of the Hengyu Kingdom.

That is the real disaster.

It can be said…

As long as the other party beheaded, Zhu Hengyu has been forced to desperate situation.

He is nowhere to go, and he is not afraid.

Monster Race has done everything and done absolutely…

In other words…

Monster Race has captured the fatal point of the Hengyu Kingdom.

As long as you continue to aim at the high level of the Hengyu Kingdom, continue to send out beheading Legion.

The Hengyu Kingdom will surely collapse without a fight.

Since last time, at the core of purgatory, after receiving information from the future.

Actually, Zhu Hengyu has been thinking all the time.

He couldn’t figure out how he was forced to desperate situation.

I don’t know what the situation is, forcing him to use all of his ace Legion.

But now, Zhu Hengyu understands…

It is actually very simple to try to force him to desperate situation.

Just behead with one move! You can completely shake the foundation of Hengyu Kingdom.

This time, if it’s not good luck.

So, the Kingdom of Hengyu has basically collapsed.

All high-level commanders were beheaded, and the battleship was all destroyed.

People suffered heavy casualties, and the city was burned to the ground.

How can the kingdom of Hengyu still exist in such a situation?


Look at the bodies of thousands of demon handsomes and demon kings on the square.

Zhu Hengyu knew that he couldn’t sit still.

He can’t sit obediently and honestly at home, waiting for Monster Race to continue to send beheading Legion one after another.

This time, Zhu Hengyu can escape this disaster by luck.

But next time, if you want to avoid disaster by luck, it will be so stupid.

Moreover, what makes Zhu Hengyu most desperate is.

The decapitation of such small units is basically unavoidable and defenseless.

No one knows when, where, what target, and what kind of attack they will launch.

So, if you wait here, it is purely waiting for death.

For today’s plan, Zhu Hengyu has nothing to worry about and nothing to fear.

Since he has been forced into a dead end.

Since there is nowhere to go yet.

So for today’s plan, you can only fight!

With Zhu Hengyu’s order!

Magic Sword Sect lit a raging bonfire!

Under the raging magic fire, the whole Demon Sheep Sect is as bright as daylight!

At the same time, Zhu Hengyu gave orders immediately.

Call all the heads and deputy heads of the three thousand Legion to the great hall of Hengyu for a while.

Receiving this order, all the heads and deputy heads of Legion are a face of doubt.

It’s so late, what’s the matter… Can’t stay until tomorrow morning?

However, doubts are doubts.

However, in the face of the call of Hengyu Demon King, no one dared to hesitate.

From the day when he joined the Hengyu Kingdom, Hengyu Demon King set the rules.

Once the king’s order is issued, it must not be violated.

Anyone who opposes the king will be regarded as rebellious-execute without any mercy!

Thus, although I didn’t understand it in my heart, everyone, still immediately, rushed in the direction of Demon Sword Sect.

With a lot of doubts, 3,000 Corps Head and 6,000 deputy commanders soon arrived outside the Demon Sword Sect.

When everyone is in doubt, step into the square in front of Hengyu Great Hall.

When the 3,000 Monster Race bodies were discovered under the bonfire.

Everyone was shocked with cold sweat!

At this moment, no one thinks that Zhu Hengyu’s summon is incomprehensible.

Although no one has given an explanation yet…

But everyone knows that this is the decapitated Legion of Monster Race!

If they succeed, then the Kingdom of Hengyu is over.

And once the Kingdom of Hengyu is over, the entire Demon Sheep Race is over.

Scared witless, everyone poured into the great hall of Hengyu.


Only three thousand Corps Heads are eligible to enter the Hengyu Great Hall.

The other six thousand deputy heads can only wait in the square outside.

But now, no one can care about that many anymore.

Full of nine thousand heads and deputy heads, a swarm of bees poured into Hengyu great hall.

Everyone knows that if you can’t figure out a way as soon as possible to completely eliminate Monster Race beheading Legion.

Then, the Kingdom of Hengyu is over.

The Demon Sheep Race is completely over.

Don’t talk about others…

The 9,000 people who are present will never stay here and wait to die.

They haven’t lived enough yet.

They still have family members and relatives who need their protection and care.

Therefore, once Zhu Hengyu could not solve this matter.

So, the 9,000 high-level leaders of the Hengyu Kingdom who are present will surely be the birds and beasts.

There is nothing out of the last that can be left!

Looking at the crowd, Zhu Hengyu was frowned, but he didn’t at all blame.

It’s all about this time, and those who say poor rules will only be laughed at by everyone.

The kingdom is about to die, and the Devil Clan is almost extinct. You still have your mind here, who has the mind to serve such waste.

The so-called, what you don’t want done to you, don’t do to others.

Changed Zhu Hengyu’s position opposite, he will never wait.

If you want to play your music, go home and go.

No one is waiting for you.

Fortunately, Hengyu great hall is big enough.

Even if there are 9,000 influxes, they can still pretend.

After confirming that everyone is here…

Zhu Hengyu looked around for a week, loudly said: “Everyone is quiet! Silence…”

Everyone heard Zhu Hengyu’s words, and everyone calmed down quickly.

They know that at such moments, clamor is useless.

The more this is, the calmer you are.

They can be anxious, they can panic, they can be scared, but they can never be chaotic.

Otherwise, without waiting for the enemy to hit them, they will collapse themselves.

Seeing that everyone was quiet, Zhu Hengyu stood up and loudly said: “Next, without my permission, no one is allowed to speak at random, the violator-kill without mercy!”

si si ……

With Zhu Hengyu’s voice, Sen Han’s incomparable coercion immediately rolled away from Zhu Hengyu’s body.

Under the pressure of Sen Han, Zhu Hengyu said: “Now, I ask you three questions, you don’t have to answer, but you have to calm down and think about it.”

The first question, do you have any questions about the long-range strike ability of the Three Thousand Sky Demon Guard?

The second question is, if you do bird and beast scattered, where will they go?

The third question, the Kingdom of Hengyu, really has things reached a dead end, is there no way to go?

Facing with Zhu Hengyu’s three problems, everyone calmed down and meditated silently.

First is the first question.

There is no need to doubt the long-range strike ability of the Three Thousand Sky Demon Guard.

The long-range strike of the Demon Guard not only has a long range and high accuracy, but also destructive power is too terrifying.

Before entering the Great Hall of Hengyu, everyone can see the Monster Race corpse on the outside square.

Among them, most of them are decent handsome experts.

But besides the demon handsome, there are about two or three hundred demon king’s bodies.

Especially at the entrance of the great hall, there is a corpse of the Monster Sovereign realm, where the partial body is creeping and squatting there, deadly and transparent.

It can be seen that the three-thousand-day demon Guard’s long-range strike ability absolutely needs no doubt.

Next is the second question.

If they just let go of everything and turned and ran away.

Although they themselves are likely to save a small life, it is very difficult for them to do much in their lives.

Once the Demon Sheep Clan is destroyed, they can only live under the fence and make a stray dog.

If you want to make a difference, and make a difference, it is almost impossible.

No one will reuse them.

No one will follow them.

So, from the perspective of life, to look at this issue.

Once you turn around and run away now!

So even if they are still alive, they are actually equivalent to dead.

Therefore, unless forced.

Otherwise, they will never run away easily.

Finally, the third question.

From now on, the Hengyu Kingdom, and even the Devil Sheep Clan, are really things have reached a dead end. Is there no way to go?

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