Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4334


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In the eyes of everyone, they have been forced into a desperate situation.

They can’t figure out how to crack this beheading tactic.

The expert of the Devil Sheep race, run, die, there is no high-end battle strength at all.

Even the Demon Guard must be dispersed and stationed on three thousand battleships.

In contrast to Monster Race…

There are too many of their experts, and they are simply innumerable.

They can set up a beheading Legion anytime, anywhere, beheading the high level of the Kingdom of Hengyu!

They really are things have reached a dead end and have no way to go…


Although they really can’t think of any way, they can’t find any way out.

But don’t forget, Zhu Hengyu is still here.

They can’t help, it doesn’t mean that Zhu Hengyu can’t help.

If they can’t solve it, it doesn’t mean that Zhu Hengyu can’t solve it either.

In a moment…

The three thousand heads of the Hengyu Kingdom and six thousand deputy heads all put their eyes on Zhu Hengyu.

The life and death of the Hengyu Kingdom, and even the Devil Sheep Clan, are all maintained by Zhu Hengyu!

Facing everyone’s gaze, Zhu Hengyu fell silent.

Many decisions, although they must be made.

But many decisions are really difficult to make.

After a long silence, Zhu Hengyu finally said: “Next, I will ask three more questions, I hope you will carefully consider.”

The first question, what can we protect?

The second question is whether we can guard it.

The third question, are there other options?

Although Zhu Hengyu’s three questions are all very general, it is unclear.

However, all the people present are extremely smart people. They instantly understood what Zhu Hengyu wanted to say.

A lot of things can’t be said.

Although Zhu Hengyu asked very vaguely, in fact, he was talking about one thing.

The thing is, we can’t protect anything, and we have no choice at all.

As long as Monster Race continues to behead, everyone will definitely be unable to fight.

The old saying is good, you can run a monk, not a temple.

Now that you know where your old nest is, just go there and block people.

As long as the beheading team is constantly dispatched, go to the major military towns in the Hengyu Kingdom to behead.

So, it won’t take long for everyone present to be beheaded one after another.

Therefore, they have nothing to guard at all, and they cannot guard if they want to guard.

They have no choice at all.

It’s not good to say that they can’t even protect themselves, so what about protecting others?

Did you say…

Does Zhu Hengyu want to abandon the Demon Sheep Clan and the Kingdom of Hengyu?

Only by giving up guarding everything will they be completely free from all imprisonment and shackles.

Don’t you say the old saying?

Run as a monk, but not as a temple.

However, if the monk left the temple and wandered the world, who knew where to find him?

Look at everyone looking thoughtful.

Zhu Hengyu said: “Since we have nothing to protect, and we can’t protect anything, so simply…we just don’t protect…”

This sea is so big, where can’t it be moored?

The only way to break this dead end is to give up guarding everything.

In the vast ocean, go round with Monster Race Navy.

No matter how terrible Monster Race does, no one needs to pay attention to it, nor can it.

The reason why they want to do those inhuman things is to attract everyone and then eliminate them…

If you know this is an enemy trap, why should you step in?

Since you can’t keep it, don’t keep it.

You kill me alone, I kill you a hundred people, a thousand people!

If you trap me on an island, I will trap you in two or three!

With the advantages of the Hengyu fleet’s speed and range, in this vast expanse of sea, with the Monster Race fleet, arduous guerrilla warfare.

This way…

The big home has no fixed place, and there is no place to stay.

The decapitation of Monster Race is impossible.

You don’t even know where others are, what are you talking about beheading!

Listening to Zhu Hengyu’s words, within the great hall of Hengyu, everyone was awake.


You want to behead me, then you must find me?

If you don’t even know where I am, then cut your wool!

Once you get rid of the imprisonment and shackles, relying on the speed and range advantages of the Hengyu fleet.

They can ride across the vast ocean, act wilfully!

Looking at everyone, Zhu Hengyu said indifferently: “Now, we don’t want to do this, we can only do it.”

Over 10,000 battleships of the Monster Race North Sea Fleet.

There is also the beheading of Legion of Monster Race, which can be targeted at the top level of the Kingdom of Hengyu at any time.

They have no choice.

If you don’t want to perish this way, there is only one way left.

Look around for a week…

Zhu Hengyu said solemnly: “Next, I will grant you all the rights…”

The three thousand regiments present will be officially appointed as one of the magicians!

Two deputy heads are appointed as demon masters!

This is the highest appointment that Zhu Hengyu can make under the existing rights.

Deeply looking at the crowd in front of him, Zhu Hengyu said: “Although, my authority is limited, I can only seal the magic handsome and magic general.”

However, in terms of rights, I am completely decentralized.

Although the name is Moshuai, their power is the same as Demon King!

Once they leave here, they can command the army, control the battleship, and run towards the vast ocean.

As for what to do, what to do and when to do it!

Everything is up to them.

Between talking…

Zhu Hengyu right hand In one wave, a gleaming purple rain, sloppy, fell towards the 3,000 Corps Heads.

Since he is completely decentralized, Zhu Hengyu naturally needs complete control.

It is really too simple for Zhu Hengyu to completely control them.

Three thousand Senro Yin snakes, planted in their Sea of ​​Consciousness, will be once and for all.

Changed to the power of those Demon King realms, or even the Demon Sovereign realm, Zhu Hengyu may have some difficulty in controlling it.

At the very least, they can resist and struggle.

Zhu Hengyu may also fail…

But now, Zhu Hengyu is already an expert in the Demon Sovereign environment.

The Devil Body segment is as high as ninety!

In contrast, in front of these Corps Heads, the Devil Body segment is limited to about 60 segments at most.

Not to mention resistance, they don’t even know what happened.

When Senro Yin snakes planted their Sea of ​​Consciousness and completely occupied the center.

They just felt dizzy.

Not to mention Zhu Hengyu’s movements, not even Sen Luo Yin Snake’s existence.

In the case where the strength gap is more than thirty Devil Body.

For these Corps Heads, Zhu Hengyu is simply a living god!

After planting three thousand Dawson Luo Yin snakes into the Sea of ​​Consciousness of the three thousand magic masters.

Zhu Hengyu rested her mind completely.

Although everyone is going to be scattered, and from this day on, each side is separated, but with the soul chain established by the Senro Yin snake.

Zhu Hengyu can use Yinling’er to give them any order at any time.

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