Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4336


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Just seven days after Zhu Hengyu left!

Legion, the second beheading of Monster Race, arrives at Shepherd Island.

And attacked Hengyu great hall.

Unfortunately, Hengyu great hall has already been empty.

Although the entire Hengyu Great Hall, and even half of the Demon Sword Sect, were destroyed.

But it is clear that their actions have long been expected by Zhu Hengyu.

The expert of the ox cow ambushed in advance was concealed from the night, causing huge damage to the beheading of the Race Race Legion…

After World War I, beheading a thousand Legion, only more than three hundred people left alive.

The other more than 600 Monster Race experts have all stayed forever.

On the side of the Demon Cow, there is basically no damage.

The reason why there is basically no damage, but is not that absolutely does not have damage.

Because the expert expert of the Demon Ox Clan, although not killed in battle, many people were injured, even seriously.

Without a few years, it cannot be recovered.

The reason why the results are so gratifying is actually a necessity.

This time, the Devil Clan was dispatched, but not only the head of the military, but also 30,000 savage cattle guards!

Thirty thousand barbarian cattle guards, divided into three ten thousand teams.

Each tens of thousands of people act independently, ambushing in different areas and different locations.

Once the beheading team of Monster Race hits the area where the Bull Guards ambush, it hits the iron plate.

Ten thousand handles of platinum flying axe are shot, even if you can fly again?

The skynet under the cloth of thousands of flying handles, simply does not leave any gaps.

Although a flying axe is difficult to kill a monster race, even the demon king of Monster Race, but the bull guard is not only able to threw away a flying axe.

In fact, they can be almost unlimited, using a platinum flying axe for long-range strikes.

As the strongest single damage on the collapsed battlefield.

The flying axe of the Bull Guard is absolutely terrifying.

Not to mention, Monster Race’s beheading Legion, impossible wears armor.

Even if you can wear it, you can’t stop the flying platinum axe with armor piercing characteristics.

Among the black species…

A handle axe, mixed in the night, whirls continuously.

It can be said that there is no shadow, no trace…

Not to mention avoiding it, no one can even see where the flying axe came from.

Moreover, there are tens of thousands of Legion guards.

Under the intensive shooting, even those demon handsomes and demon kings, whose individual strength is super strong, can’t resist at all.

Flight troops must be able to sneak into the Sanyang Islands without being discovered in advance.

The flying unit can only wear leather armor at most.

The Fleshy body of Monster Race is impossible to resist the flying axe.

It is worth mentioning that…

Monster Race has sent multiple decapitation troops.

A small portion of the decapitated troops fell into ambush and suffered heavy casualties.

However, some beheading troops did not fall into ambush.

They caused great damage to the major cities of the Sanyang Islands.

The people of Hengyu Kingdom hate Monster Race into the bone marrow, but there is no good way.

Within a month…

More than 1 billion people in the Hengyu Kingdom have lost about 1%.

More than 10,000,000 people died under the aerial strike of Monster Race.

As for the magic sheep islands, the death and injury of the magic sheep clan is extremely extreme.

Hundreds of islands in succession have been completely captured by Monster Race.

The tens of millions of Demon Sheep people on the island have been slaughtered.

Their bodies have been cured or smoked into ham.

When the Monster Race army retreated, the entire island was no longer alive.

not just in name only, but also in reality’s even chicken and dog doesn’t remain!

The hatred between Demon Sheep Race and Monster Race is not the hatred between the enemy and us.

The hatred between Demon Sheep Race and Monster Race is irreconcilable.

Monster Race’s hands are stained with too much blood from the Devil Race.

The absolute irreconcilable hatred has already been forged between the two parties.

From the more than three thousand Demon Kings and more than three hundred Demon Kings who flee without a fight, until now.

The 3.7 billion people of the Moyang clan have already lost more than 1 billion.

At this point, there are only less than 3,000,000,000 people of the Demon Sheep above the Three Thousand Islands, and they still survive.

The 3,000,000,000 Demon Sheep people are not safe.

Every day, more than one million Devil Sheep people are slaughtered.

Their bodies, even the surrounding skeleton, and even the internal organs were cut and shipped back to Monster Race.

For Monster Race, there is no place for the Demon Sheep to be thrown up and down, and it needs to be abandoned.

Everyone can eat every quick meat all over the whole body of the demon sheep family.

Even the bones of the Moyang clan are excellent materials for hanging soup.

The Pork Ribs of the Magic Sheep are the most famous snack in Monster Race.

In the eyes of Monster Race…

The Moyang tribe is food, and it is no different from pigs.

You can be assassinated at will, slaughter at will, and enjoy.

And in the eyes of the demon sheep clan…

Monster Race is in this world, the most terrifying and evil existence.

A monster that eats people and doesn’t spit bones.

Not to mention the chaos of the Hengyu Kingdom.

It doesn’t mention how terrible it is on the three thousand islands of the Moyang tribe.

The other side…

Zhu Hengyu is driving the platinum battleship, and he is racing all the way.

The sixty-four black gold battleships that Zhu Hengyu has handed over to the eight venomous Avatar.

The eight venomous Avatar, each commanding eight black gold battleships, entered the rear of the Monster Race fleet.

As for what to do, Zhu Hengyu doesn’t actually know.

Zhu Hengyu’s account of Fangfang has only four words-burning! kill! grab! Skim!

Do everything possible to provoke Monster Race by all means, fight for as much as possible, and involve the front line Monster Race battleship to reduce the pressure on the three thousand Hengyu fleet.

This order is exactly what Fangfang likes most.

Bloodline with venomous Nine Headed Snake.

You can devour the energy of the target and turn it into your own.

Each time you kill a target, you can draw 10% of the opponent’s energy and own it.

So, if it can be slaughtered unscrupulously.

The strength of the fangs has definitely improved rapidly.

And in the hands of Fangfang, there is Blood Devil Sword!

When beheading an enemy, Blood Devil Sword will also devour the blood of the opponent, enhancing the formidable power of Blood Devil Sword.

Therefore, once all restrictions on fangs are lifted, this guy will definitely be incarnation into a real Demon King.

As for how the fangs are done and what they did, Zhu Hengyu didn’t care.

Monster Race doesn’t even let go of the fetus of the Devil Sheep clan who is still in her mother’s womb. Where can Zhu Hengyu be kind to Monster Race?

The most famous dish of Monster Race is steamed lamb.

The so-called steamed lamb is not for cooking the children of the born Devil Sheep.

It is alive, cut the belly of the pregnant woman of the Moyang clan, and remove the fetus.

Break open the belly, remove the internal organs, and shave off the fluff…

Add various ingredients and steam in a casserole.

This steamed lamb is the most famous and favorite dish of Monster Race.

Whether men, women, children, or children, they are salivating about this dish.

The other party has been so cruel and so extinct.

Does Zhu Hengyu still have to observe any benevolence and morality?

Maybe, Zhu Hengyu himself will not target the women and children and the young and old hands of Monster Race.

After all, Zhu Hengyu has his own bottom line and his own persistence.

However, Zhu Hengyu will never interfere with others.

What others want to do is that of others’ freedom.

Zhu Hengyu only has the right to manage himself, but he is not qualified to restrict others.

Fangfang is not a member of the Demon Sheep.

In the eyes of Venomfang, whether it is the Demon Sheep Race or the Monster Race, it is edible, but it is nothing but food.

This is the ecological chain…

You are not allowed to eat here, then you are not allowed to eat, what are you eating?

Eating grass? Do you eat dirt?

In fact, Zhu Hengyu did not limit his fangs at all.

As long as he does not eat the Demon Sheep Clan, Zhu Hengyu will not bother to ask.

So-called, what you don’t want done to you don’t do to others.

Zhu Hengyu also likes to eat steamed lamb and eats roast chicks…

It’s just that Zhu Hengyu eats wild sheep and pheasants without too high intelligence.

However, even so, what is the difference?

Wild sheep and pheasants are also wise, but the wisdom is not too high.

What can you do to stop others if you can’t do it?

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