Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4337


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At this moment, the venomous deity is following Zhu Hengyu.

In a platinum battleship, drove all the way deep into the territorial waters of Monster Race.

Since, the other party has beheaded him in a polite manner.

So, Zhu Hengyu also suffers impossible without revenge!

If you can decapitate me, I can decapitate you.

The so-called Blood For Blood, A Tooth For A Tooth, nothing more.


Once Zhu Hengyu decapitates, it will inevitably irritate the army of Monster Race.

A bad one, the Monster Race army will send a large army to slay the Devil Sheep completely.

But now, the Demon Sheep has no way to live.

Since it is already a dead end, why not fight it out before dying?

It’s better than waiting there, waiting for the other person to get to the door and killing everyone.

Even if he died, Zhu Hengyu would rather die on the battlefield, Ma Ge shroud.

Unwilling to die like a coward, die at home, on the kang head.

Zhu Hengyu has completely let go and no longer has any concerns.

Since the Demon Sheep can no longer be kept, he can act wilfully.

As for whether his actions may involve other branches of Demon Race.

That has nothing to do with Zhu Hengyu.

The Devil Race no longer exists. Who cares about other branches of Demon Race?

The other branches of Demon Race do not care about the life and death of the Demon Race, so why should the Demon Race care about their life and death?

The Demon Sheep are all in this situation.

Besides the Demon Race, the other Demon Race branches are so cold, they just let it stand.

In this case, Zhu Hengyu would rather anger Monster Race completely.

When the Monster Race soldiers approached the North Sea, Zhu Hengyu wanted to take a look at the branches of Demon Race, whether they could continue to watch with cold eyes, sit on top of a mountain to watch the tigers fight.

The only glimmer of survival of the Devil Race is to involve the entire Demon Race.

If you want to fight against Monster Race, only when the whole Demon Race is united together is there a chance.

Otherwise, even some temporary wins.

But after a long-term confrontation, the Demon Sheep Clan can’t afford it after all.

Whether it is manpower, material resources, or financial resources.

Compared with Monster Race, Monster Sheep Race is much worse.

You’re welcome to say that Monster Race’s manpower, material and financial resources are absolutely ten times that of the Devil Race.

A partial victory is possible if the gap between them is too great.

But the final victory was absolutely impossible.

If you continue to consume, how many years will it take, and the Devil Clan will be dead and wounded.

The huge Monster Race is completely different.

Even for such a huge battle loss, for Monster Race, it is just one hair from nine oxen.

Monster Race’s annual number of war dead is not as high as the number of births.

As the war continues…

The territory of the Moyang tribe is bound to become smaller and smaller, resources are scarce and the population is getting smaller.

However, how many years, the Devil Clan will be destroyed.

So, if you know the result.

Zhu Hengyu has let go of everything, fearlessly, to behead the Monster Race’s military department once!


In the slight noise, the platinum battleship was stealth all the way under the sea.

And right in front of the platinum battleship…

The headquarters of the Monster Race.

The capital of Monster Race is getting closer…

Zhu Hengyu knows!

After this battle, the entire Beihai battle will be completely detonated.

He has no choice but to retreat. If he doesn’t die, the Devil Clan really has no chance.

Midnight, when I was…

On an isolated island above the dark sea, hundreds of silhouettes are busy carrying and installing a huge set of equipment…

The hundreds of silhouettes are not others. It was the one hundred demon wolf shooters who followed Zhu Hengyu to the Arctic Demon Palace.

Originally, Zhu Hengyu has allocated them to the eighty-six black gold battleships.

With their presence, the eight venomous Avatar have the greatest help.

But soon, Zhu Hengyu discovered awkwardly.

On the platinum battleship, there seems to be no firepower at all.

Zhu Hengyu will not be able to kill with magic.

As a result, even if Zhu Hengyu controls the platinum battleship and arrives in the hinterland of Monster Race, it is difficult to do anything.

With Zhu Hengyu alone, how many Monster Races can he kill even if he fights frantically?

even more how ……

Monster Race has nothing else but a large number of people.

Once there are more people, there must be more experts.

One is not good, Zhu Hengyu was caught in the siege.

Don’t say it’s a battle, if you can save a small life, it’s already a coincidence.

Therefore, in desperation, Zhu Hengyu pulled out the one hundred demon wolf shooters.

As Zhu Hengyu’s elite shooter Legion, they will be permanently stationed on the platinum battleship.

As for why you should choose these 100 demon wolf shooters to become soldiers on the platinum battleship.

In fact, this speaking of which is very simple…

Demon Race, the most talented shooter is Demon Wolf Clan.

Demon Wolf Clan is unprecedented in shooter talent.

For the demon sheep shooter, it can be regarded as the highest shooter if it can hit a copper-sized target within 100 meters.

Looking at the whole Demon Sheep Clan, it is absolutely impossible to achieve this level, no more than one hundred people.

But if you change to Demon Wolf Clan, a seven-year-old child, you can easily do it without saying it.

Moreover, people go one step further, they can even go 100 meters apart and use arrows to pass through the hole in the middle of the coins!

This is the difference…

In this world, the biggest gap is in innate talent!

And this hundred demon wolf shooters, but selected from Demon Wolf Clan, is the elite of the elite!

The 100 demon wolf shooters are all the most elite shooters of Demon Wolf Clan in the past countless years.

Although because he participated in too many battles, he eventually became disabled and was unable to continue the battle.

But their experience, experience, talent, and talent are beyond doubt.

The hundred demon wolf shooters were not chosen randomly.

On the Demon Wolf Clan shooter list, all the 100 demon wolf shooters are on the star list!

The so-called star list is unique to Demon Wolf Clan and is a list that specifically measures shooting.

It’s difficult and difficult to be on the star list.

First of all, you must complete a thousand people on the battlefield.

The so-called slash of thousands of people refers to the expert who successfully killed more than a thousand demon generals.

Moreover, the quantity is not enough.

In the process of sniping, you must ensure that the hit rate exceeds 90%!

I don’t want you to shoot your opponent with a single arrow, after all… The power above the demon handsome is basically not a single arrow to shoot to death.

However, it’s okay to shoot, but you can’t shoot empty!

To shoot a hundred arrows, there must be ninety arrows to accurately hit the target.

Otherwise, you will not be eligible to participate in the assessment of the Stars List.

With a 90% criterion, after killing more than a thousand demon generals, you will be eligible to apply.

After entering the Star Fantasy, take part in the Star Star Test.

It is said that within the illusion of assessment, there is a void.

There are 365 stars above the void.

All the stars are flying fast, with an irregular trajectory, crazy flow.

If you want to pass the evaluation of the star list, you must strive to shoot 365 stars in the sky in the shortest time.

The shortest time is the top of the star list.

and so on, once it took too long and ranked more than the 365th scorer on the list, the assessment failed.

The 100 demon wolf shooters are still on the star list, and they are all ranked within 300!

And most importantly, they have not participated in the assessment for tens of thousands of years.

Especially now, when their strength improves to 90th paragraph.

If I go to the assessment now, I am afraid that most people have the strength of the top 100.

The 100 demon wolf shooters are among the 365 with the strongest shooting skills on the entire collapsed battlefield.

No matter from which point of view, these 100 demon wolf shooters are worthy of Zhu Hengyu and worthy of platinum battleship!

As for the eighty-eighty-six on four black gold battleships, the demon wolf shooter in charge does not need to worry.

Zhu Hengyu has once again selected a group of elites from those 30,000 demon wolf guards and added them in.

Eight, eight, and sixty-six black-gold battleships. On top of each battleship, there are ten demon wolf shooters who are proficient in magical bombing.

The violent firepower can hardly be described in words.

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