Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4338


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Monster Race is above the sea outside the capital.

A small island with a diameter of no more than 100 meters, or a giant reef.

One hundred demon wolf shooters, with their eyes shining, quickly assembled a strange machine.

These machines look weird.

From the appearance, it is a thick and long iron tube, one by one, tied together.

The 100 demon wolf shooters are all already in the Imperial Family Treasury, and a lot of medicine pill has been promoted to reach 90 Devil Body.

Although the Devil Body segment alone, they seem to be no different from other Demon Guards.

But in fact, it is also the first stage of the Demon Sovereign realm, and the gap can also be far away.

Although everyone is the same in the Devil Body segment, the energy gap is really too big.

After all, this one hundred old foxes have survived countless years of old foxes.

After living for so many years, although the Devil Body has not improved much, but after many years of accumulation, their Spiritual Power, Soul Power, and even the energy accumulated in the body are several times, even ten times that of other Demon. Guard.

As one of the most outstanding shooters in Demon Wolf Clan’s history, their heritage is not comparable to an ordinary person at all.

The results recorded in the Stars Chart are from Eternal Existence.

Even if the demon wolf shooter on the star list is already dead, its ranking will not drop.

The only way to be on the star list is to shoot the 365 stars in a shorter time.

As for the demon wolf shooter on the list, whether it is alive or dead, the star list can’t be detected at all.

Not at all!

Therefore, these hundred demon wolf shooters are not one of the 300 most powerful shooters in existence.

Looking at the entire Demon Wolf Clan, starting from the first year of Ancient Era and continuing to this day.

They are one of the most powerful shooters.

If this is not the case, Zhu Hengyu might not take them so seriously.

Even the purgatory guard, Zhu Hengyu didn’t have any baby to take with him at any time.

But these hundred demon wolf shooters did.

In Zhu Hengyu’s in mind, these 100 demon wolf shooters are the ones with the deepest background and the highest potential.

As for the three thousand purgatory guards, for the time being, Zhu Hengyu cannot see clearly.

After the Devil Body has been promoted to ninety Devil Body, the 100 demon wolf shooters have been able to launch the Nine Demon Crystal Cannons continuously.

Under the support of huge abilities, nine energy cannonballs are released in a row, and their energy will be exhausted.

Therefore, hundreds of demon wolf shooters, in one round… can shoot nine hundred magic crystal shells.

This is just the beginning…

Ninety-segment Devil Body and above, each time you raise a Devil Body, you can fire nine more magic crystal shells.

At 99 white light Saint Physique, 81 magic crystal shells can be fired continuously.

At that time, it was really possible to destroy a city with one person!

Not to mention the future…

Under the darkness, hundreds of demon wolf shooters quickly assembled a swarthy instrument.

These instruments are actually nine black and thick tubes bundled together.

Each instrument is tied and fixed with nine tubes.

Under the nine pipes, there are eight spider legs, which are generally strong and flexed.

Looking around, the eight spider legs are supported by the bent legs, and nine black paint pipes point to the sky in the distance.

That direction is where the capital of Monster Race is located.

They are aiming at the location of the Monster Race army within the capital of Monster Race.

At this moment, Yin Ling’er has been controlling that magical handsome body, and sneaked into the capital of Monster Race-Tianyao City!

Yin Linger’s location at the moment is on the rooftop of a luxury hotel next to the Monster Race military headquarters in Tianyao City.

With the soul chain with Yin Ling’er, a hundred demon wolf shooters easily determined their positions and began to tune this nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannon!

This nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannon is a large-scale war machine recently made by Zhu Hengyu for these hundred demon wolf shooters.

Through this nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannon, a hundred demon wolf shooters can shoot nine magic crystal rockets in a row within nine rest periods.

The farthest range reaches ten ten thousand meters, which is one hundred kilometers!

Time is passing by every minute…

Due to the hard work of all people, one hundred nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannons were finally erected, and the alignment was adjusted.

Looking at a hundred and nine magic crystal fire god cannons, all demon wolf shooters are waiting excitedly.

They have personally tested the formidable power of this nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannon.

The nine tubes of Magic Crystal Vulcan cannons are more than just binding nine barrels together.

The magic crystal rockets used by the nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannon were also designed by Zhu Hengyu and refined by hand.

Every magic crystal rocket is amazing.

Each round of magic crystal rockets is nearly one meter long.

Thickness, similar to the arm of an adult.

This magic crystal rocket projectile is formed by the condensation of magic crystal.

If you want to make such a magic crystal rocket, you need to extract the magic crystal from the high grade magic stone.

On average, one ton of magic energy stones can extract the magic crystal needed for a magic crystal rocket.

Of course, the magic crystal alone is not enough.

You must also use a large number of Fire Crystal stones obtained from the core of purgatory as the thrust of the rocket.

Otherwise, such a heavy magic crystal rocket, with human power alone, is capable of firing ten ten thousand meters.

In order to ensure the formidable power and standard of the magic crystal rocket, these magic crystal rockets were all made by Zhu Hengyu.

A magic crystal rocket passed through, not only keeping the flight distance at ten ten thousand meters.

Moreover, after the rocket exploded, the strikes area expanded from 100 meters to 1000 meters!

The debris from the strikes building can cover the area of ​​ten thousand meters in diameter.

After personally testing the formidable power of this magic crystal rocket, all demon wolf shooters are eager for the actual combat.

If such a powerful weapon cannot be released, it will be a pity and uncomfortable…

But now it’s okay…

Soon, this nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannon carefully designed by Zhu Hengyu will show its true formidable power.

Although all the equipment has been tuned, you can fire anytime.

But Zhu Hengyu is still waiting, patiently.

Today’s moon is the roundest of the month.

According to the strategy formulated by Zhu Hengyu…

At midnight tonight, sixty-four black-gold battleships will carry out devastating bombings on the sixty-four military towns of Monster Race from different locations!

Zhu Hengyu is driving a platinum battleship and stealth all the way outside the capital of Monster Race.

As soon as midnight arrives, the sneak attack will be fully activated.

In order not to give Monster Race reaction time.

Sixty-four black gold battleships, as well as the platinum battleship under Commander Zhu Hengyu, will fire at different locations at the same time!

Finally, the round moon rose to the sky.

It’s time to………

“Everyone has it, fire!”

According to Zhu Hengyu’s order, the anxious one hundred demon wolf shooters who had been waiting for a while started moving instantly.


gā gā gā ……


One after another Fire Dragon, one after another Fire Dragon, flew out of the nine-tube magic crystal fire cannon.

There are hundreds of Fire Dragons in the Vulcan cannon field formed by hundreds of nine-tube magic crystal Vulcan cannons, and they screamed into the sky every time they died.

Dragging the long tail of the flame, rushed into the sky in an indescribable imposing manner, and disappeared in the clouds in an instant.

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