Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4339


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speaking of which slow…

But in fact, within nine breaths, a total of 900 magic crystal rockets were sent to the sky.

If someone is above the clouds at this time, they will definitely find a magnificent scene.

More than nine hundred Fire Dragons, with a thrilling scream, attached to the clouds, soaring all the way…

The speed of it and the rage of impulse can be described as horrible to see.

Unfortunately, no creatures stop at all above the sky dome at this moment.

On the island…

Zhu Hengyu confirmed that nine hundred magic crystal rockets were fired.

immediately issued the order…

According to Zhu Hengyu’s order, hundreds of demon wolf shooters swung a hundred nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannons directly into the dimension ring.

The installation of the nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannon does not actually need to be carried out on site.

After being fully assembled, it will be included in the dimension ring.

When you need it, just release it.

With a little adjustment, you can immediately enter the battle.

What really needs to be done on the spot is actually to load the magic crystal rocket!

The formidable power of the magic crystal rocket is too big.

Until the battle state, the fuze is closed, not open.

Otherwise, if you accidentally touch or burst by mistake, that would be a big deal.

Soon, hundreds of demon wolf shooters put away a hundred nine-tube magic crystal fire god cannons.

After that, following behind Zhu Hengyu, he quickly ascended to the island, the silver white platinum battleship.

From Zhu Hengyu’s order to open fire, until the last demon wolf shooter boarded the platinum battleship.

Everyone has maintained super high efficiency and speed throughout the process.

Although it doesn’t look fast, the whole process only consumes less than hundred breaths.

From the moment the fire was fired, until all the demon wolf shooters boarded the platinum battleship, and then the platinum battleship sank into the sea, disappeared…

The whole process is completed within the time of hundred breaths.

Even if someone sees the movement from afar and rushes towards here immediately, they will find nothing.

Don’t wait for them to arrive here, Zhu Hengyu and the one hundred demon wolf shooters have entered the platinum battleship, dived into the deep sea, and immediately escaped away.

At the same time…

After the launch, Zhu Hengyu issued a command to Yin Ling’er through the soul chain.

After confirming the completion of the launch, Yinlinger immediately left the luxurious restaurant rooftop.

Full-speed flying outside Chaotianyao city…

You know, in a little while, the nine hundred magic crystal rockets will drop from the sky.

You can turn this place into a hell on earth in just an instant.

If you run slowly, it’s not good to say that Yinlinger’s magical body is destroyed here.

xiū xiū xiū ……

As soon as I ran out, the direction of the sky was a sharp sky-splitting sound,

During running at full speed, Yinling swiftly lifted the head and looked towards the sky.

As you can see, above the sky dome in the east, the dark clouds light up strangely.

Under the dark night, the dark clouds, like a burning flame, spread rapidly towards this side.

Yin Ling’er can’t help but be surprised.

When Yin Ling’er wants to come, the launch point can be hundreds of kilometers away from here.

If the speed of the magic crystal rocket is even faster, I am afraid it will take some time.

After all, hundreds of kilometers, that is a short distance.

But I never thought that Yin Ling’er had just ran out of two blocks, and the Magic Crystal Rocket had already appeared in her sight.

Of course…

Yin Linger is not the only one who finds the sky firelight and hears the sky-splitting sound.

As the capital city of Monster Race, although the time has come to midnight, for the people in the demon capital, the nightlife of the day has just begun.

The streets are full of people.

At this moment, everyone looked puzzled, looking at the sky in the east.

The direction of Monster Race’s military department has risen one after another huge silhouette.

They waved their wings and suspended in midair, staring at the eastern sky dignifiedly.

At the same time…

On top of the dark clouds!

Nine hundred magic crystal rockets have reached the highest point.

The momentum was gradually exhausted.

The speed gradually slowed down.

After reaching the highest point, nine hundred magic crystal rockets no longer maintain a level flight.

Sharp bullet tip, but pointed obliquely to the ground.

The momentum of the Magic Rocket’s original level flight gradually changed into a dive.

From this moment, the Baifa Magic Crystal Rocket began to enter the second half of the parabola.

chi chi chi ……

Under the watch of all Monster Race powers and ordinary people.

Nine hundred fireballs like meteors, one after another broke through the clouds and appeared in everyone’s sight.

Nine hundred rockets, like a rain of fire, broke through the clouds, moved towards the ground and swooped down.

In the sharp sky-splitting sound, everyone opened a mouth opened wide.

Above the sky, Monster Race’s powers launched attacks almost simultaneously, trying to intercept these Fireballs.

Unfortunately, the speed of these Fireballs is too fast.

Wait for Monster Race’s powerful interception to reach the position, it was loaded.

Have to stop…

Yingling’er knows that she can’t run away.

Although the range of this magic crystal rocket is ten kilometers, it has a distance of ten thousand meters.

However, the speed of this magic crystal rocket is too fast.

On ten thousand meters, the distance has only been crossed for more than ten breaths.

Yin Ling’er only ran out of less than three blocks, and the magic crystal rocket had fallen down hiding the sky and covering the earth.

For the average person, it is difficult to imagine the magnificent scene of nine hundred Fireballs, dropping from the sky.

Standing by the street, from the perspective of Yinlinger…

Densely packed above the entire sky dome is one after another Fireball flying.

Nine hundred Fireballs completely covered the sky.

The sky above the entire city is illuminated very brightly, like a day.


In a long and sharp roar, a fiery flame, dragging its long tail, rushed towards the location of Yin Ling’er.

In the face of this scene, Yin Linger reluctantly abandoned this demon handsome body.

Following the soul chain with Zhu Hengyu, the soul of Yin Ling’er, immediately returned to the Sea of ​​Consciousness of Zhu Hengyu.

next moment ……

one after another blazing Fireball, instantly fell on the ground.

The shocking explosion sounded loudly.

Yin Ling’er’s magical body was instantly destroyed in a violent explosion.

In just a short moment, the Devil Body’s devil body close to the 80th segment of the Devil Body was completely gasified.

It disappeared completely, completely…

In the violent rumbling sound, the blazing fire instantly swept everything within a 1000 meters radius.

All the buildings were instantly shattered and fragmented.

one after another sharp building fragment, scattered under fierce strikes.

Like a sharp crossbow arrow, moved towards the surrounding area of ​​the meter, flying away frantically.

bang! hong long! hong long long ……

Look at it from the top, one after another Fireball, constantly rising within the capital of Monster Race.

Although, there are Yinlinger who do soul coordinates.

However, in actual flight, due to the influence of Dao wind, it is difficult to accurately hit the target.


Although everyone is aiming, it is the luxury restaurant next to the Monster Race.

But in fact, there are only three rounds of magic crystal rockets that actually hit the target.

More than 900 rockets, like a torrential rain, completely covered Tianyao City.

Especially the spattering, burning shards ignited the entire Tianyao City in an instant.

Several thousand thousand fire points are spreading around with a frantic speed.

In the face of this sudden disaster, the monsters of the Monster Race army were completely stunned.


Who the hell are you, so dare to be so bold that you can do it for Monster Race.

Once you have attacked the capital city of Monster Race, it is so famous to be irreconcilable with Monster Race!

They really can’t figure out who the hell is.

Although there was a round of blows, all the bosses of the Monster Race Army knew that Tianyao City was over.

Overnight, this place will be completely burned to white ground.

Monster Race’s deaths and injuries will be as high as several millions, or even tens of millions!

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