Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4341


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Under intense friction, Raging of Raging Flames rises beyond the heavy iron ball.

Every minute and every second produces unimaginable heat.

When the temperature is too high, the temperature of the whole heavy iron ball rises linearly.

From the beginning of the dark red to bright red.

From bright red to bright white again.

Afterwards, the whole mysterious iron ball was already bright like a round of the sun, making it impossible to look directly at with the naked eye!

At the same time, the boundless heat from the Xuanzhong Iron Ball, moved towards all around, spread wildly.

Until the flaming meteor touches the ground, the ultra-high temperature emitted from the heavy iron ball has already burned the wooden building in the fortress below.

The leather armor worn by the Monster Race pawns is also yellowish curly and emits a pungent odor.

Looking at the huge Fireball dropping from the sky, the coach sitting inside the fortress can no longer sit still.


In a roar, the power of a Monster Sovereign environment instantly turned into the body.

Looking closely, it is a black tiger with black body and double wings.

In midair, the dark flying tiger opened his mouth violently, facing the demon flaming meteor, spraying a fiery, cylindrical energy shock wave!


This black flying tiger is absolutely extraordinary.

As the military leader guarding the capital of Monster Race, he owns the 98 Devil Body.

After the body is revealed, its battle strength is violent to the extreme.

In terms of destructive power alone, it is enough to crush most of the power of white light Saint Physique.

Under a burst of aurora, it instantly blasted on the demon flaming meteor.

The raging shock wave instantly shattered the demon flaming meteor with a diameter more than a hundred meters.

The characteristics of Xuanzhong Iron are like this…

Although its weight and hardness are very large, its brittleness is also very high.

Once hit by a powerful force, it is easy to be fragmented.


Looking at the demon flaming meteor, which was shattered and shattered into stars.

Monster Race soldiers on the ground shouted in awe.

Obviously, when everyone wants to come, their demon king has successfully intercepted each other’s attacks.

In other words, they are safe…

But is this really the case?

Those Monster Race soldiers are simply thinking too much.

Although the magic flaming meteor with a diameter of 100 meters was shattered and shattered into tens of millions of fragments.

But to say that the crisis is lifted, it is still too beautiful.

The demon flaming meteor is made of condensed heavy iron.

Incomparable imposing manner, dropping from the sky.

Even if they were intercepted!

Even if it was shattered to pieces.

But those tens of thousands of fragments are just broken up.

Thousands of tens of thousands of fragments have broken apart, but they are jetting towards the ground at a faster rate.

Not good…

Seeing this scene, the black flying tiger couldn’t help yelling.

In fact, his original idea was to change the trajectory of the flaming meteor so that it could change its trajectory and fall into the sea beside it…

But I never thought that the flaming meteor was so brittle, and it shattered in an instant.

Tens of tens of millions of fragments are shooting at the ground at a terrifying speed, like fire and rain.

xiū xiū xiū ……

In the sharp sky-splitting sound, the fragments of one after another palm-size screamed and pierced the air, and moved towards the fortress.


Absolute disaster!

Ultra-high speed, combined with the ultra-high hardness of the flaming meteor debris, forms an ultra-high destructive power.

In the face of fire waves flying in the sky, many of the reactions are quicker and smarter. Monster Race soldiers have already implicitly lurked into the stone buildings of the fortress to hide.

Unfortunately, everything is in vain.

The extremely hard debris of the flaming meteor is enough to continuously pierce the five 6-Layer barriers, and will hide in the Monster Race soldiers in the building and shoot them instantly.

As for the street, those open-air Monster Race pawns, not to mention much.

Under the sky, all the open-air Monster Race soldiers were shot into a sieve.

Know that after being shattered, the flaming meteor shatters into small fragments.

For the total number of fragments, no one knows how many blocks there are.

It is said to be tens of millions, but in the end it is tens of millions, which really cannot be counted.

The slap of a baby is just over ten million.

As for the size of walnuts, longan, peanuts, even soybeans, and rice grains, it is hundreds of millions, or even uncountable!

Moreover, these fragments still contain extremely terrifying high temperature and high heat.

The Monster Race pawns who were shot by small fragments will instantly become a fireman.

The painful struggle, between running, soon fell to the side of the road and was burned into a pile of coke.

Where the strong wind swept through, even the coke was turned into fly ash, leaving no residue at all.

On the ground only, there was a dark, dirty stain.

speaking of which is slow…

But in fact, all of this, but only in 20-30 interest time.

With the demon flaming meteor being bombed, and then the fire rain transformed into the demon flaming meteor, the entire fortress is completely covered.

The whole process is actually very short…

Under the remnants of the flaming meteor rainstorm, all the monster soldiers in the open air died on the spot, and there were no corpses left.

As for the Monster Race pawns hiding in the building, there are indeed some people who are lucky enough to escape from the shooting of the debris of the flaming meteor.

The fortress buildings are made entirely of hard bluestones.

Although these buildings can’t block the large fragments of slaps, those large fragments of longan, peanuts, and even soybeans can still be well covered.


Even if you are lucky enough to live a lifetime, it may not be a good thing for them!

The magic flaming meteor, the reason why it is called the magic fire, is not unreasonable.

And note that the word Mohuo is added above the word Meteor.

The so-called meteor is actually secondary.

The magic fire is the formidable power!

Ultra-high temperature purgatory fire is the formidable power of the flaming meteor.

Military force sexual impact is secondary.

Flaming meteor has the high temperature at the core of purgatory.

Those who hide in the building and think they are safe from the Monster Race pawns are actually the most tragic.

In contrast, those who were shot at Monster Race soldiers in an instant are happy.

At the very least, they died very simply, very happy, without any torture.

In contrast to those who are hiding in the Monster Race.

Although temporarily, they escaped and survived.

But the fire of purgatory never goes out.

The high-temperature flame spreads, even bluestone can be ignited and burned into lava.

Changed to ordinary flame…

Probably just burn a wooden building.

But flaming meteor is different, even stones can be ignited.

Monsters who are hiding in the building are not at all safe.

They just changed a way of death.

This method of death is extremely cruel and extremely tragic.

Yes, they were burned alive.

Not to mention the tragic scene in the fortress…

On the other side, deep in the sea, above the platinum battleship.

Zhu Hengyu sat on a futon.

The 8 million forbidden army provided Zhu Hengyu with a massive force of Senrow.

The 8 million forbidden army, but the elite of the elite.

Unless the most critical moment, they will not be used.

But now, the 8 million forbidden troops are all shot and burned to death.

Every Monster Race forbidden army has brought Zhu Hengyu a wealth of power.

When the last Monster Race pawn was engulfed by the fire of purgatory.

The strength of Zhu Hengyu’s Sen Luo, even a violent rise in three stages!

From Green Fifth Level, promoted to Purple Seven!

In the face of such a rich income, Zhu Hengyu suddenly opened his eyes.

For so long in the past, although Zhu Hengyu used the soldiers under his command, he gained a lot of power from Senro.

Especially the 30,000 wolf cavalry hunted on the Arctic ice sheet for ten years.

There are hundreds of millions of ice elves buried in their hands.

However, compared with the 8 million forbidden army, the gap is still too big.

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