Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4342


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The acquisition of the power of Senro, although proportional to the combat rank, does not mean that the higher the combat rank, the higher the Senro power provided.

The power of Senrow is the supreme Soul Power.

How much Soul Power can be drawn depends only on the strength and strength of the opponent’s soul energy.

The 8 million Monster Race is forbidden army, although the individual strength is about more than 80 segments.

But as veterans of the army, they have lived for hundreds of millions of years.

The pureness and magnificence of Soul Power is not what most people can imagine.

Although on the surface, they are just a sergeant, but in fact, they all possess the power of Demon King.

And their Spiritual Power, Soul Power, and even the ordinary Monster Sovereign environment expert.

From a certain angle…

The Soul Power provided by the 8 million forbidden army can be regarded as 8 million Monster Sovereign, or Demon Sovereign, which provides the power of the Sunro.

It can be said that Monster Race has hoarded for hundreds of millions of years, and it has accumulated a strong background in secret.

Only overnight, he was destroyed by Zhu Hengyu by 80%!

This is really a huge loss for Monster Race.

Although, Zhu Hengyu was not intentional.

He just sent out Yin Linger, and in the vicinity randomly searched for a target.

But in fact, the one who is qualified to guard next to the capital of Monster Race must be the most elite Legion.

From the Green Fifth Level, the Soul Power required for each level of Senrow’s power is horrified to the limit.

As for the level of blue six to the level of purple seven, it is even more powerful than the sea and the sea.

From now on, Zhu Hengyuguang can use the power of Sen Luo to explode the formidable power of 70 Devil Body.

And 70 Devil Body, that is already the expert of Magic Shuai Realm.

Now, Zhu Hengyu has been able to separate more than 70,000 Dao Luo Yin snakes.

70,000 Dawson Luo Yin snakes can be injected into the Sea of ​​Consciousness of 70,000 targets respectively.

70,000 Daosen Luo Yin snake, can instantly make 70,000 targets, and instantly possess the destructive power of the magic handsome realm.

What is this concept?

If you continue to improve…

When the power of Senrow reaches Black Level 8, or White Level 9, how terrifying will it be?

Once the power of Senrow is promoted to chaos level.

So, Zhu Hengyu can separate 108,000 Dawson Luo Yin snakes.

Each cultivator with the Serro Yin snake will have the destructive power of white light Saint Physique!

Releasing a piece of magic, or magic skill at will!

Under the blessing of the Serro Yin snake, you can freely release the destructive power of the white light Saint Physique level.

If one day, Zhu Hengyu really summons 108,000 white light Saint Physique-class powerful soldiers.

Although the world is big, who can be his opponent?

Unfortunately, this is really difficult.

Actually, Zhu Hengyu’s power of Sen Luo has stayed at the Green Fifth Level for a long time.

In the past several decades, the Senro Yin snake separated by Zhu Hengyu has acquired a large amount of Soul Power for Zhu Hengyu…

Although for the time being, I haven’t been able to promote from Blue Five to Blue Six, but in fact, it’s only one line away.

This time seems to have risen by two paragraphs in a row, but in fact, it only rises by one paragraph.

Blue five to blue six are already on the verge of breakthrough.

The Soul Power in the 8 million Demon Sovereign realm was able to promote the power of Senrow from Qingliu to Ziqi.

Further down, the demand is even greater!

If you want to go from purple seven to black eight, the power of Senrow you need is a hundredfold improvement.

Theoretically, the power of the 800 million Demon Sovereign environment needs to be slaughtered in order to promote the power of Senrow from Purple Seven to Black Eight.

Obviously, this is almost impossible.

You can’t find 800 million experts in the Demon Sovereign realm throughout the collapsed battlefield.

Of course, it is worth mentioning…

The 8 million forbidden army, the real strength, only 70 paragraphs, the strength of the demon handsome realm.

They are just Soul Power and strength of Spirit.

The real strength is not really strong.

However, even if you search the entire collapsed battlefield, you won’t find 800 million experts in Magic Shuai.

Not even 80 million can be found.

The 8 million forbidden army, but it is unique to Monster Race.

is also the core factor for Monster Race to rise, such as this cauldron.

According to common sense…

Monster Race no matter how vast territory and abundant resources it is, the resources it possesses are not enough to cultivate 8 million expert experts.

The reason why such a huge Legion was cultivated was actually the result of chance.

Billion 10,000 years ago, the Golden Eagle tribe married Black Tiger Clan, and a new race of Monster Race-the Flying Tiger tribe was born!

The Flying Tigers are the result of the cross between the Golden Eagles and the Black Tiger Clan.

They have powerful wings of the Golden Eagle Clan.

Also possesses the violent power of Black Tiger Clan and the brutal mana.

The product of the hybridization will definitely have something special.

But at the same time, there will certainly be huge shortcomings.

The biggest feature of the Flying Tigers is not the ability to fly.

In cultivation, there is no shackles.

The shackles of the 30th and 60th paragraphs are completely absent.

This is because the meridians of the Flying Tigers are completely different from ordinary creatures.

The meridian is ten times stronger than other creatures!

The so-called shackles, simply impossible exist.

However, because the meridians are too thick, they occupy a lot of space.

Therefore, the meridians of the Flying Tigers are very simple.

Many branches and meridians have shrunk or even faded.

The thick and wide meridians make them very fast in cultivation speed.

The cultivation of the Flying Tigers is advanced by leaps and bounds, rapid progress!

However, because the meridians are too simple, compared with other normal creatures, they are basically a simplified version of the meridians.

After the Flying Tigers broke through the 60 Devil Body, the speed of improvement was extremely slow.

Although there is no shackles at all, after the 80-segment battle, the speed of its rise is slow as if it were a snail crawling.

Up to 80 sections, every time you upgrade a Devil Body, it takes a very long time.

The battle strength of the Flying Tigers is absolutely invincible.

No matter which race it is compared to, the Flying Tiger’s battle strength is not inferior.

The advantage of the Flying Tigers is that the cultivation speed is fast, and there is no shackle when promoting the battle body.

The shortcoming of the Flying Tigers is that the cultivation speed in the later period is extremely slow, and it is difficult to heavenly ascension every time a battle body is upgraded.

All in all…

Flying Tigers are the advantages and disadvantages, as well as outstanding races.

The Flying Tigers can easily produce a large number of experts.

But basically, it is difficult for the Flying Tigers to get out of Demon Sovereign.

In the past hundreds of millions of years, the Flying Tigers have only produced a single Demon Sovereign power.

The black flying tiger that smashed the flaming meteor before flying into the sky was the only Demon Sovereign realm of the flying tiger family.

In addition to him, there are three quasi-Demon Sovereign powers.

apart from this, the Flying Tigers have never appeared a Demon Sovereign realm expert.

As for the power of white light Saint Physique, that is not even half.

Comparison with Demon Sheep Clan…

In the past hundreds of millions of years, the Demon Sovereign realm expert that has appeared in the Demon Sheep Race is definitely thousands, even tens of thousands.

Total speaking of which, the Flying Tigers are easy to come first, and hardly come out of the Demon Sovereign realm expert.

The Demon Sheep Clan is difficult first, and then difficult, but the probability of exiting the expert in Demon Sovereign is very high.

Even the white light Saint Physique and the power of Primal Chaos Battle Body are not lacking.

However, for Monster Race, what they need most is not an invincible general on the battlefield.

What they need most is an elite Legion with strong strength.

The Flying Tiger Legion is the one that best meets the requirements of Monster Race.

It is also because of the 8 million flying tiger Legion that can fly to the ground, Monster Race has laid this huge territory.

The 8 million Flying Tigers have more than 70 segments.

After cultivation for a period of time, as long as the battle body reaches more than 80 segments, they can fly short distances.


Until they grow up completely, they encounter Zhu Hengyu.

Under the blow of the flaming meteor, it doesn’t make sense to fly.

Under the sky of fire and rain, even if it flies, it will only die faster.

Not to mention Tianyao City and the tragic sight at the fortress.

At the same time…

Under the eight commanders of Avatar with Fangfang.

Sixty-four black-gold battleships, each with eight cities selected.

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