Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4343


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Under the dark night…

Eight black-gold battleships are a group, suspended in the sea quietly.

At the opening of the deck at the back of the black gold battleship, a demon crystal fire cannon appeared on the deck.

Compared to a platinum battleship with a length of more than thirty meters.

The length of the black gold battleship is more than ten times longer!

On the huge battleship of three-four hundred meters, it is enough to place a large number of magic crystal fire god cannons.

Before the action began.

When the black gold battleship is deep in the seabed.

Every demon wolf shooter on the black-gold battleship is already on the deck, with a magic crystal fire god cannon!

When the agreed time comes…

The black gold battleship floated quietly to the surface.

The deck at the back of the battleship is divided towards the sides, directly revealing the eight magic crystal fire god cannons!

After only a few adjustments, all Vulcan cannons started firing one after another.

Eight black gold battleships, each of which has ten magic crystal fire god cannons on it.

Eight black-gold battleships, there are eighty tubes of magic crystal fire god cannon.

With a round of magic crystal shells, it was continuously fired.

in an instant, one after another Fire Snake, howling and jumping into the sky!

chi chi chi ……

Different from Magic Rocket!

The flying height of the magic crystal shells is actually not high.

In contrast, the magic crystal rocket flew above the clouds, flying against the clouds.

The magic crystal shells are flying under the clouds, under the clouds.

As a result, standing on the ground, as long as you look up, you can see one after another fire light, and swipe across the sky.

Eighty magic crystal fire god cannons are firing with full force!

Within hundred breaths, all 800 magic crystal shells were fired.

It is worth mentioning that the magic crystal cannonball is different from the magic crystal rocket.

Although the range is similar, the destruction range is only about 100 meters.

The area where the fragments are sputtered is only about 1000 meters.

The destructive power of magic crystal shells is many times smaller than that of magic crystal rockets.


The diameter of the strikes area is reduced by a factor of ten, not the area is also reduced by a factor of ten.

Each time the diameter of a circle doubles, the area increases more than double.

The diameter of the circle has doubled, but its area has quadrupled!

The diameter of the magic crystal rocket strikes area is ten times larger than the magic crystal shells.

The effective killing area of ​​its strikes is 40 times larger than the magic crystal shells…

Thus, although they have less energy compared to the one hundred demon wolf shooters, if they launch magic crystal shells, it is enough to fire hundreds of rounds.


dong dong dong ……

One after another dull sound, one after another magic crystal cannonball, one after another turned into a fire snake, was sent in midair.

These magic crystal shells were not made by Zhu Hengyu.

It was carefully refined by Zhu Hengyu’s arsenal.

Both the accuracy and formidable power are far from the magic crystal rocket.

Therefore, during the flight, a round of magic crystal shells gradually deviated from the course, and the one that was crooked and skewed did not know where it was shot.

Fortunately, the artillery doesn’t need precise strikes.

As long as the general direction is right and the range is right, nothing else is a problem.

chi chi chi ……

In the sharp sky-splitting sound, above the ground below, all the Monster Race people, even the pawns, looked scared, looking at one after another fire snake across the sky.

In the piercing roar, countless fire snakes, with a piercing shriek, continually skimmed across the sky.

From the direction, you can see where these fire snakes are going.

Eight, eight, and sixty-four black-gold battleships, each eight is a formation.

Under the venomous eight Avatar commanders, each of the eight military towns of Monster Race launched a devastating blow.

Different from platinum battleship…

Black gold battleship, but it’s not just a fight.

Black gold battleship simply does not fear the enemy’s approach.

Anyway, it is now above the sea. Even if the enemy’s battleship comes, it can be confronted head-on.

Not to mention, on each black gold battleship, there are ten magic crystal fire god cannons.

Even if they don’t, they can use a trebuchet to throw stone bombs to strikes the enemy’s battleship.

As a giant battleship, the black gold battleship never fears the battleship of Monster Race.

Monster Race’s battle armored ship is only 100 meters long.

Moreover, the whole body is made of wood with a layer of iron armor hanging outside.

But looking back at the black gold battleship!

The whole body is made of black gold, and its defensive power is almost indestructible.

Therefore, the black-gold battleship is absolutely impossible to fear the armored ships.

It’s okay if they don’t come…

If you dare to come, then the Magic Crystal Vulcan cannon is not only a city on strikes on land.

Strikes from a large target at close range, it is even more accurate.

A few guns can sink a ship…

On the deck of the black gold battleship, ten demon wolf shooters, with the help of dozens of demon sheep pawns.

Continuously fill a magic crystal cannonball into the magic crystal fire god cannon, and then launch it instantly.

dong dong dong ……

A dull rumbling sound.

The magic crystal cannonballs were fired one after another.

Eighty tubes of magic crystal Vulcan cannons on the eight black-gold battleships are constantly roaring.

And the other side…

In the city where they strikes, the first batch of magic crystal shells fired has dragged a long fire tail and moved towards the ground strikes.

bang! hong long! hong long long ……

One after another fierce explosion, one after another Fireball, constantly rising from the ground.

The impact area of ​​the magic crystal shells is only 100 meters.

The area where the fragments are sputtered is only 1000 meters.

But even so, it is enough.

Above the sky…

one after another fire snake, screaming across the void, rushing towards all corners of the city.

Because the accuracy is not too high.

After flying a few ten thousand meters, the overwhelming majority of the shells deviated from the target area.

It even deviated very far, very exaggerated.

In the dense explosion, magic crystal shells fired one after another, whistling dropping from the sky.

Every building was instantly shattered and fragmented, and caught in the fire sea.

Eighty Vulcan heavy artillery under constant strikes…

Fully strikes for 30 minutes…

Eighty Vulcan heavy artillery fired over 8,000 magic crystal shells!

Under the tens of thousands of shells strikes, all buildings in the entire city were destroyed.

As for the number of deaths and injuries, there is no way to count.

However, really speaking of which…

In fact, under the full strength strikes of this quarter of an hour, Zhu Hengyu’s consumption here is also extremely huge.

Eight fleets fired seven or eighty thousand magic crystal shells.

The combined value of these shells is enough to build such eight cities.

But nowadays, who still cares about the so-called economic value.

The Demon Sheep Clan is about to be destroyed. What use is there for asking for money?

They must create enough damage.

Only in this way can the North Sea Fleet be involved.

Forcibly let them divide their troops and win time and space for the Hengyu Fleet.

Only in this way can you win a glimmer of survival for the Demon Sheep!

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