Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4344


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Overnight, eight military towns were destroyed.

The capital of Monster Race was hit by an extinction, and it was completely burned into a white field.

The thing that annoys the top level of Monster Race is that they don’t even know who attacked them.

However, although it is not known who actually attacked Monster Race, one thing is certain!

That is, the opponent uses the power of the Demon Sovereign environment on the battlefield.

In other words, the attack launched by the opponent, the formidable power surpasses the formidable power of Demon Sovereign.

As everyone knows, the power above Demon Sovereign is not allowed to join the war.

Even if you go to the front, you can’t attack the city.

Otherwise, it violates the rules of the common tribes on the collapsed battlefield.

Once the rules are broken, the entire collapsed battlefield may be chaotic.

The power of the Demon Sovereign environment, once you really join the battle.

And unscrupulously, if you shot a city.

So no need to doubt, they definitely have the ability to destroy a city easily.

Experts above the Demon Sovereign level can only be confronted by experts in the Demon Sovereign level.

Although enough Demon King can be defeated head-on, even killing Demon Sovereign expert.

But the problem is…

As long as the expert in the Demon Sovereign environment is not stupid, he will not be trapped.

And even if you are trapped in the wall, as long as the Demon Sovereign expert wants to escape, you will be able to escape.

Demon Sovereign realm expert, although far from being invincible, but really want to find and kill Demon Sovereign realm expert, it is really too difficult.

If it’s just the initial expert of Demon Sovereign, it’s better to say something.

But those top-level Demon Sovereign environment experts, that is, Devil Body segment, have more than 97 segments.

They can even pass through the dimensional space without loss, or with low loss.

In this way, they can do it without a shadow, without a trace!

Even if the power of white light Saint Physique is close, there is no good way to take them.

Therefore, hundreds of millions of years ago, the ethnic groups that destroyed the battlefield made a rule.

This rule prohibits the power of Demon Sovereign from joining the battlefield.

Demon Sovereign expert is not allowed to attack hostile cities.

Once which race is violated this rule.

Then the major races on the battlefield will be destroyed, and experts above Demon Sovereign will be sent to form a coalition to completely wipe out this race from in this world.

Therefore, in the past countless years, even if the Demon Sovereign expert reached the front line, it would not openly attack and attack the city.

Otherwise, if there is a powerful shot in the Demon Sovereign environment, how can the city hold it?

Thus, although I don’t know who is attacking Monster Race yet, Monster Race is immediately and published an announcement.

Monster Race suffered a large number of joint strikes from the expert of the Demon Sovereign environment.

In order to prevent this malignant social trends from spreading, the major races must join forces, the genocide annihilation group, find out the other party, and completely wipe it from the world.

Just three hours after the announcement of Monster Race…

Zhu Hengyu also made an announcement!

As the sovereign of the Kingdom of Hengyu, Zhu Hengyu announced the destruction of the major races on the battlefield.

This attack was launched by the Hengyu Kingdom.

The reason for using the power above the Demon Sovereign level is because Monster Race has formed a demon king of more than 300 Monster Sovereign realms, and nearly three thousand Monster King Realm demon handsomes to form a beheading regiment.

It is worth mentioning that those with the strength of the demon king may not be the demon king, but can only hold the position of demon king.

And those who have the strength of Monster Sovereign may not be able to become Monster Sovereign, it may only be a demon king.

Taking Zhu Hengyu as an example, he is already an expert in the Demon Sovereign environment.

But in fact, his position is nothing more than Hengyu Demon King.

The 3,600 Sky Demon Guard under Zhu Hengyu, they all already have the first-level strength of Demon Sovereign.

But in terms of identity, they are just ordinary soldiers, not even demons.

this time ……

Monster Race’s beheading team apparently failed and was killed as much as possible.

However, this matter is real.

The body of the Monster Race beheading group is still in the royal palace of the capital of Hengyu Kingdom.

However, according to the regulations!

Once one party sent the Sovereign level expert to join the battle.

That is equivalent to actively withdrawing from the protection of the Sovereign level ban.

Now Monster Race, since they touched the Sovereign level expert, it is equivalent to actively lifting the protection of the Sovereign level ban.

Since Monster Race can use Sovereign level expert, the other party can also use it.

As a result, no matter how you call Monster Race, no one should be with them.

After all, Five Great Influences are hostile to each other.

Everyone hates to completely destroy the other Four Great Influences, thus dominating the entire collapsed battlefield.

Now that Monster Race is the first to lose money, everyone is happy to see that Monster Race is in trouble.

Once Monster Race is chaotic, it even crashes.

The other few Great Influence, but there is a strong opponent.

Of course…

If it is reversed, everything will be different.

If Zhu Hengyu dispatched the Sovereign level expert first.

The Great Influences will never sit idly by.

If you indulge in small forces and use the Sovereign level expert to provoke Five Great Influences.

So today there will be a Zhu Hengyu, tomorrow may be Zhang Hengyu, Li Hengyu, Wang Hengyu…

Once this is the case, Five Great Influences will probably be in trouble.

Therefore, Zhu Hengyu did not dare to violate the Sovereign level ban anyway.

Otherwise, what awaits him will be the joint strangulation of Five Great Influences.

I’m not used to this problem.

This precedent can never be set.

But obviously…

It is Monster Race who first violated the Sovereign level ban.

As a result, Monster Race is no longer protected by the Sovereign level ban.

The Hengyu Kingdom with Zhu Hengyu as the core can unscrupulously send out a Sovereign level expert to do whatever he wants with Monster Race.

The other Great Influences will only choose sit on top of a mountain to watch the tigers fight, and will never interfere.

And this is precisely why Zhu Hengyu dares to be so bold.

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