Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4345


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Since Monster Race dares to be unscrupulous and touches the beheading Legion, then Zhu Hengyu does not need to have any concerns.

Have to say…

Monster Race made a huge mistake.

In the view of the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race.

Hengyu Kingdom is the last resistance force of the Demon Sheep Race.

As long as the Hengyu Kingdom is gone, the Demon Sheep Clan will also collapse in an instant.

When they want to come, as long as they have completed the beheading of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Then the Demon Sheep Race is over without the heads of dragons.

At this point, Monster Race’s North Sea Fleet’s judgment is correct.

Even Zhu Hengyu has to admit this.

If it weren’t for coincidence, the decapitation group just hit the fireworks celebration.

Then at this moment, the Hengyu Kingdom should be in a mess.

All high-level officials were killed.

Three thousand armored ships were also destroyed.

In this way, even if Zhu Hengyu and his legions are still alive, they can’t resist the invasion of Monster Race.

With the tens of thousands of armored ships of the Shao clan, it is absolutely possible to completely destroy the demon sheep clan within a year.

But this World is like that.

Everything only depends on the result, no one will care if.

No one will care, what will happen if they succeed.

The reality is that Monster Race’s decapitation failed.

After violating the Sovereign level ban and sending a Sovereign level expert.

They not only failed to decapitate, but also left their bodies there.

With all the money, Monster Race can’t even deny it.

Facing the announcement from Zhu Hengyu, the top level of Monster Race was speechless.

The sneak attack that night failed to bomb all the monsters in Monster Race.

First of all, the big men of the military department were not all in the military department at that time.

Even if you were in the military department at that time, with their strength, you can still have a certain life.

Despite the sneak attack that night, hundreds of Monster Race leaders were killed on the spot.

But those are relatively weak, or bad luck.

All in all, the monsters of the Monster Race army, the damage is not too great.

Especially the top level of the Monster Race army, there is no loss.

However, in the face of today’s situation, the monsters of the Monster Race military department are also a little panicked.

Beheading operation is a decision made by Monster Race North Sea Fleet privately, not at all ask Monster Race military department for instructions.

At the top of Monster Race’s North Sea Fleet, trifling the Kingdom of Hengyu is absolutely impossible to fight against the beheading Legion.

Through Monster Race’s intelligence system, they already have a thorough understanding of Monster Race’s intelligence.

More than three thousand demon handsomes and more than three hundred Demon Kings of the Demon Sheep clan died almost on the Altar of Curse.

The Moyang Clan should no longer have high-end battle strength.

So, even if a Sovereign level expert is sent?

Clean hands and feet, killing everyone on the scene, who would know?

What if someone sees it?

You said I sent a Sovereign level expert, did I send it?

Then I said I didn’t send it, why don’t you believe me?

As long as there is no hard evidence, Monster Race is not afraid of blaming.

Unfortunately, Monster Race absolutely didn’t expect.

Beheaded Legion, the whole army was destroyed, and all died in the capital of the Hengyu Kingdom.

Monster Race can’t deny that there are dead bodies to testify.

The so-called, the wrong one, the whole game is lost.

Because of the wrong judgment of the power of the Hengyu Kingdom, the other party made the most bad move.

To this day, Monster Race has proactively lifted the Sovereign level ban.

As a result, Zhu Hengyu can use high-end military force to compete with Monster Race.

Whether on the low-end military force or the high-end military force, the Kingdom of Hengyu is nothing compared to Monster Race.

However, with the high-end military force in his hand, Zhu Hengyu can achieve mutual violence with Monster Race!

If you slaughter me, I can destroy you.

If you trap me on an island, I can destroy you.

Maybe Monster Race dominates in speed and efficiency.

If you really want to exchange money like this, then it won’t take long for Zhu Hengyu to have no money to exchange.

The archipelago of the demon sheep family is limited after all.

However, once the Demon Sheep Islands have all fallen, Zhu Hengyu has no worries.

Monster Race will cost you in this life…

You have honoured all my sons, you have no sons to honour, huh?

But I can continue to destroy your city and destroy your island, forever!

Once you really get there, Monster Race is really in trouble.

Soon, all actions of Monster Race North Sea Fleet will be temporarily suspended.

The top level of the Monster Race North Sea Fleet was recalled to the military department, and a reasonable explanation was given for this incident.

And right at the top of Monster Race’s North Sea Fleet, on the way back to Monster Race…

Zhu Hengyu did not at all stop the pace of attack.

After a full day of rest, they will appear next to other cities, and will strike at the military targets in the city, destroying them.

Although the contradictions between them are irreconcilable.

Both sides, either you died or I died!

But even so, Zhu Hengyu will not strike against the civilian area.

They will always aim at military installations and military camps in major cities.

As the shells and rockets deviated from their targets during the flight, no one can control them.

Even if it really happened, Zhu Hengyu could do nothing.

In the face of Zhu Hengyu’s crazy rampage and destruction, the Monster Race executives were anxious.

A warning was issued to Zhu Hengyu, asking him to stop the destruction immediately…

Unfortunately, Zhu Hengyu ignored the Monster Race warning.

Beheading operations are all started, there is no room for reconciliation between each other!

For the next half a month, sixty-four black gold battleships were continuously dispatched.

Every day, eight black gold fleets are dispatched once to destroy a city.

And of course Zhu Hengyu will not fall behind…

Platinum battleship is always aimed at the coastal, the most developed and prosperous city of Monster Race.

Every day, eight military towns and an economic town are completely destroyed.

In the face of such a huge loss, Monster Race can no longer sit still.

They no longer want to know who is right and who is wrong.

I don’t want to know why the Monster Race Beihai Fleet sent the beheading Legion.

Under the operation of Monster Race, Dragon Race and Phoenix Clan initiate discussions.

And the star Immortal Sect intervenes to stop all armed conflicts between the two parties.

If the Kingdom of Hengyu continues wantonly slaughter.

You will be subject to the most severe sanctions…

Changed to other races and forces, facing the combined threat of Monster Race, Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, and even Star Immortal Sect.

Surely he will halt and stop all actions immediately.

But Zhu Hengyu is obviously not such a person.

Zhu Hengyu’s temper is actually very good.

Few people can really anger him!

But once Zhu Hengyu is really enraged, who will intercept, he will not care.

Four Great Races-Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Monster Race, and Star Immortal Sect are indeed powerful.

But when Monster Race invaded the Demon Sheep, where were they?

Now Monster Race suffers, they stand up, why?

And most importantly…

Zhu Hengyu is very clear, he is useless to stop.

What if you accept mediation?

Monster Race is a little slower, but it still needs to destroy the Demon Sheep Race.

In any case, Monster Race is absolutely impossible and let go of the Kingdom of Hengyu.

Impossible also let go of the demon sheep…

Who would be willing to spit out the meat at his mouth?

Once Zhu Hengyu accepts the mediation, Monster Race will surely mobilize a large number of navies once it slows down, directly destroying the Demon Sheep.

At that time, even if Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, and Star Immortal Sect come out to mediate, Monster Race will not bother.

Zhu Hengyu knows very well that he cannot be lucky.

At a critical moment, Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, and Star Immortal Sect will only favor Monster Race, and will never favor the Devils.

Despite the collapse of the battlefield, all forces are hostile to each other.

But even if they are hostile to each other, the degree of hostility is different.

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