Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4347


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After a month of indiscriminate bombing!

The surviving citizens of all major cities have determined that it is the ultimate magic of Hengyu Demon King-the World of Fire and Rain!

Everyone thinks that the fire rain hiding the sky and covering the earth was initiated by Hengyu Great Demon King alone.

If it is a unit, a Legion launches.

So Monster Race is not blind, how can it not be able to find the traces of large troops?

But what Monster Race can’t understand is…

If it is said that Zhu Hengyu launched this annihilating fire and rain.

So, how is it possible for him to launch a firestorm of extinction in different places and in different cities at the same night?

Faced with this question, someone soon gave an explanation.

Obviously, Zhu Hengyu is definitely the power of white light Saint Physique. He can ignore the anti-space storm and freely start the dimensional shuttle to and from various cities.

In this way, everything can be explained.

With one person, Zhu Hengyu pretends to be an illusion of countless teams, and also tries to deter Monster Race.

But obviously, the Demon Sheep is impossible and has many Demon Sovereign powers.

Zhu Hengyu must have released the extinct fire rain.

More and more people believe this statement.

In the major cities of Monster Race, the name Hengyu Demon King has become a taboo!

Anyone who dares to call this name directly will immediately be covered in mouth.

In the words of Monster Race children…

Once the name of Hengyu Demon King is called directly, he will be immediately sensed by him.

Once he is sensed by him, he will appear outside the city at midnight.

Raise the endless rain of annihilation and wash away all sins!

Although this statement is completely nonsense.

However, the more nonsense, the more mysterious, the more unpredictable and unpredictable.

The more mysterious, unpredictable, and unpredictable, the more easily superstitious.


Hengyu Demon King has become the nightmare of Monster Race!

Who dares to be yelled on the street-Hengyu Great Demon King is here!

So no need to doubt!

Within ten breaths, the entire street will definitely be empty.

Everyone will be frightened and flee.

In the face of the willful behavior of the Hengyu Kingdom!

For a while, Four Great Influences was a little bit waxy.

From now on, I really want everyone to send a Sovereign level expert to jointly annihilate the Kingdom of Hengyu, but I can’t do it.

However, it is easy to wreck Hengyu Kingdom.

However, it is really difficult to destroy Zhu Hengyu’s army.

In the face of such a crazy Zhu Hengyu, no one dared to provoke the upper body!

Four Great Influences also understand it.

Monster Race has forced the Hengyu Kingdom, and even Zhu Hengyu, to a desperate situation.

In this case, mediation is useless.

The left and right are dead, who cares how they die.

If you cannot guarantee the safety of Zhu Hengyu, and even the entire Hengyu Kingdom.

So, Zhu Hengyu will never listen to mediation.

In a moment…

Four Great Influences were forced here.

The sanctions against the Hengyu Kingdom are not, not to mention sanctions.

At the top of Four Great Influences, while trying to mediate.

Zhu Hengyu has converged his demonic energy, wandering in the major cities of Monster Race.

After converging all the demonic energy, Zhu Hengyu is no different from an ordinary goat cultivator.

The only thing that can distinguish each other is demonic energy.

The ordinary goat cultivator has no trace of demonic energy.

And once there is a surge of demonic energy, it must be a cultivator of the Demon Sheep.

What Zhu Hengyu does is never going to do it alone.

Not completely crazy and ridiculous, just decide one thing based on your own likes and dislikes.

Every time a target is selected, Zhu Hengyu will conduct an investigation in advance.

First, Zhu Hengyu must determine the exact location of the city inside the pool, military facilities, and military station.

Second, Zhu Hengyu wants to determine whether the people in these cities are kind and friendly.

Three times,…

All in all, what Zhu Hengyu wants to investigate and research is by no means one thing.

Only a trip in person can he determine the fate of this city!

At this moment…

Zhu Hengyu walked slowly on the streets of Monster Race.

Look on both sides of the road…

In front of the shop on the street, a slaughtered one was hung, and the body of the demon sheep people was taken out.

Of course, although in the view of Zhu Hengyu, these all are the bodies of the demon sheep people.

In Monster Race’s view, these are the most delicious and coveted foods.

They can’t live without such delicious meat all day.


ha ha ha ha ……

Zhu Hengyu walked all the way, several Monster Race children screamed all the way, and ran past him.

Looking at those Monster Race children, Zhu Hengyu narrowed his eyes slightly.

In the hands of one of the children, a head of a demon sheep cultivator was horrified.

The head of the Demon Sheep Cultivator has been badly cooked.

The meat on the face has also been gnawed off half, revealing the skull below.

The hands of several other Monster Race children are not empty.

Some carry the leg bones of a demon sheep cultivator.

Some dragged the rib of a demon sheep cultivator.

Every Monster Race child eats a mouthful of oil and is happy.

Take a long breath…

Zhu Hengyu stopped at a corner of the wall.

Look at it…

The corners are filled with large, clean bones that have been eaten.

Beside the corner, there is a very popular big bone shop.

This shop is dealing with soy sauce!

The big bones they use are the leg bones of the Demon Sheep.

While Zhu Hengyu stopped, silently mourning the pile of bones.

The door to the shop next door opened, and a Monster Race guy, carrying a large pot of lamb bones, oh la la fell on the bone pile.

Although, Zhu Hengyu knew that these tragic slaughtering monsters who became Monster Race food after death were not the people of the Hengyu Kingdom.

However, as the Demon King of the Demon Sheep Army!

Zhu Hengyu still has a responsibility to protect the people of the Demon Sheep.

Now, they have fallen to such a situation, although it is also having only oneself to blame, but Zhu Hengyu’s responsibility cannot be shirk after all.

The same sentence…

Whether it is political or military, it only talks about the results, not the process.

Shivering and taking a long breath…

Zhu Hengyu slowly reached out the right hand and took out a black leather manual from his arms.

Opening the black leather manual, Zhu Hengyu turned over thirty pages in a row, and then stopped.

Put the right hand index finger into the mouth.

Zhu Hengyu bit his index finger between sharp teeth and moved it fiercely on the page of the book, hitting a red cross!

The densely packed ones on the entire black leather manual list the names of each and everyone.

These names correspond to the major cities of Monster Race.

All the cities where Zhu Hengyu was hit with a red cross will be the targets of Zhu Hengyu’s full blow.

In the whole city, regardless of men and women, regardless of old and young, all will be killed!

When Zhu Hengyu wanted to come, Monster Race is bad, and it has good people after all.

However, after Zhu Hengyu continuously explored more than 30 cities, Zhu Hengyu was desperate.

Monster Race and Demon Sheep Race, this is not a simple hate problem.

Monster Race simply is not invading the Devil Race.

Their attack on the Demon Sheep is like a lion attacking the flock.

They are not invading the flock, they are just hunting and foraging.

Monster Race and Demon Race, although they are both intelligent creatures, the hatred between them is irreconcilable.

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