Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4348


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Monster Race is alive, it’s about eating meat.

The Demon Sheep are their hunting targets.

If you want to continue to survive, the Monster Sheep must exterminate Monster Race!

Only when Monster Race is dead, will the Devil Clan lose its natural enemies and be free to survive in this world.

As long as Monster Race exists for a day, the Demon Sheep must suffer.

Zhu Hengyu can accept other races and be hostile to the Demon Sheep Race.

But he will never allow anyone to feed on the Demon Sheep.

Recall what I witnessed these days with my own eyes…

Zhu Hengyu dare not recall many tragic scenes.

The most tragic things that Zhu Hengyu can imagine have certainly happened.

Even the tragedy that even Zhu Hengyu couldn’t think of is happening.

Many of the people of the Devil Sheep tribe who fell into the hands of Monster Race and lived there were miserable. The ordinary person could not imagine it anyway…

Many Monster Race cultivator, the favorite is eating raw!

It’s better to slice the meat directly from the fresh prey body.

Moreover, these prey are not too old, the younger the better…

It is best to dip it in the blood of red and swallow it in one bite. That is the supreme enjoyment.

From Zhu Hengyu’s perspective…

All this did Monster Race, Zhu Hengyu vowed to kill him.

The cooking skills of Monster Race are still very good.

During the entire cooking process, they can ensure that the people of the Moyang clan are constantly angry.

Under the premise of keeping the opponent alive, cut thousands of slices of thin as cicada wing from the opponent’s body evenly.

This is really miserable…

The so-called chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, that’s it.

Facing such a tragedy…

Zhu Hengyu really has no way to turn a blind eye.

There is no way to tolerate that such things continue to happen indefinitely.


For the mediation of Four Great Influences, Zhu Hengyu completely ignored it.

If they have the ability, they will find Zhu Hengyu and kill him.

Otherwise, these committing any imaginable misdeed Monster Race will all die!

Time is passing day by day…

The joint strike against Monster Race continues.

The leader of Four Great Influences, despite having delivered multiple ultimatums, warned Zhu Hengyu that he must stop the attack immediately and sit at the negotiating table to discuss the future.

Unfortunately, Zhu Hengyu simply ignored these.

When Monster Race continues to invade the Demon Sheep Clan and slaughter the Demon Sheep people, they and everyone pretend to be deaf and dumb.

Now that Monster Race is losing, has a group of people jumped out to preside over justice?

From the moment the Monster Race sends the decapitation team!

The hatred and contradiction between Zhu Hengyu and Monster Race have become irreconcilable.

In a moment…

Monster Race’s major coastal cities are constantly suffering devastating blows from Zhu Hengyu.

In the North Sea region, the major military towns also suffered heavy losses under the joint attack of 64 black gold battleships.

And the demon sheep clan…

Ten thousands of Monster Race battleships of the North Sea Fleet are also constantly being attacked by 3,000 Hengyu fleets.

With the advantages of speed and range…

Under the command and deployment of Gan Ning, the Hengyu Fleet is like a ghost, coming without a shadow and going without a trace!

Every day, Monster Race North Sea Fleet will suffer huge losses.

In just three months, more than 3,000 battleships have been damaged!

After successfully resurrecting more than 3,000 Monster Race battleships.

The three thousand Legion of the Kingdom of Hengyu, each added a team.

Originally, three thousand Legion, each Legion has only one battle armored ship.

Now, the number of battle armored ships per Legion has reached two!

After the modification, its speed and defensive power have doubled.

As a result, the navy of the Kingdom of Hengyu has reached 60 Million!

Monster Race North Sea Fleet is not so bad.

The most important reason is…

The Zhu Hengyu side really scared Monster Race.

Until now, the top level of Monster Race has counted on Four Great Influences to unite, suppress Zhu Hengyu, and stop him from continuing to bomb the city of Monster Race.

And to do this, you must temporarily stop all military operations against the Demon Sheep.

Therefore, the Battleship of the 10,000-plus North Sea Fleet of Monster Race can only be parked in the port, and cannot go to sea at all.

Even if the demon sheep clan hit the door, they dare not chase after!

With such a slight delay, the forces of the Hengyu Fleet have already overtaken the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race.

With the passage of three months…

The North Sea Fleet of Monster Race also has more than 8,000 battleships.

The Hengyu Fleet of the Hengyu Kingdom has more than 6,000 fleets.

Even if they fight, the Demon Sheep are fearless!

Six thousand to 8,000, the gap between them is not big.

Moreover, after the transformation of the shipyard affiliated to Ice Demon Heavy Industry!

The speed and defensive power of these battleships have multiplied!

100 meters for ten seconds, that is still an ordinary person.

100 meters for five seconds, that is already superman.

The speed is so, the defense is even more so!

After doubling the defensive power of battle armored ships, they are no longer afraid of ordinary stone bombs.

Even if a hundred stone bullets are hit in a row, the battleship will only be hit with a lot of depressions.

If you want to rely on stone bullets to sink a modified battleship with doubled defense, at least thousands of stone bullets are needed!

The most feared thing about the Hengyu fleet is the white-blade battle on the side!

The strength of the Demon Sheep cultivator is inferior to Monster Race after all.

Fortunately, with the magic power of three thousand name Tianmo Guard, they don’t need battleship near Monster Race at all.

As long as it is far away, with the advantage of range, long-range strikes are enough.

Until the other party’s vitality on the battleship is completely bombarded! Then you can send a tugboat to tow away the battleship of Monster Race.

Of course…

Monster Race battleship, won’t sit and watch them drag the Monster Race battleship away.

But whoever dared to come over, whoever blasted!

It’s not possible to save people, but you might get yourself in.

If the opponent dares to chase, then run away with the advantage of speed.

While running, use remote strikes to bomb the opponent’s vitality!

Under the restrictions of the Monster Race military order…

Although there are tens of thousands of warships in the North Sea Fleet, none of them dared to chase them out.

Although, without attacking, they can only wait to die here.

However, once the military order is disobeyed, it is necessary to link the nine races!

Therefore, the soldiers of the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race would rather watch the Hengyu Fleet wielding a butcher knife and devour them.

But still dare not drive the battleship and fight against the Hengyu Fleet!

Since the Monster Race has issued a military order, it must be followed no matter what.

However, although it is impossible to fight, every day, the top level of the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race will send an emergency military situation to the Monster Race army to report their losses.

And, they tried hard to apply for the battle, sweeping the Demon Sheep.

Unfortunately, Monster Race Military Department, who can still care for the North Sea Fleet.

Trifling the North Sea Fleet, destroy it, then destroy it.

In any case, you can’t irritate each other anymore.

Otherwise, if you want to talk to Zhu Hengyu, and a complete truce, it really may not be at all.

Unfortunately, with psychological support…

Despite Zhu Hengyu’s attack on three sides, he slaughtered without mercy.

However, the top of the military department of Monster Race is still in constant consultation with other Three Great Influences.

Continuous pressure on Zhu Hengyu to push Zhu Hengyu to the negotiating table.

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