Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4349


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With the passage of three months…

Ganning made a major decision!

That is, within the harbour of Monster Race, fight against Monster Race!

Although once the battle is heading towards the front, the Hengyu Fleet is bound to suffer heavy casualties.

However, it can wipe out Monster Race North Sea Fleet once and for all.

Don’t even want to run…

As for that, it is worthwhile to sacrifice a lot of people from the Devil’s Clan.

Such a big move must be approved by Zhu Hengyu.

The usual small-scale battles are fine.

Zhu Hengyu is too lazy to ask.

Everything is discussed by Ganing and Corpion Head of 3,000 Legion.

But a major event like the decisive battle was must apply to Zhu Hengyu.

In the face of Gan Ning’s application, Zhu Hengyu rejected it.

A decisive battle?

Not needed at all…

You can continue to devour the whale, there is no need to tearless the life of the pawns of the demon sheep.

As for whether the North Sea Fleet will run away, there is no need to worry.

2nd day Early in the morning, Zhu Hengyu posted a message.

Accept the mediation of Four Great Influences and sit on the negotiating table with Monster Race.

After seeing Zhu Hengyu finally accept the mediation, the Monster Race executives were overjoyed.

immediately, the time and place are agreed.

Facing the location of the negotiation given by Monster Race, Zhu Hengyu directly refused.

Monster Race hopes that the location of the negotiations can be placed within the territory of Monster Race.

But Zhu Hengyu did not accept it!

Since we have to negotiate, we must show sincerity.

Want to negotiate? That had to be done in the territory of the Kingdom of Hengyu.

The rank and status of the people involved in the negotiation must be high enough.

No more than ten accompanying persons!

Following Zhu Hengyu’s request, Monster Race might agree.

If only 10 people were to go, in case Zhu Hengyu turned his head and wouldn’t kill them all?

Therefore, Monster Race proposed that the location of the negotiations should be set at the junction of the two communities.

I want to come in Monster Race, is there always no problem?

But in the face of this proposal, Zhu Hengyu refused again.

The so-called junction of Monster Race, that is, not long ago, Monster Race invaded the past from the Devil Race.

Zhu Hengyu is impossible anyway, in the land he has fallen, negotiate with anyone, and can’t afford to lose that face…

In a short while, the two sides began a continuous dispute over the location of the negotiation.

And between fierce disputes, a month has passed!

Within a month…

Under the craze of the Hengyu Fleet, the 8,000 battleships of Monster Race were once again destroyed by more than 4,000 ships.

From now on…

The number of battleships of Moyang Clan, Hengyu Kingdom, and Hengyu Fleet has exceeded 10,000!

However, the number of battleships of the Monster Race North Sea Fleet has dropped to about 3,000.

The forces of the enemy and me suddenly reversed!

Moreover, the performance of the battleships of the two sides, the Hengyu fleet also occupied an overwhelming advantage.

Now, even if the other party wants to run, they don’t have to run.

Unfortunately, Monster Race’s military approval was not obtained…

The number of battleships has dropped to more than 3,000.

Finally, the Commander of the North Sea Fleet Monster Race knows that they must retreat.

If you don’t retreat, even these three thousand battleships might be defeated.

At that time, even if they wanted to run, there was no boat to ride.

Taking advantage of a dark night…

Three thousand Monster Race battleships left the port silently.

Trying to sneak back into the heart of Monster Race.

Unfortunately, their actions have long been included in Ganing’s calculations.

Under the dark, Monster Race’s 3,000 battleships crashed into the encirclement of the Hengyu Fleet.

Ten thousand battleships, against three thousand battleships.

And the performance of the other’s battleship is stronger than that many!

This kind of battle is really impossible to fight.

The battle started at dawn and ended at noon.

Three thousand Monster Race battleships, the whole army is destroyed!

So far, the number of Hengyu fleet has reached 12,000!

The average number of battleships under the control of each Legion has reached four!

Monster Race North Sea Fleet is dying…

Next, the 12,000 battleships of the Hengyu Fleet were scattered and quickly recovered the lost ground.

The so-called, the gathering is a fire, the scattered sky is full of stars!

According to the rules formulated by Zhu Hengyu…

Three thousand Legion, all have absolute autonomy.

What they want to do, there is no need to ask Zhu Hengyu.

Although restricted by Zhu Hengyu’s rank, the leader of the three thousand Legion can only be protected by Feng Moshuai.

However, their actual rights are no different from Demon Sovereign!

As long as it does not violate morality, it does not violate the law.

They can do whatever they want, and no one will hold them back.

As long as 30% of the income is paid as king tax.

Others, Zhu Hengyu simply did not ask.

As for saying that he betrayed Zhu Hengyu and established his own portal! They dare not even think about it.

Not to mention, there is a deterrent from the Altar of Curse.

Even if there is no altar of resentment, they dare not do it.

You know, within three thousand Legion! Each Legion is assigned a worship!

The power of this devotion is the first level of Demon Sovereign!

It is with these three thousand devotions that they can fight against the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race without fighting blood.

Once angered Zhu Hengyu!

So, what they can do today, Zhu Hengyu can still do it.

Once these three thousand deities are lost!

There is no difference between them and Monster Race’s North Sea Fleet.

You can only be beaten there silly and wait for death…

Moreover, the Corps Head of Three Thousand Legion, as well as the two deputy commanders, have all been planted into the Senro Yin Snake.

Although they did not know it themselves, in fact, they had already become Zhu Hengyu’s loyal loyalty.

For them…

simply will never betray this idea.

If anyone dares to present similar opinions and suggestions in front of them.

So no need to doubt…

They will instantly enter a state of rage and directly kill each other alive.

After the three thousand Hengyu fleets are dispersed…

Starting to conquer the lost ground and build your own kingdom.

With the blood sheep island as the boundary…

The islands within the blood sheep island, no one will occupy.

The reason for this is not that everyone does not want to occupy, but Zhu Hengyu does not let it occupy!

In Zhu Hengyu’s words, as the Demon King of the Demon Sheep Clan! He is obliged to keep the Demon Sheep intact.

Since this territory was lost in his hands, it is necessary for him to take it back by himself.

However, the islands and territories beyond Sea Territory are completely different.

In those areas, Zhu Hengyu had fallen before joining the Demon Sheep Army.

Even if it wasn’t lost in his hands, he has no obligation to take it back.

According to the rules of the Moyang Clan!

These lost grounds, whoever grabs them back is their territory!

Who’s Fiefdom!

Once the robbed territory is large enough, you can stand up as Demon King!

Of course…

As the soldiers under the command of Zhu Hengyu, the Corps Head of 3,000 Legion is absolutely not dare to be king!

Otherwise, isn’t their rank and status comparable to Zhu Hengyu?

Or more…

Once they work, they become the Demon Sovereign of the Demon Sheep!

Does that mean that Zhu Hengyu will also obey their assignment?

Therefore, even if a large number of islands are occupied, no one will be king!

However, all the materials, wealth, and resources on these islands belong to them…

As long as the 30% royal tax is paid, the rest will be allocated by them.

The Monster Race North Sea Fleet has been completely destroyed.

On the entire North Sea, there is no longer any power to block the Hengyu Fleet.

More than 12,000 battleships scattered!

The place you passed was like a locust crossing.

Without the guard of the fleet, Monster Race’s soldiers remained on the islands and could not stop the Hengyu Fleet.

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