Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4350


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To regain lost ground as quickly as possible.

In order to occupy as many islands as possible.

The Hengyu Fleet made a request to Zhu Hengyu, hoping that Zhu Hengyu could come forward and communicate with the Demon Ox Clan.

Highly hired warriors of the Demon Ox Clan to help clear the remains of Monster Race on the island.

Faced with everyone’s request, Zhu Hengyu did not refuse.

What everyone thinks is actually not what he wants?

However, if you hire and so on at a high price, then you are free.

Monster Race is annihilated not only for the Devil Sheep Race, but also for the safety of the Demon Bull Race!

Zhu Hengyu does not need to hire anyone at all.

A paper document was sent to the Demon Ox Clan…

Soon, the Demon Clan War Department agreed to Zhu Hengyu’s request.

30,000,000 soldiers of the Demon Clan can help the Kingdom of Hengyu and clear the remaining races of Monster Race on the islands for free!

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s great generosity…

All members of the Hengyu Fleet couldn’t help but look frightened!

They really didn’t expect that Zhu Hengyu’s prestige in the Demon Cow Clan was so high!

In one sentence, you can mobilize 30,000,000 Demon Cow Warriors and let them drive!

From now on…

Under Zhu Hengyu, although there are not too many soldiers and Legion.

However, the entire shipbuilding industry is in the hands of Zhu Hengyu.

Moreover, behind Zhu Hengyu, stood the huge Devil Cow Clan!

Once angered Zhu Hengyu!

Even if he has nothing, he can turn his hands into clouds and his hands into rain.

Nothing else, as long as the shipyard affiliated to Bingmo Heavy Industries does not provide them with repair services.

So little is one year, as much as three years!

These more than 12,000 battleships will all become 12,000 piles of garbage, and they will not be able to start.

Once the battleship is lost, what else to fight?

Zhu Hengyu doesn’t need to do anything. Monster Race alone is enough to swallow them alive.

And Zhu Hengyu………

However, you can quickly build an invincible fleet, completely occupy Sea Territory, and gain the right to control the sea.

Cooperate with the advancement of the ground forces of Demon Cow Race!

Just think about it, everyone shudders.

What Zhu Hengyu lacks most is time.

Just give Zhu Zhu Hengyu time, then, with his resources, technology, and strength!

Only with him alone is enough to fight against the entire Monster Race.

In fact…

Is Zhu Hengyu at this moment not relying on one person to turn things around?

Although on the surface, it is three thousand Hengyu Legion, who won the war.

But without Zhu Hengyu, where did those 3,000 battleships come from?

Without Zhu Hengyu’s containment, how could the Monster Race Beihai Fleet stand obediently and honestly and be beaten there without chasing back?

If it weren’t for the three thousand Heavenly Demon Guard sent by Zhu Hengyu, what means would they use to defeat the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race?

Even if, if it weren’t for Shipyards under Ice Demon Heavy Industry, upgrade their battleship.

They simply do not have enough strength to fight the Monster Race North Sea Fleet.

Don’t look at it now, they seem to be majestic, and what they have passed is crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, invincible.

But if now, Zhu Hengyu turned around and left, no longer paid attention to them.

So it won’t take long…

Once Monster Race turns around, target them.

No need to doubt…

The situation of the Moyang clan is essentially different from that of not at all.

What about tens of thousands of battleships?

With a large population and resource advantages.

Monster Race can build more fleets at any time!

Speaking of fundamentals…

The power of the trifling family of the devil sheep tribe wants to fight against the huge Monster Race, which is too overestimate one’s capabilities.

Although Zhu Hengyu is definitely not a tyrant! However, whether it is Monster Race, or within the Demon Sheep Race.

No one dared to call Zhu Hengyu’s name taboo!

When everyone mentions Zhu Hengyu, he will surely face a cup of one fist in the other hand in the sky, honorably called His Majesty Demon King!

If anyone dares to speak directly to Zhu Hengyu’s name without showing enough respect.

So no doubt, everyone will alienate him.

Even, someone will stand up on the spot, scold him, or even beat him!

In particular, when this matter reached the ears of Corps Head and the deputy commander, it was even more terrible.

Everyone who dares to do this will definitely have his tongue cut off and then deported!

Even if that person is a relative of the heads and deputy heads, he will never be spared.

Otherwise, once understood is enshrined.

I am afraid that Corps Head and Vice Corps Head will also be slapped!

Does this Corps Head and the deputy head want to do it?

The old saying is good…

Jun worrys about his humiliation, and humiliates his death!

Even Zhu Hengyu didn’t take it into consideration, wouldn’t they be stepped on the soles of their feet as slaves?

Not to mention, how Legion attacked the city and looted the ground, and recovered the lost ground.

The other side…

As the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race is destroyed, the top level of Monster Race’s military department finally realizes.

They seem to be deceived!

Zhu Hengyu said that accepting the negotiations was actually just to delay time and paralyze Monster Race.

Because Zhu Hengyu agreed to negotiate, they did not issue a retreat order in time.

The North Sea Fleet of Monster Race is completely destroyed.

The Hengyu Fleet already has more than 12,000 battle armored ships.

As a result, the maritime forces alone.

On the whole North Sea, it is the Kingdom of Hengyu who has the final say.

At this point, no Monster Race warship is cruising on the entire North Sea.

The people on the Great Island of Monster Race are facing the situation of being slaughtered.

Monster Race could not negotiate with Zhu Hengyu.

A large number of merchant ships, cargo ships, and transport ships were sent directly to move the Monster Race people on the island back to the land as much as possible…

Otherwise, once the army of the Hengyu Kingdom comes over, I am afraid that everyone will die!

In a moment…

On the North Sea of ​​Monster Race, all the islands will collapse without fighting!

Wait for the arrival of the Hengyu Fleet, the Monster Race people on the island have completely run out.

All the way, the three thousand Hengyu fleet only needs to continuously receive the island.

On the dock of the port, just raise your Legion flag.

There is no need to fight at all, so they occupied island after island.

At the same time…

In order to involve the Monster Race army!

Zhu Hengyu and the sixty-four black gold battleships have never stopped their actions.

Every midnight…

They will launch fierce shelling against the major cities of Monster Race!

Although the targets are only military areas and military buildings, no one can guarantee that every shell will not deviate from the target.

Facing such a chaotic collapse!

Monster Race Army, issued an ultimatum!

If Zhu Hengyu never stops the destruction of the coastal city of Monster Race.


Monster Race will dispatch Imperial Race’s Imperial Family Guard Legion to launch a devastating blow against the Demon Sheep!

Once you are really forced to this situation.

Then Monster Race may still have no way to take Zhu Hengyu.

But the entire Devil Sheep Clan, nearly 3,000,000,000 people, will inevitably die completely in a short time!

In the Kingdom of Hengyu, there will never be a live mouth!


Unless Zhu Hengyu wants to drag the entire Demon Sheep Race together with Monster Race perish.

Otherwise, he must stop all invasions.

Sit at the negotiating table and negotiate with Monster Race!

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