Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4351


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In the face of Monster Race’s ultimatum, Zhu Hengyu turned a deaf ear and went on his own way.

The blood debt owed by Monster Race must be repaid with blood.

The most important thing is that Zhu Hengyu has clearly seen the relationship between the two parties.

This is not a contradiction between enemies and ourselves, but a contradiction between races.

As long as Monster Race exists for a day, it is to feed the Devil Race.

The contradiction between them is absolutely irreconcilable.

Monster Race is a carnivore. If you want them to be herbivores, that is definitely impossible.

The magic sheep clan wants to avoid being on the corner at the same time, which is impossible.

Zhu Hengyu is very clear, although Monster Race has no way to take him temporarily.

However, Monster Race impossible can never find a way to deal with Zhu Hengyu.

As long as they find a way to wake up Monster Race’s Monster Sovereign, they will surely be able to find Zhu Hengyu and even intercept Zhu Hengyu.

Once that day is reached, Zhu Hengyu is thinking of annihilating the Legion of Monster Race, and then thinking of madly enhancing the power of Senro, it is almost an impossible thing.

With the power above Saint Physique, you can use Saint Physique’s strong defense to move freely through the dimension space.

However, once the cultivation base of the cultivator reaches white light Saint Physique, it will not stay here again.

The core of the collapsed battlefield, the real collapsed battlefield, is their home!

Only there is it possible to promote white light Saint Physique to Primal Chaos Battle Body.

Zhu Hengyu has clearly seen the situation between the enemy and us.

What kind of armistice agreement do you want to win the opportunity to struggle on whilst at death’s door?

Sometimes sooner or later, you are still going to perish.

If you really want long-term stability, there are only two ways.

Or, it is to improve the strength and power of the Demon Sheep Race as soon as possible to form a powerful and huge army of Demon Sheep Races.

Or, it is to destroy the Legion of Monster Race as much as possible, and destroy its vitality as much as possible.

Simply put it, either make yourself strong, or make the enemy weak, and no other methods.

The Demon Sheep has just experienced a catastrophe. In a short time, it is simply impossible and powerful.

Monster Race will not give them this time.

The Devil Sheep tribe wants to be heavier and stronger, and it takes too long.

For now, in fact, the most reasonable way is to eliminate Monster Race as much as possible before Monster Race finds a way to deal with Zhu Hengyu.

Monster Race is more than just fighting against the Sheep Race.

In the south, they will also fight against the Phoenix Clan army.

In the east, you have to play against the star Immortal Sect.

Zhu Hengyu only needs to seize the time, before Monster Race finds a way to deal with him, completely destroy the Legion of Monster Race North Sea!

Then Monster Race will take a long time to recover.

And while the Monster Race recovers, the Demon Sheep can develop at full speed and grow up.

Zhu Hengyu can be sure that this is the only chance for the Demon Sheep Race.

Now if you retreat, Monster Race can be sent to the Demon Sheep Islands with a little bit of rectification.

At that time, Zhu Hengyu simply did not have enough capital to fight against the other party.

As for saying…

Monster Race’s final ultimatum, that’s actually scaring people to play.

Before Monster Race finds a way to deal with Zhu Hengyu, they absolutely dare not really destroy the Demon Sheep Race.

Otherwise, once the burden of the Moyang clan is gone, isn’t Zhu Hengyu the entire group becoming an eternal scourge?

The old saying is good, you can run a monk, not a temple.

Now that the monk has not been found, you demolished the temple.

Once that’s the case, if the other person hasn’t taken care of it, can it be endless and entangled with you forever?

Zhu Hengyu is actually taking his own life, fighting, and taking risks.

He just had a gamble with Monster Race.

Zhu Hengyu bets that Monster Race can’t take him, neither can’t stop his attack, he can’t find his position, and he can’t wipe it out.

As long as Zhu Hengyu is not destroyed for a day, Monster Race will never dare to really destroy the Devil Sheep Race.

Therefore, in the face of the threat of Monster Race, Zhu Hengyu simply ignored it.

Every half of the night, the eight black gold fleets will launch devastating attacks on the eight military towns.

And Zhu Hengyu and his platinum battleship also constantly attacked all military installations in the major cities along the coast of Monster Race.

Especially the monster fortresses that hoard heavy soldiers have become Zhu Hengyu’s first choice.

In the military fortress, all of them are stationed in the regular Legion of Monster Race.

Zhu Hengyu only needs a summon flaming meteor to annihilate the fortress, thehundreds of thousands, and even the army of several millions!

Zhu Hengyu, who is obsessed with obscurity.

Monster Race military gangsters also know that it is intimidating by fiction, and Zhu Hengyu cannot be frightened.

To deter Zhu Hengyu, they must act.

Although their impossible really wiped out the Demon Sheep Clan, but not daring to destroy the Demon Sheep Clan does not mean that they dare not attack the Demon Sheep Clan. These are two concepts!

Soon, the Monster Race military department dispatched the Imperial Family Navy to launch the Magic Sheep Islands!

This time, Monster Race is really moving!

The Imperial Family Navy has dispatched a total of thirty large battleships.

The 30 battle armored ships are all flying the flag of Monster Race Imperial Family.

These are the Griffon Fleet, Golden Eagle Fleet, and Goshawk Fleet!

The thirty battleships are carrying three thousand Monster King Realm griffins, three thousand Monster King Realm golden eagles, and three thousand Monster King Realm goshawks!

Because their strength has reached or even exceeded Monster King Realm, they can all fly.

Among them, the golden eagle demon king flies the fastest, the highest, and the farthest distance.

The Goshawk Clan Demon King is relatively worse. Both the flying speed, flying height, and flying distance are only about 2/3 of that of the Golden Eagle Demon King.

As for the Gryphon Monster King of Ranked 3rd, its three parameters are only half of the Golden Eagle Monster King.

However, after all, they can fly after all.

And the flying distance is very far.

Thirty battleships left the harbour all the way, moved towards Demon Sheep’s territory.

Although the size of this fleet is not too large, its strength is sensational.

Before the battleship was dispatched, hundreds of gossip demon kings flew out to investigate the situation around the route.

If you want to ambush or even siege this fleet, that is almost an impossible task.

Under the investigation of thousands of goshawk demon kings, there is almost nothing that can hide their eyes and ears.

Although black battleships can pass through stealth, they suddenly appear in the fleet.

But what if it appears?

Even if the black gold battleship surfaced, there was no way to start.

I am afraid that, until the black gold battleship completely surfaced, you will be met by strikers from thousands of experts in the Demon King realm.

The black-gold battleship, although extremely arrogant, is by no means easy to destroy.

However, if you are attacking the expert of tens of thousands of Demon King, it will be completely different.

If the black-gold battleship doesn’t want to surface, it will directly smash the thirty armored ships underwater.

In fact, it doesn’t work either, the other party has already been prepared.

Sea tribes who are good at seabed stealth and attack the battleship from underwater are also frequent.

Although there are relatively few encounters, as long as the luck is not too bad, it will hardly hit.

But overseas all year round, no one can guarantee that he will not run into it.

The Monster King Realm experts are all prepared.

Three Treasured Daughters, eagle demon king, three thousand goshawk demon king, and three thousand griffon demon king, in fact, a battleship can be installed.

Even if it’s too crowded, it’s divided into three battleships, and it will definitely fit.

However, why did Monster Race launch this time, but there were thirty battleships?

In fact, these thirty battleships are loaded with nine thousand Thunder boats!

Even if Zhu Hengyu’s black-gold battleship crashed all thirty battle armored ships, it would not threaten the nine thousand demon kings.

Even if the battleship is ruined, they can still control the Thunder boat and gallop across the sea.

Relatively speaking, once the black gold battleship is dispatched, it must be discovered.

Once Zhu Hengyu’s hole card is taken by Monster Race understood, that is the worst thing.

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