Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4352


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Zhu Hengyu is now betting that Monster Race does not know about the black gold battleship.

Once Monster Race knows enough about Zhu Hengyu, he can find ways to deal with Zhu Hengyu.

Don’t think that the black gold battleship is really invincible.

A top-level, close to the power of white light Saint Physique, if matched with a top-level Magic Item, Divine Weapon, or even a magic weapon!

So, they are fully capable of sinking the black gold battleship with the help of one person.

Once Zhu Hengyu’s everything is controlled by Monster Race.

So, as long as you send out a few Monster Sovereign powers, ambush them where they might appear.

Zhu Hengyu’s sixty-four black gold battleships may be in danger.

Monster Race is a very large race. Within its ethnic group, there are hippos and buffaloes that can fight underwater.

Therefore, there is no choice unless it is forced.

Otherwise, Zhu Hengyu will definitely not expose the black gold battleship in advance.

The current situation is…

Even if a black-gold battleship is dispatched, it can only destroy thirty battle armored ships.

It can’t cause any damage to the Nine Thousand Monster Kings.

They can pedal the Thunderboat and travel freely in the sea, wherever they want to go.

The black gold battleship is stronger, but there is no way to take the Thunderboat.

Thunderboats are not only fast, but the most important thing is that they are too flexible.

Although the black gold battleship is not slow, it is too big and too bulky.

Thus, although watching 30 Monster Race battleships, sailing in the direction of the Demon Sheep Clan, Zhu Hengyu not at all issued a battle order.

They want to go, then Zhu Hengyu can’t stop even though he has gone.

Although this is the case, the people of the Devil’s Clan must be caught in the flames of war.

However, Zhu Hengyu must harden his heart and ignore it.

There is only one way for the Demon Sheep.

On this road, Zhu Hengyu cannot back away!

Even if the loss is heavy and heavy, Zhu Hengyu can only move forward.

Not how vicious Zhu Hengyu is, but he is very clear.

Once he retired, the Demon Sheep Race would be over, and there would be no more vitality.

Go ahead, keep going, the Devil Clan also has a glimmer of survival.

In the next month…

Over three hundred Monster Race military towns have suffered devastating blows.

Especially the island where the Monster Race shipyard is located, it is especially patronized.

When the Monster Race Imperial Family Navy, that is, the nine thousand demon kings, finally arrived at the Demon Sheep territory.

Monster Race All shipyards in the north have been ruined under the sixty-four black gold battleship strikes.

Although Monster Race is in the south, there are still many shipyards, but the old saying is good, it is difficult to save near fire from distant waters.

Monster Race battleship of the North Sea Fleet, impossible counts on the South China Sea shipyard to repair it.

From the base camp of the North Sea Fleet of Monster Race, arrive all the way to the base camp of the South Sea Fleet of Monster Race.

It is necessary to bypass the North Sea, the West Sea, and the South China Sea, three pieces of Sea Territory.

The area of ​​the three Sea Territory is too vast.

ten thousand li, if you drove the battleship to the South China Sea, and then returned to the North Sea after repairing.

I am afraid that as soon as I return to the North Sea, the battleship will have to be repaired again.

On the collapsed battlefield, the waves are raging.

The power of the sea is enormous.

The keel and even the hull of these battle armored ships are made of wood.

The impact resistance, twist resistance, and bending resistance are very poor.

It must be repaired and reinforced frequently to ensure the strength of the battleship.

Otherwise, the enemy does not need to attack, I am afraid that he will be separated by the waves.

With Monster Race’s shipyard in the North Sea destroyed as much as possible.

Monster Race wants to invade the Demon Sheep Race again. I am afraid it will take too long.

Today, all battleships of the Monster Race North Sea Fleet have been captured by the Hengyu Fleet.

If you want to build new battleships and provide maintenance and service for these battleships, you need to build a large number of shipyards.

Obviously, this is definitely not possible in a short time.

As a result, Zhu Hengyu has succeeded and won precious development time for the Demon Sheep Race.

However, the light is so, still not enough.

Everything is still people-oriented.

Despite destroying enough shipyards, Monster Race’s huge naval reserve Legion is still there.

As long as enough battleships are built, the powerful North Sea Fleet can be quickly restored.

Moreover, be honest.

Zhu Hengyu also needs a lot of Monster Race elites to enhance his power of Sen Luo!

After a year-long killing, Zhu Hengyu’s power of Sen Luo is close to the black eighth level.

However, if you want to really increase the strength of Senrow to the Black Level 8, you obviously need to eliminate a large number of elite soldiers in Monster Race.

In the past year, Zhu Hengyu has drawn the attention of Monster Race to major cities along the coast through continuous involvement.

In order to protect the major commercial cities along the coast, a large number of Monster Race experts are concentrated in the past.

Within a hundred miles, they are always under their supervision.

In the past nearly a whole year…

Zhu Hengyu and the sixty-four black gold war swords have been creating an illusion.

In the eyes of Monster Race…

Zhu Hengyu and his black gold fleet are targeting the super commercial cities and the military towns where the large shipyards are located!

until now, Zhu Hengyu seems to only want to cause huge economic losses to Monster Race.

Even when attacking, they will deliberately avoid civilian areas.

In the eyes of Monster Race…

If Zhu Hengyu’s goal is to kill a living force.

How could it be possible to deliberately avoid civilian areas?

Therefore, the main strength of Monster Race is used to guard the military towns and commercial metropolises.

When they want to come, this is the target that Zhu Hengyu wants to fight.

Obviously, this is an illusion!

And this illusion was created by Zhu Hengyu.

The reason why Zhu Hengyu wanted to create this illusion is to draw the attention of Monster Race.

When all forces of Monster Race are guarding major military towns and commercial metropolises.

Zhu Hengyu drove the platinum battleship and commanded 64 black gold battleships, arriving at Monster Race Northwest, near the Sky Eagle Islands.

Aquila Islands is the training ground for Monster Race to train naval pawns.

There are over 300 million young talents of Monster Race.

In the Aquila Islands, they receive the most standardized training.

Once there is a battle damage ahead, elite soldiers will be dispatched from here to fill the frontline vacancies.

Aquila Islands, is a very large island.

There are more than 3,000 islands within the archipelago.

Although each island is not large, it is enough to station more than 100,000 naval soldiers.

Just suitable for training naval soldiers.

Every year, Monster Race selects a large number of elites from the Monster Race to join the Aquila.

With years of accumulation, the naval reserve here has reached more than 300 million!

One of the more elite naval soldiers has been cultivated here for thousands of years.

Do not underestimate these reserve soldiers.

In terms of individual strength, they are far above the Demon Sheep.

Monster Race never fears the Demon Sheep Race during the side-to-side battle.

If you don’t wipe out all Monster Race reserve soldiers on Skyhawk Island.

So it won’t take long…

Once Monster Race rebuilds the shipyard, the North Sea Fleet can be easily rebuilt.

At that time, the tribulation of the Devil Sheep tribe will come again.

Therefore, after destroying all shipyards of Monster Race in the North Sea.

Zhu Hengyu aimed at the Aquila Islands!

Once all the soldiers on Sky Eagle Island have been eliminated, Monster Race is unable to cultivate a qualified navy in a short time.

Even if the shipyard is rebuilt, there are no qualified naval officers to control.

Same day…

At the same time Zhu Hengyu commanded the black gold battleship and entered the Aquila Islands all the way.

The thirty battleships of the Monster Race Imperial Family fleet have also officially entered the territory of the Demon Sheep Race.

As if the two parties had made an appointment, they set the attack time at dawn.

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