Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4353


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Legion, the main force of Monster Race, has been transferred by Zhu Hengyu.

No one would think that Zhu Hengyu would suddenly give up destroying those military towns and commercial metropolises.

Instead, the goal was to target the 300 million Legion.

Since the main Legion has been transferred, in order to facilitate the battle, Zhu Hengyu set the time for the battle to start at dawn.

The Monster Family’s Imperial Family fleet, just following normal combat options, launched an attack on the Demon Sheep at dawn.

With Zhu Hengyu’s order!

Eight, eight, sixty-four black gold battleships slowly spread out.

Every eight black-gold battleships form a formation, and each of them locks an island nearby, and slowly drives past.

Soon, eight black gold battleship battle formations arrived at the periphery of the island.

As the deck on the back of the black-gold battleship opened, 80 magic crystal fire cannons were aimed at the island.

On the black-gold battleship, a large number of Demon Sheep Navys also set up catapults, aiming at the wharf, the old battleship armored ships.

These old battleships are all battleships that are no longer able to sail offshore and are about to be retired.

The reason why Monster Race uses the Sky Eagle Islands as a training base for naval soldiers.

It is precisely because the currents are calming here, and the waves are not exciting.

Even the old battleship can resist the storm here.

However, although these old battleships can still meet the needs of training, but they want to use them for fighting, they still think too much.

Even strong waves can’t resist, how can they resist the strikes of stone bombs?

In the dawn of dawn…

The first to start is hundreds of catapults!

With the launch of the catapults, a total of eight hundred catapults were placed on the eight black-gold battleships. Against the old battleship at the port, one after another huge stone bomb was thrown.

until now ……

On the black-gold battleship, there are 30,000 soldiers of the Demon Sheep Race!

At least tens of thousands of sailors are required to control a three-four hundred-meter black gold battleship.

The remaining 20,000 sailors are combatants

However, these 20,000 navy soldiers are only driving assistants.

When fighting, they can only look at the demon wolf shooters with admiration and admiration, controlling the magic crystal fire god cannon, launching over-the-horizon strikes against the enemy targets.

From the beginning to the end, they don’t need to do anything, just look at it silently…

This is the first time they have officially entered the battle.

On each black-gold battleship, hundreds of catapults were set up one after another.

One after another rounded stone bullets were loaded into it one after another.

With one order, one after another stone projectile screamed and rushed into the blue sky.

In midair, that one after another stone bomb, after crossing a lithe and graceful arc, moved towards the port, the old battleship of Monster Race fell.

Eight black gold battleships form a battle formation.

There are 800 catapults in each battle formation.

Under a round of attacks, there were 800 stone bullets and they were sent to the sky.

One after another stone bomb with a diameter of nearly one meter, like a storm, the fleet moved towards the port fell.

Although, nearly half of the stone bombs landed in the sea and failed to hit the target accurately.

But even so, there are still more than 400 stone bullets that accurately hit the target.

ka-cha, bang, boom…

In the violent sound, those old battleships are already falling apart.

Several battleships, strikes that cannot withstand stone bombs, have begun to lean and sink slowly.

Looking at the dozen or so Monster Race armored ships slowly sinking, Zhu Hengyu looked very ugly.

The distance is more then 300 meters, facing the stationary target, and the target volume is so large.

But even so, with 800 rounds of stone bullets, there were still nearly 400 rounds, which fell into the empty space.

This hit rate is really bad!

Although until now, the Black Gold Fleet has always been invincible and invincible, causing huge losses to Monster Race.

However, all of this is due to the six hundred and forty demon wolf shooters,

And when these young geniuses of the Demon Sheep Clan finally showed their hands on the battlefield for the first time, the result was so bad.

The battleships on both sides are static.

In this case, half of the stone bombs fell into the sea.

So, once the two parties are chasing me on the sea, throwing each other.

When both sides maintain high speed and move irregularly.

Can they still hit the target effectively?

Looking at Zhu Hengyu’s face, Fang explained:

“Actually, they are not so uncomfortable, the main thing is…they have long been out of battle!”

“It has been too long since the last actual combat exercise.”

Zhu Hengyu was frowned and then silently nodded.


Since the assembly of sixty-four black gold battleships this time.

In the past nearly a year, they have never engaged in actual combat.

Even the drills have not been conducted.

After such a long time interval, their hands are born, which is actually understandable.

After all, these young handsomes are not very young, and the training time is actually not very long.

“I hope they can grow up quickly, war is brutal, Monster Race will not be kind, give them time to grow.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but…I believe that they can quickly find the feeling.”

During speaking, Zhu Hengyu and Fangfang lifts the head at the same time, looking towards the battlefield ahead of them.

In the face of the first round of blows, the face turned black, not just Zhu Hengyu and Fangfang.

On the eight black gold battleships ahead, the talented youngsters of the Demon Sheep claned in shame as they were already shameful.

The distance of 100 meters, both sides are still still, and the target is still a battleship of 100 meters long!

Under normal conditions, throwing 100 stone bullets in succession, at least hitting 80, is considered a pass.

Ninety hits are considered excellent.

As a young genius, they don’t get full marks, which is a shame!

But now, they have projected 800 stone bullets, but nearly 400 have been missed.

This is how it looks even for a novice with a little training.

Although they can find many excuses and give many reasons, but since they joined the Black Gold Fleet on the first day, their commander has repeatedly warned them.

The excuses and reasons are nothing more than self-exclamation to shirk guilt.

The enemy doesn’t care why you made a mistake.

They will only sharply catch your mistakes and kill you cruelly!

On the battlefield, there is no excuse!

On the battlefield, no reason is needed!

Do it, do it, and make mistakes.

Never explain the reasons and never make excuses!

You got it right!

A penalty for doing something wrong!

For this first round of attacks, all talented youngsters are ashamed to the extreme.

If it is just this result, then they are not qualified to serve on this great black gold battleship!

They are not worthy of being a glorious, black gold Legion warrior!

Under shame, all talented youngsters have focused as never before.

All the essentials, know-how, and mantras quickly appeared in my mind.

After a quick adjustment…

Second round stone projectile, loaded into the catapult.

Then there was a roar.

Eight hundred stone bombs rose into the air again, moved towards the port, and the old battleship of Monster Race fell.

Boom! boom! peng peng ……

In the violent rumbling sound, the second round stone bullet’s center of sight has been greatly improved.

Eight hundred stone bullets, actually about six hundred, hit the target accurately.

This result is much better than the previous round.

But it’s still a passing grade in the usual training.

Not even ordinary, let alone outstanding and outstanding.

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