Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4354


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At this time, above the eight black-gold battleships, eighty magic crystal fire god cannons have also been loaded.

The muzzle of the black hole is aimed at the buildings on the island.

The loud noise at the port has completely awakened the soldiers on the island.

Unfortunately, they don’t wait for them to get dressed and run out of the fortress.

Eighty magic crystal fire god cannons have fired at the same time.

The islands in the Aquila are not very large.

The diameter is just over ten kilometers.

Black gold battleship docked outside the port can strike every goal within the island.

With Zhu Hengyu’s order…

Eighty magic crystal fire god cannons fire at the same time.

In the violent rumbling sound, the raging shock waves passed by, and those Monster Race pawns who barely rushed out of the fortress were instantly killed on the spot.

There are six hundred and forty demon wolf shooters, and the Devil Body has reached ninety.

The Monster Race soldiers in the Aquila Islands, the battle body is about 60 segments.

When the strength gap is too large, as long as it is affected by the magical bombing, under the bombing effect, you can instantly kill it.

The shelling lasted only three rounds, and it stopped completely.

Under the strikes of the 80 Magic Crystal Vulcan cannons, the Monster Race soldiers have been covered by artillery before they can run out of the fortress.

Under the bombing effect of the magic bomb, all Monster Race soldiers died on the spot.

The black-gold battleship formation outside the port began to move slowly and moved towards the next island.

There are more than 3,000 islands within the Aquila.

On each island, there are more than 100,000 naval soldiers.

The time left for Zhu Hengyu is only one day!

In a day, he must end the battle.

Regardless of the outcome of the battle, you must evacuate after one day!

Zhu Hengyu believes…

Monster Race impossible, let him continue to kill.

The news of the attack on the Sky Eagle Islands will not reach the Monster Race Army until 2nd day.

As for the way messages are delivered, each race has its own way.

Zhu Hengyu wants to pass the news through the soul chain established between Yin Ling’er and Sen Luo Yin Snake.

The greater the distance, the more difficult it is to deliver messages.

At this moment, Zhu Hengyu wants to connect with the Hengyu Kingdom, which is very difficult.

Must be careful in words and try to explain things in the least possible language.

Otherwise, the consumption of Yin Ling’er’s spirit is too great.

Of course, only Zhu Hengyu can use this method of delivering messages.

However, for Monster Race, they have other ways to pass messages.

In many Immemorial Giant City, there is a magic monument!

Through the magic tablet, you can deliver all the messages throughout the collapsed battlefield.

However, if you want to write an inscription on the magic tablet, you must have an inheritance Holy Artifact!

The full name of this magic tablet is Six-sided Magic Tablet!

The whole magic tablet has six faces.

The six faces belong to Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Monster Race, Demon Race, Star Immortal Sect, and neutral races.

Zhu Hengyu, who has inheritance Holy Artifact, is also qualified to sculpt text on the six-sided magic tablet to spread the message to all Immemorial Giant City within the collapsed battlefield.

The inheritance Holy Artifact of the Demon Sheep Clan has fallen into the hands of Zhu Hengyu.

In the beginning, Zhu Hengyu sent Qin Lan’er, Qin Yun’er, and Qin Ke’er three daughters to get it from Lu Zimei.

Lu Zimei did not have any excuses, and immediately handed over the inheritance Holy Artifact.

It’s just that until now, Zhu Hengyu has no time to study this inheritance Holy Artifact carefully.

For the time being…

Zhu Hengyu only knows that this inheritance Holy Artifact can activate the magic stele, and on the stone stele dedicated to Demon Race, the seal is inscribed.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that although the Heritage Holy Artifact can be inscribed on the six-sided magic tablet, the inscribed characters can only be maintained for three hours.

Once the twelve hours have passed, the cut-outs will heal automatically.

The surface of the six-sided magic tablet will also become smooth as before.

Each inheritance Holy Artifact requires 36 hours after completing a seal.

That’s three days and three nights before you can restore energy and start the next seal cutting.

Except for inheritance Holy Artifact, there is almost no power to destroy the almost indestructible six-faced monument.

It is said that even the power of Primal Chaos Battle Body can’t destroy the six-faced monument!

In addition to the soul chain and the six-sided magic tablet…

On the entire collapsed battlefield, there are many channels between major races to send messages.

Monster Race Monster Sovereign Power above the realm, many of them are proficient in Avatar and distracting.

Avatar doesn’t need to say much.

Fangfang and his eight Avatar are the best examples.

Between the deity and Avatar, even if they are separated by millions and millions of li, they can easily send messages.

As for distraction, it is even more terrifying.

One person can divide Divine Soul into three thousand at most.

Anytime, anywhere, you can concentrate your thoughts on a distraction by coming to the main technique, and understand everything happening there.

All in all, on the entire collapsed battlefield, the way in which messages can be delivered at a long distance is beyond count.

However, in terms of inter-ethnicity and inter-influence, it is basically through the six-sided magic tablet!

At this moment, Monster Race should have understood an attack on the Aquila Islands.

Unsurprisingly, they have already dispatched a large force to support at full speed.

If Zhu Hengyu cannot end the battle within one day.

So tomorrow morning at dawn, the large forces that Monster Race will support will arrive on the battlefield.

At that time, even if the black gold battleship can dive underwater, it may not be safe.

On the same day…

Monster Race’s thirty battleships, carrying nine thousand monster king class experts, entered the territorial waters of the Demon Sheep.

Thirty battleships scattered and leaned towards the surrounding Demon Sheep islands.

After arriving near the island, more than three hundred Demon King experts on the battleship vibrated their wings and flew in midair.

The battleship below turns around and sails towards the next island.

More than 300 Monster King Realm experts on each battleship flew all the way towards the island.

During the high-speed flight, more than 300 Monster King Realm experts quickly reached the city.

In midair, more than 300 Monster King Realm experts, first sprinkled a lot of leaflets, explaining the reason for this attack.

In the past year, Zhu Hengyu invaded the territory of Monster Race, causing huge damage to Monster Race.

Monster Race wanted a truce, but Zhu Hengyu ignored it at all.

Even, Monster Race threatened Zhu Hengyu with the safety of the people of the Demon Sheep, but Zhu Hengyu obviously didn’t care about the life and death of the ordinary people.

Since this is the case, Monster Race can only be Blood For Blood, A Tooth For A Tooth!

Every time Zhu Hengyu slaughters a city, Monster Race will inevitably destroy the Demon Sheep Island.

Don’t blame Monster Race for being vicious, blame Zhu Hengyu for it.

He refused to stop, he did not take seriously the demon sheep people.

It’s not Monster Race that really killed everyone, but Zhu Hengyu!

Of course, Monster Race sent the Imperial Family Navy, certainly not just to distribute flyers.

With the flyers, there is one after another Fireball, one after another energy shock wave!

After the outbreak, more than three hundred demon kings caused huge damage to the city on the island.

When more than three hundred demon kings finally flew over the city sideways.

Thousands of buildings have been attacked throughout the city.

Due to the blazing fire, the people of the Demon Sheep were seriously injured.

The Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race, not at all too many, stayed on the island.

It also did not continue to destroy the buildings in the city, nor did it continue to slaughter the demons of the city.

Flying all the way, quickly catching up with Monster Race battleship, moved towards the next goal.

The purpose of Monster Race is simple. It is to cause huge damage to as many cities as possible in the shortest possible time.

They can’t scare Zhu Hengyu, but they scare the people of the Demon Sheep clan, but with no difficulty.

Once all the people of the Demon Sheep clan don’t want Zhu Hengyu to continue fighting.

So even if Zhu Hengyu is a Demon King, he can’t resist the will of the public.

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