Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4356


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With a roar, under the control of Zhu Hengyu!

The cold light flashed over the Flying Sword, and the blue light burst.

Inspired by the dimensional rune, the flying Sword is instantly disappeared.

When it appeared again, it had crossed more then 300 meters and appeared in front of a demon king.

It’s too late to respond…

Zhu Hengyu didn’t leave time for the other party to respond.

Under everyone’s gaze, the flying Sword of silver white hanged open instantly that demon king’s sternum and penetrated his heart…

During the spray of blood, that demon king’s body fell down to the sea.


Yes, under the flying shot of Flying Sword in the air, that monster king couldn’t react at all and was instantly killed on the spot.

Flying Sword dangled an arc flexibly, and jumped towards the next target again.

However, unfortunately…

At this time, the other party had the time to react, and immediately detected the weapon, flying the flying Sword in the air.

However, the huge power carried on the flying Sword still bombarded the other party.


In the sound of water, that demon king’s body fell heavily into the sea water.

Then I saw the deep-sea magic shark under the sea, and madly launched a siege of the demon king.

Although, the strength of the demon king has reached the initial level of Demon Sovereign! However, the strength of the deep sea magic shark is only above it, not below it.

The number of deep-sea magic sharks is not one, but there are hundreds of them!

As one of the demon kings of the Goshawks!

Once it falls into the water, Phoenix, which is really shaggy, is not as good as a chicken!

After being strangled by hundreds of deep-sea magic sharks, they were quickly torn to pieces.

Naval battle is such a dangerous…

If you think that Zhu Hengyu is a cultivator with medium and long-distance output, it is a big mistake.

Zhu Hengyu, who has the power of purgatory, is definitely not a remote output.

The power of purgatory is tempered by his skeleton and fleshy body. Only in close state can Zhu Hengyu explode the power of purgatory power.

At that time, able to move unhindered in the whole world, the invincible Demon King was a melee warrior, not a mid-range and long-range shooter or mage.

Zhu Hengyu started the demonization. After the condense demon war body, he already possessed the power of white light Saint Physique, and then combined with his own power of purgatory, finally, under the triple increase of the bright silver Trident!

Zhu Hengyu’s violent yawn, although successfully blocked, but there is no way, the gap between them is really too big.

Under a rampage, the sword in the opponent’s hand was instantly shattered into pieces.

Liangyin Trident slapped heavily on the opponent’s body.

In a muffled sound, it was like a water bag exploded in the air.

The body of the demon king was instantly crushed by the violent energy.

Under the violent bright silver Trident, that demon king instantly shattered into thousands of scarlet fragments, and fell down to the sea below.

At the same time, Zhu Hengyu Liang Yin Trident launched Sword Controlling Art with a single wave!

Flying Sword hangs in the sky for a week, and instantly turns into a cold glow, killing the surrounding Monster Race cultivator instantly.

Unfortunately, after Zhu Hengyu was distracted, the flying Sword was suspended and flew out again with a sword.

And this time, the other party is clearly ready.

Although he was flied out, he did not at all fall down.

During the continuous flapping of the wings, the impact of Flying Sword in the air was quickly cushioned.

After that, the demon king flapped his wings again and rushed towards Zhu Hengyu’s position…

If Zhu Hengyu can concentrate attention completely, to control Flying Sword, it can completely shuttle the array through the dimension to make the flying Sword become appear and disappear unpredictably, you can’t guard against it!

It seems to attack A, but in a flash of dimension, it appears in front of B, and instantly penetrates the opponent’s body.

But there is only one Zhu Hengyu. Although he can achieve multi-tasking, the multi-tasking is different from the one-minded strength.

If you are dealing with ordinary cultivator!

Even if Zhu Hengyu is dual-purpose and even doing three things at the same time, he is absolutely invincible.

But Zhu Hengyu now faces monster kings with the power of Monster Sovereign!

Both the other party’s experience and experience are billions of times richer than Zhu Hengyu’s.

Once mastering Zhu Hengyu’s methods, the other party can easily cope.

Not to mention that it can be prevented, but at the very least, you can guarantee that you will not be killed in seconds.

Zhu Hengyu frowned.

If he concentrates one’s mind to go into close combat, Flying Sword will not be able to exert the formidable power that it should have.

If concentraterates one’s mind to control the flying Sword in the air, it will be difficult for melee to cause much damage.

If you are distracted and use both, you can do nothing.

Being hesitant between Zhu Hengyu…

Ying Ling’er’s voice rang in Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness: “Don’t worry, I will control the Flying Sword!”

Zhu Hengyu instantly opened his eyes!


Yin Ling’er is still idle.

If Yin Linger puts his Spirit Physique on top of Flying Sword.

That is the Person and Sword Unite not just in name only, but also in reality!

In the state of Person and Sword Unite, the formidable power of Sword Controlling Art will be brought to the extreme!

This way…

Zhu Hengyu no longer needs to be distracted to control the flying Sword.

Everything can be left to Yinlinger to control and control.

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