Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4358


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As Kendo to high realm, the spirit sword realm is Kendo to realm!

Of course, there are also weak spots in the spirit sword.

Person and Sword Unite is based on Flying Sword.

As a result, the deity has become the biggest loophole and weak spot.

Once the body is damaged, the cultivator will naturally the soul flew away and scattered, body dies and Dao disappears.

However, this drawback does not exist in Zhu Hengyu.

Enable demonization, after condense the demon war body.

Zhu Hengyu’s realm instantly increased to rank ten, possessing the power of white light Saint Physique, plus the terrifying power provided by the power of purgatory within the body.

Who can beat Zhu Hengyu at close range?

In this battle, although Zhu Hengyu only beheaded 13 opponents, the battle scene is one-sided!

saphire blue rays of light in a flash!

Zhu Hengyu disappeared instantly.

When he appeared again, he was already on the side of the enemy.

right hand A violent rampage will instantly knock your opponent off.

It’s a real hit!

All the opponents will be instantly smashed into scum under Zhu Hengyu’s rampage.

Although in terms of killing efficiency, Zhu Hengyu really can’t compare the flying Sword controlled by Yin Ling’er.

But as far as the violent degree is concerned, Zhu Hengyu is more terrifying and more domineering!

With the shuttle of dimension and the invincible power!

Zhu Hengyu is not afraid of a large number of people at all. Even if there are more than 30 people surrounding him, it is useless.

A flash of flash can instantly leave the encirclement and appear at the edge, behind an enemy.

A violent rampage can instantly explode the opponent!

When the other party finally found Zhu Hengyu’s position, he had sandwiched the saphire blue rays of light again, disappeared in place, then flashed in another place, and once again exploded an opponent.

In the face of an opponent that can shuttle indefinitely and flash indefinitely, no amount of people is useful.

No matter how tight the encircling circle is, it can’t enclose an existence that is proficient in instant movement.

As the soul carrier of Yin Linger, Zhu Hengyu is by no means invincible.

But if you want to hurt or even kill Zhu Hengyu, it is almost impossible.

Enable demonization, after condense the demon war body.

Zhu Hengyu’s strength has reached the white light Saint Physique realm.

As long as he does not want to be killed, he is almost immortal.

Even if you accidentally get a bit injured, you only need to take out one root of Blood Ginseng and it will be cured instantly.

With the help of Yin Ling’er, Flying Sword in the air will be incarnation as a spirit sword in one fell swoop!

The spirit sword environment is actually not so easy to achieve.

Not to mention any more, as far as Zhu Hengyu is concerned, he has not reached the sword sword of the spirit sword unity!

Moreover, he is far away from this realm.

Looking all over the world, only the Yin Linger of the power of Incarnation can easily integrate his soul with the Flying Sword.

She does not rely on her understanding of Kendo.

She is not relying on the cultivation base of kendo.

Yinlinger is purely relying on Dao of Soul’s Supreme Profound Truth to use another method to achieve the integration of the spirit sword.

The same goal can be achieved in countless ways.

When it reaches high realm, it is actually connected to each other.

The so-called cultivator, in fact, all have one goal, and that is to testify!

How can we prove it?

So-called Three Thousand Great Dao, everyone can choose their own way.

Every road can lead to the same destination.

On Dao of Soul, Yin Ling’er has mastered Supreme Law.

In a certain way, Yin Ling’er has already proved successful.

It’s just that although Yin Ling’er holds the supreme Dao of Soul, her power of Senro is still too weak.

For Yin Ling’er, it is the quality and quantity of Sen Luo’s strength that determine his strength.

Therefore, it is very difficult to keep in this state.

Generally speaking, even Chaos Boundary’s power will only display the spirit sword in one moment of attack.

A moment after the attack is over, the spirit sword will be separated from the state of unity.

That is the Yinlinger who possesses the Supreme Soul Rule.

Changed to other cultivator, this spirit sword in one state, can only keep a few interest time at most.

Basically, the spirit sword unity state only lasts one attack time.

Before starting the attack, enter the spirit sword unity state.

After the attack is over, the spirit sword is suddenly separated from the state of unity.

Only Soul is Old Ancestor, Yinlinger!

Only for a long time can the spirit sword be kept in one.

With the current Yinlinger, if she is forced to do so, she can last for an hour and remain in a state where spirit swords are in one.

This is just because, Yin Ling’er’s strength is only 70 pieces of magic handsome realm.

Once she has the strength of 80 Demon King realms, then she can stay in the state of spirit sword unity for three consecutive hours.

It is worth mentioning that no matter how far Yin Ling’er’s strength has been improved!

Sharp Metal Qi’s erosion of the soul exists.

The difference is only that the strength of Yin Linger’s Senrow is strong enough to withstand such erosion and consumption.

If one day, the power of Yin’er’s Senro reaches the initial level of Demon Sovereign.

That day, she can stay in the spirit sword unity.

And if you can reach white light Saint Physique.

So, Sharp Metal Qi’s erosion of her is probably not as fast as her recovery speed.

In this way, she can be permanently kept in a state where spirit swords are united.

This is the horror of the soul cultivator!

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