Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4359

Moreover, they really know the Monster Race expert.

Even before they joined Zhu Hengyu, they had battled Monster Race for countless years.

What you know about Monster Race is really familiar.

In contrast to Monster Race, simply does not know who they are going to match.

The shooter of Demon Wolf Clan is the killer of Monster Race!

Monster Race dares to provoke anyone, but only dare not provoke Demon Wolf Clan.

If the Demon Sheep are just Monster Race food.

Then Monster Race is actually just food for Demon Wolf Clan.

Changed is countless years ago…

These Monster Race experts can only see one at the same time, at most two or three demon wolf shooters at the same time.

As the commander-in-chief of this army, this hundred demon wolf shooters used to be prestigious, commanding tens of thousands of troops, killing all sides of the battlefield, and the super commander who was invincible.

But now…

These are super commanders who are enough to command an army and are undefeated.

Now they have joined together to form a small unit.

To be honest, this is too extravagant!

Is it possible for ordinary teams and even Legion to fight against them?

As Demon Wolf Clan’s top celebrity, they are enough to command a Legion.

But here in Zhu Hengyu, they are just ordinary little pawns.

This luxury method, even the Demon Sovereign of a family, cannot afford it.

For the demon wolf shooter, this can’t be considered a battle, this is a one-sided slaughter!

Monster Race reinforcements need speed without speed, range without range.

Moreover, even individual strength is not dominant.

Except for the larger number, there is nothing more outstanding.

The whole battle started very suddenly and ended very suddenly.

During the whole process, the other party was completely killed before even having the time to pass the message back.

Monster Race instantly lost contact with this support army…

Although I don’t know what happened, he was still very decisive and sent the Second Support Army again.

Everyone knows that the first team of reinforcements is probably bode ill rather than well.

Otherwise, they will be impossible for a whole day without any news.

Since sending three-four hundred reinforcements is not the opponent’s opponent, at this time, Monster Race has assembled a reinforcement of thousands.

Running Thunderboat, he drove towards the Aquila Islands at full speed.

In any case, the Aquila Islands cannot fall.

Once the Sky Eagle Islands, all Monster Race elite are slaughtered.

Then, Monster Race really hurts.

On the Aquila, there are not only ordinary soldiers who are trained.

The most precious thing is actually more than three million naval instructors on the three thousand islands!

Ordinary pawns, even if death is dead, it doesn’t matter.

Choose a group of young talents, and you can quickly train a large number of elite soldiers.

The really expensive ones are the more than three million naval instructors!

These instructors, despite their low official positions, basically do not have any rights and status in Monster Race, but they are the foundation of Monster Race Navy and the cornerstone of Monster Race Navy!

For the top level of Monster Race…

It’s nothing at worst when the shipyard is destroyed.

As long as those craftsmen remain, more shipyards can be built soon.

It doesn’t matter if the soldiers of the navy are slaughtered.

As long as those instructors are still there, more naval elite can be trained soon.

However, once the craftsman is killed!

Or maybe the instructors were all killed.

Then the entire training system collapsed completely.

Therefore, they must rescue the Aquila Islands.

Once the Aquila is completely destroyed! So at least within 100 years, Monster Race don’t want to recover.

Thousands of reinforcements, led by three Demon Sovereign mid-level experts, are heading towards the Eagle Islands at full speed.

And Zhu Hengyu entered a brief retreat.

After a whole day of killing!

Finally, the power of Yin Linger’s Sen Luo has crossed the Purple Seven Peak and officially entered the Black Eight!

Now, by virtue of the power of Yin Luo’s Sen Luo alone, you can explode 80 Devil Body, Destructive power of Demon King, and defensive power!

By adding the power of Senro to the attack magic and battle skill, you can explode the initial attack power of the Demon King realm.

By adding the power of Senrow to defensive magic and battle skill, you can explode the defensive power of Demon King.

This is definitely a qualitative leap for Zhu Hengyu!

But Zhu Hengyu also knows…

Although the power of Senrow has been greatly improved! However, for his current situation, almost no help.

At the latest tomorrow morning, Monster Race’s second reinforcements will arrive in the Aquila Islands.

The second batch of reinforcements will definitely not be three-four hundred.

Moreover, the leader of reinforcements will not only be the first-level strength of Demon Sovereign.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Hengyu is about to face the expert siege of the above three Demon Sovereign realm.

And the one hundred demon wolf shooters will also face ten times their enemies.

This battle will be extremely difficult!

Don’t think that only Demon Race can ride on the broken battlefield.

With nearly unlimited magic affinity, Zhu Hengyu can indeed turn on the demonized state, condense demon war body.

Under this state, Zhu Hengyu’s strength will instantly be increased by ten steps!

Achieve the power of white light Saint Physique!

However, Zhu Hengyu only possessed the power of white light Saint Physique, not the realm of white light Saint Physique!

This is two completely different things.

Monster Race does not have a magic affinity, nor can it be demonicized or condense, but Monster Race is not a weak race.

Monster Race relies on Bloodline’s inheritance.

The Monster Race Bloodline may also contain Supreme Law Power.

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