Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4361


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If it weren’t for Zhu Hengyu who had been blocking Monster Race, deterring Monster Race.

I’m afraid the Demon Sheep Clan has already been wiped out.

But now, these stupid people of the Devil Sheep clan have drawn a line with Zhu Hengyu!

Once Zhu Hengyu really closes, no longer paid attention to the life and death of these demon sheep people.

So, the good life of the Devil Sheep Clan, I am afraid it can really be be counted on one’s fingers.

Once Monster Race comes back, the first thing to destroy is the Demon Sheep Race.

Once the Demon Sheep Clan was destroyed, Zhu Hengyu’s heritage was completely cut off.

Without the supply of soldiers and supplies, Zhu Hengyu no longer has the ability to fight against Monster Race.

Looking at the bright red characters below, the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race did not dare to act without permission, but instead immediately, the news here was passed back to the Monster Race Army.

After receiving the news, the Monster Race Army held a three-hour meeting.

After the meeting, the Monster Race Army made a decision immediately!

In any case, Zhu Hengyu must be separated from the entire Demon Sheep Clan.

Once the Hengyu Kingdom separated from the whole Devil Sheep Clan, it was cut away.

So Zhu Hengyu is basically over…

Without the backing of the huge Devil Sheep Clan, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t afford to be too big.


Monster Race The Army uses the inheritance Holy Artifact, which lists the conditions above the six-sided monument.

As long as the Demon Sheep really drove Zhu Hengyu out of the Demon Sheep, Monster Race promised to sign a 3000-year truce agreement with the Demon Sheep!

Three within 1000 years, Monster Race will not invade the Demon Clan and will not fight with the Demon Clan.

If not, with the Imperial Family Navy alone, it will be able to deal a huge blow to the Demon Sheep in a short period of time.

Once Monster Race came back to his senses from the chaos, the Devil Sheep tribe is still in danger and may be destroyed at any time.

Facing the conditions for the opening of Monster Race, the major cities of the Devil Race quickly mobilized.

Taking the Huidao of the Three Thousand Devil Sheep Islands as the core, within one day, the Devil Sheep tribe has nearly three thousand islands, all announced that they will draw clear boundaries with Zhu Hengyu and the Kingdom of Hengyu!

Since then, the Kingdom of Hengyu and Zhu Hengyu have nothing to do with the Demon Sheep.

The Demon Sheep tribe is invaded and does not need the Kingdom of Hengyu to rescue.

The Hengyu Kingdom offended people, and they could not anger the Demon Sheep Race.

Through the chain of soul refining, Zhu Hengyu quickly got the news from the three thousand Hengyu fleet.

In the face of this sudden change, Zhu Hengyu was stupid.

What’s going on?

He has put his life on his side, and he must fight for a glimmer of survival for the Demon Sheep.

On the other side, the Demon Sheep clan he used to protect with his life has already been impatient, and he has drawn a line with him!

There are more than 2,600 islands in the Three Thousand Islands of the Demon Sheep, which has drawn a clear line with Zhu Hengyu.

As a result, Zhu Hengyu was expelled from the Demon Sheep Clan.

From this moment on, Zhu Hengyu and his Hengyu Kingdom became duckweeds.


Why is this happening?

No matter how he thinks, Zhu Hengyu doesn’t understand.

Although, the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race has indeed attacked the Demon Sheep.

However, under the war between the two sides, this is inevitable.

Impossible said that only Zhu Hengyu was allowed to enter the opponent’s territory, wantonly slaughter, and Monster Race could only be passively beaten, not actively attacked?

Monster Race has been invading the Demon Sheep Race for the past 10,000,000 years!

The only difference…

Previously it was the Monster Race, but the army of the Devil Race.

And at this time, Monster Race put down all the scruples and started to attack the civilians!

Under bombardment…

Monster Race destroyed all the large buildings in major cities.

Under random strikes, a large number of civilians lay dead on the streets.

I have to say that Monster Race is really much worse than Zhu Hengyu.

Although Zhu Hengyu has been ruthless in his heart…

Your Monster Race old and weak women and children are all raw eaters of the demon sheep.

Then I don’t need to be polite at all, just go for an indiscriminate bombing.

But when it comes to action, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help it.

He always aimed at the military facilities of Monster Race and the location of the military camp.

As for civilians, Zhu Hengyu will not take the initiative to attack.

Even though he hates the heart no matter how much, he still has to maintain the minimum humane spirit.

But obviously…

Zhu Hengyu still maintains the minimum humane spirit, but Monster Race does not have this consciousness.

The Imperial Family navy dispatched by this time carried out indiscriminate attacks on major cities.

As long as they are in the city, everyone is the target of their attack and killing.

It is precisely because of the big shots against the civilians, so the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race successfully aroused the fear of the Devil.

For their own safety, they can only choose to draw a line with Zhu Hengyu.

When the people of the Moyang tribe want to come, the enemies are bullying at their doorstep. Not only can Zhu Hengyu not protect them, but they cause disaster for them.

Since this is the case, they naturally have to draw a line with Zhu Hengyu.

Otherwise, they must not be dragged to death by Zhu Hengyu.

Between Monster Race and the Kingdom of Hengyu, the people of the Demon Sheep Tribe tried to make that grass.

Which side of the wind is strong will fall with which side.

Obviously, the strength and power of Monster Race is a few thousand times or tens of thousands greater than that of Zhu Hengyu.

And the most important thing is…

Monster Race has promised.

As long as the line is cleared with Zhu Hengyu, Monster Race is willing to sign a 3000-year truce agreement with the Demon Sheep.

With these 3000 years of time to buffer.

They can escape the Demon Sheep Race by various means!

As a result, even if Monster Race comes over in the future, it will not threaten everyone’s life.

After receiving this news, Zhu Hengyu fell into a daze.

Zhu Hengyu’s greatest wish is to guard the Demon Sheep and protect the safety of the Demon Sheep.

Although he said on the mouth, he no longer paid attention to the life and death of the demon sheep people.

But in fact, no matter what, he was impossible to watch the people of the Demon Sheep clan being slaughtered and indifferent.

Now, he has been banished in disguise!

Although, on the surface, everyone just draws a line with him.

But in fact, when everyone leaves him, doesn’t it mean that he was evicted?

Even if Zhu Hengyu wanted to continue guarding the Demon Sheep Race, he would become unknown.

Who are you?

Did we get you to talk about our Devil Sheep?

As for saying that if you want to recruit horses from the Demon Sheep, don’t even think about it.

Once the Demon Sheep dare to secretly interact with Zhu Hengyu, let his children join the army of the Hengyu Kingdom.

So, Monster Race will definitely find an excuse to send troops to the Demon Sheep.

Under Zhu Hengyu’s contemplation…

Through the soul chain, news came from behind.

Monster Race officially issued an ultimatum to Zhu Hengyu through the six-sided magic tablet!

If Zhu Hengyu does not immediately stop the destruction and withdraw from the Aquila Islands, then the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race will come to the Kingdom of Hengyu!

At that time, the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race, at all costs, will completely raze the Hengyu Kingdom to the ground!

Facing the Monster Race warning, the three thousand heads of the Hengyu Fleet, through Yinlinger, also asked Zhu Hengyu for instructions.

The three thousand Hengyu fleet, along with Zhu Hengyu, was abandoned by the Demon Sheep.

Next, they don’t know what to do.

Continue to attack the city and plunder the ground, guarding the Demon Sheep Race?

But why!

Blood and sacrifice on our side, desperate to guard the demon sheep clan.

But the people of the Devil Sheep clan in the rear abandoned them without the slightest hesitation.

If you continue to fight, it’s too useless, too depressed!


We bleed and sacrificed, ran Monster Race, and guarded the Demon Sheep.

Your side expelled us.

You yourself enjoy the fruits of victory, our sacrifice is deserving of bad luck, right?

If Zhu Hengyu really ordered this, everyone would not, or dare not disobey.

But in my heart, I am afraid that I will be separated from Germany sooner or later!

Everyone followed Zhu Hengyu’s southward war, bloodshed and sacrificed, for simply not alive.

In this world, who would join the army in order to stay alive and fight at the front?

After all… The power of Monster Race, the power of Monster Race, in any case, is impossible that trifling Demon Sheep can fight.

Not trifling the Kingdom of Hengyu, you can a mantis trying to stop a chariot!

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