Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4363


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Zhu Hengyu’s knowledge of the sky and the sky is full of clouds!

All the dark clouds on the sky dome, with the center as the core, slowly turning, forming an incomparable gigantic, covering the dark clouds vortex!

At this moment, thousands of purple thunders are shining violently in the clouds.

one after another shocked Divine Soul’s trembling energy, making everyone’s mouth wide open in horror.

Everyone knows…

A thunder strike over the dome that day can instantly blast them into serious injuries.

A careless one who has been hit in succession will be the soul flew away and scattered, violent death.

But here is Zhu Hengyu’s knowledge of the sea!

These thunders are actually bursting and roaring in Zhu Hengyu’s mind.

Everyone dare not imagine how Zhu Hengyu resisted. These thunder strikes.

In fact, Zhu Hengyu’s Fleshy body can’t bear the Thunder Force that Thunder Dragon escaped from the tail.

However, the Thunder Dragon had a broken tail and was sealed in a black ancient bell, which could not hurt Zhu Hengyu’s Fleshy body and Divine Consciousness.

Although it looks scary, it is not at all dangerous.

The presence of a black ancient bell is enough to protect Zhu Hengyu’s knowledge of the sea from damage.

“Okay, since everyone is here, let’s discuss it.”

Hearing Zhu Hengyu’s voice, everyone immediately turned around and looked at Zhu Hengyu.

Zhu Hengyu sat on a cloud, suspended in in midair.

After all, here is just Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, as a divine sense, it is actually weightless.

Therefore, it can be suspended in any position without falling down.

Slightly for a moment, everyone condense a cloud, sit cross-legged up.

Next, surrounded by the Corps Head of Sanqian Hengyu Legion, the discussion began.

1.2 billion Hengyu Kingdom people, more than 500 million want to leave.

If you really let it go, everything is messed up.


If you want to transport all the Devil Sheep people who want to leave in a short time, you must stop the frontline attack.

Recall all battleships and transport these people.

But as a result, the battle on the front line can’t be fought?

Moreover, once all battleships have returned to the Hengyu Kingdom, wouldn’t they be destroyed if they encountered the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race?

Furthermore, once the cities under Legion’s population are half of the population, I am afraid that all cities will be paralyzed.

Faced with the problems given by everyone, Zhu Hengyu wrinkled frowned and thought hard.

I have to say that these problems do exist and are very difficult to solve.

After a while, even Zhu Hengyu couldn’t find a good solution.

With Zhu Hengyu closing his eyes and thinking hard…

Ganing’s silhouette stood up among the crowd.

Before leaving, Zhu Hengyu handed over the three thousand Hengyu fleet to Ganning to command.

Three thousand Corps Head is also very willing to accept the assignment of Gan Ning.

After all, since Ganing took over as the governor of the Hengyu Fleet, she has not fought a defeat yet!

Moreover, even when the fleet commander was under the command of the Demon Sheep’s army, Gan Ning’s record was emerge victorious in every battle.

“This matter, if the emotional factors are eliminated, it is very easy to solve from a strategic perspective.”

What! ……

Looking at Ganing in amazement, Zhu Hengyu was a little stunned.

This woman’s breath is not small!

Such a difficult thing, she said that it is very easy to solve?

Not just Zhu Hengyu…

At this moment, including the three thousand Corps Head, everyone is stunned.

So many people, after thinking for so long, can’t think of a way.

How did I get to Ganning, is it so easy to solve?

In the silence, Zhu Hengyu said: “What do you think, you can talk as much as you want!”

“Before I explain, I must emphasize one point.”

“There is definitely a solution.

It’s easy to solve.

However, all this must be based on a prerequisite!

This condition is to exclude all emotional factors.

If you mix your personal likes and dislikes, morality, etiquette, and other factors into it, then there is no solution. “

For Ganing, Zhu Hengyu already knew enough.

This little woman, although in the eyes of others, seems to be brave and invincible, is definitely a strange man in the world!

But in fact, she is just a timid little girl.

Gan Ning is able to have today because he has put an end to all emotional factors.

Execution is carried out in full accordance with the military strategy.

Any emotions like morality, compassion, kindness, etc., will not be mixed in.

It is precisely because she is absolutely loyal to the strategy of warfare, so she can attack and win!

Zhu Hengyu opened the mouth and said: “In any case, you can talk freely.”

“Whether we adopt your method or not, we will not punish you with sin.”

Gan Ning said: “Actually, this doesn’t need to be embarrassing. We don’t need to pay attention to those who want to go. We just work hard to do what we should do.”

Zhu Hengyu immediately frowned:

“I have promised everyone that I will send them away if you want to leave. Do you miss me?”

“Eating words?”

“No, how can I get Demon King to believe it?”

Zhu Hengyu said: “Since we must keep our promises, we should send them away!”

“I didn’t say no, but…we have no reason to give it away?” Gan Ning explained carefully…

Everyone wants to go, then the Hengyu Kingdom will not keep them.

However, these people are not the people of Hengyu Kingdom.

If you want to go, Zhu Hengyu can send them away, but it is impossible to send them for free.

Simply say…

You want the fleet of the Hengyu Kingdom to send them away from the island.

However, you always want to buy a round-trip ferry ticket?

You are not the people of the Hengyu Kingdom. The Hengyu Kingdom makes no sense and is not obliged to give them away for free.

Don’t say that they are not the people of the Hengyu Kingdom, even if they are?

Don’t you say that the people of Hengyu Kingdom can take a boat without spending money?


When I heard Gan Ning’s words, the three thousand Corps Head lighted up their eyes and smiled.


Hengyu Kingdom, pay more attention to more work, more work, less work, no work!

Nothing can be reap without sowing.

The same is true of the people of Hengyu Kingdom, not to mention those who want to go, simply not the people of Hengyu Kingdom.

You are not from our own family, so why should we give you away in vain?

In fact, even if our own family took the boat, it would cost money to buy tickets!

Gan Ning continued: “We only need to set the price of the ferry ticket a little higher, basically we can solve all problems perfectly.”


slightly nodded, Zhu Hengyu said: “You are right… Even if I am a Demon King, I can’t force you to make sacrifices and dedication for outsiders for free.”

“I want to consider the interests and gains and losses of other people, but more importantly, the interests and gains and losses of our people in the Kingdom of Hengyu.”

“Yes, if the two conflict, we must first ensure the interests of the people of Hengyu Kingdom before considering other people.” Gan Ning smiled.

There is a difference between so-called intimacy and sorrow.

As Lord of a Country, if you treat outsiders with great care and treat yourself with ruthlessness.

Then this country will not last long.

As Lord of a Country, we must first protect the interests of our nationals, and then talk about benevolence and morality.

None of the people in your own country have taken good care of them, so don’t worry about the wind and rain outside.

Although Zhu Hengyu knows, doing so will make Zhu Hengyu’s criticism somewhat lower.

However, Zhu Hengyu cannot sacrifice the interests of 700 million Hengyu Kingdom’s people for his own sake.


People from other countries don’t need Zhu Hengyu to worry and take care of them.

The Moyang Clan has already drawn a line with Zhu Hengyu. Does he still have a benevolent and moral face, taking his hot face and sticking to people’s cold ass?

No! Zhu Hengyu is not that cheap…

Although Ganing’s approach is very cold, this is such is human nature.

Zhu Hengyu wants to do good things and wants to set an example, so he can do it himself.

Do whatever you want, do whatever you want.

However, he has no right, forcing others to do it with him.

This is like…

I met a beggar on the street.

Zhu Hengyu can take out all the money and give this beggar.

This is Zhu Hengyu’s right, and no one can interfere.

However, if Zhu Hengyu stood up and asked everyone to take out all their own money and give it to this beggar, it would be okay.

Ethics and ethics are used to demand oneself, not to demand others.

Otherwise, it is called moral kidnapping!

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