Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 4364


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Long sigh…

Zhu Hengyu said: “Although, although I did promise to send them away immediately, I didn’t say that I would send them for free. In this world, there really is no such reason.”

Not to mention some people from other countries. Even the people of Hengyu Kingdom who want to take a boat need to pay for tickets.

Hengyu Kingdom, there is no free lunch.

As for the price of the ticket…

This is not Zhu Hengyu’s final say.

The only thing Zhu Hengyu can do is make a restriction.

In any case, the price of the ferry ticket cannot exceed a limit.

Tickets can be expensive, but not too ridiculous!

Otherwise, this is self-deception.

In any case, Zhu Hengyu still has to stick to his bottom line.

Since I promised to send them away, I will definitely send them.

Although the ferry ticket is a bit expensive, it is common sense to be expensive at a very special time.

overwhelming majority who can’t afford the ticket, Zhu Hengyu also loves not to be able to help…

After solving the toughest problems, everyone did not all disperse.

At this moment, the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race is driving towards Hengyu Kingdom at full speed.

If there are no protective measures, the people of the entire Hengyu Kingdom will surely suffer the destruction!

Once the facts prove that Zhu Hengyu cannot even protect the lives of his kingdom people.

Then the entire Hengyu Kingdom will surely endanger everyone.

Zhu Hengyu’s prestige and majesty will also completely collapse.

A sovereign who can’t even protect his own nationals won’t win anyone’s love.

Although Zhu Hengyu has his own hardships and his own strategic considerations!

However, whether it is political or military, it is always about the results, not the process.

Since you can’t protect your nationals, what country do you build?

In any case, these fighters fighting on the front line cannot accept their relatives and are brutally slaughtered.

Faced with everyone’s concerns, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but sighed.

until now, Zhu Hengyu retains many trump cards and does not want to use them.

But now, Zhu Hengyu knows that he can’t hide it anymore.

However, although it is inevitable, many things are bound to be exposed, but if possible, Zhu Hengyu still wants to keep as many secrets as possible.

As a Lord of a Country, no matter what, it can’t be seen by the courtiers of his subordinates.

Otherwise, even Lord of a Country is difficult to maintain deterrence.

“You just concentrate on the front line. The Kingdom of Hengyu is my country, and I will not allow anyone to lay wild in the Kingdom of Hengyu!”

Zhu Hengyu narrowed his eyes and said coldly:

“Even if it is Monster Race Imperial Family navy who wants to be wild, it will never work…”

All the heads were dumbfounded.

Nine thousand Monster Race Imperial Family navy, that is almost an invincible and world team.

Even if it is a black and gold battleship, it is difficult to defeat the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race.

Monster Race Imperial Family Navy is just the name of this team.

In fact, the Monster Race Imperial Family Navy, the real name, should be-Imperial Family Air Fleet!

This fleet has never used any catapult to fight.

Once entering the battlefield, the top 100 goshawk, griffon, monster king, and monster sovereign will take off from the battleship…

All targets within a thousand miles are within their strike distance.

With the advantages of strength and strike distance, the Monster Race Imperial Family Navy, not only has an invincible attack, invincible battle, but also almost zero damage itself.

In history, only Xuan Bing Demon Sovereign, with the help of Xuan Bing’s guard, once repelled the Imperial Family Navy of Monster Race.

However, although the opponent was successfully repelled, in a strict sense, it was not a victory.

Monster Race Imperial Family The Navy does not dare to get too close, and Xuan Bing Wei also has no good way to take them.

Of course, this battle was won from the perspective of both sides.

For Xuan Bing Guard, they repelled the Imperial Family fleet of Monster Race and guarded their Sea Territory, which naturally won.

But for the Imperial Family navy, they contained Xuan Bing’s guard, which was a victory in itself.

Win and lose, in many cases you can’t just look at the surface.

It depends on whether the strategic goals of both parties are perfectly achieved.

As long as the strategic goal is achieved, that defeat is also a victory.

If you don’t achieve your strategic goals, you win or lose.

Return to the book…

Although no one dared to say anything on the surface, they followed Zhu Hengyu’s order and moved Divine Soul back to the body of the deity.

But in my heart, everyone is really puzzled.

The soldiers of the three thousand Hengyu fleet and the power of the three thousand name Tianmo guards are all on the front line to attack the city and fight the monster race…

But Zhu Hengyu has absolute confidence in protecting the kingdom of Hengyu.

Where does this huge confidence come from?

Three thousand Corps Heads were full of doubts, and they could not help chatting through the soul network.

Since Yin Ling’er was promoted to the Black Demon King, he has been able to organize a network of soul chains.

Through this network, everyone can communicate with each other and speak freely.

Originally, if the distance between them is too far, communication will be difficult.

But now, Yin Ling’er can achieve ultra-long-distance barrier-free communication through transit.

There is a distance of 10,000,000 li between the location of Zhu Hengyu and the location of Hengyu Kingdom.

At such a long distance, sending a message is extremely difficult and consumes a lot of energy.

But now, with Yin Linger’s layout, all this is no longer a problem.

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